November 9th, 2004


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best. freudian. slip. evar.

can't tell you who said it, but can share this much:

" I have personally *been* a victim of Shrub's abstinence-only funding cunts."

ACK! That's funding CUTS, not...the other word. CUTS! "

Steve Irwin - he's like crap beer.

From a comment by spaced00d to this post in aussiequestions:

Everybody outside Australia "knows" that Fosters is the Australian beer. Except that very few Australians actually drink it. Which is why they have to export it around the world. And because it's been so successful as an export, people outside Australia think everybody here loves it.

Steve Irwin is the Fosters of television.


A little slice of surreality...


There is a knock on the door.

fmith: Yeah?
fmith's mom: Honey? Do you want to see the Tibetan Monks?
fmith: ... sorry?
fmith's mom: The Tibetan Monks. They play instruments and everything, and I think they're going to chant!
fmith: ... where are they?
fmith's mom: At a friend's house. But if you want to see them, we have to leave now!
fmith: ... I'll pass.
fmith's mom: Well, maybe you can see them another time. I'm going now, see you later!
fmith: ...

~fmith (flocked journal, with permission, wishes to add that she will friend anyone who wants to be friended)

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Meh, I think I should just completely convince myself that all straight guys are interested in anything female that breathes and so I'll stop wondering if someone's showing special interest to me.

Whuh Huh?!

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Upon cleaning/re-stuffing a teddy bear:

His stuffing was a perfectly revolting mixture of ground newsprint and mushrooms. Okay, actually it was styrofoam chips and...waste fiber? Kapok? Asbestos? When I start erupting in tumours, we'll know. Horrible, horrible stuff. Mercifully it was free of swarming insects, gobs of mold, petrified baby mice, or flesh-eating scarabs. But they were there in my mind, and that's really all that matters. It took an hour and three plastic grocery bags to get it all out. Brown looked desperately unhappy, but I can't imagine he's not glad to be rid of that stuff.

Then I took him down and put him in the washing machine, apologizing the whole time. He was very small without stuffing. I felt horribly guilty, the way that you do when you have to put an old and loyal friend to possible death. Like Darth Vader throttling an Admiral, except, y'know, not evil.

-- annlarimer

Your OTP is not better than mine. Your grammar is not better than mine. Your brains are not tasty at all. You have raped my fandom by reviewing like this. Please do the world a favour and die.

-- rightclawsouth in fanficrants

Cool Evil vs. Sucky Evil.

cool evil i guess entails fun for the whole family and "mwahahahahahahhahaha!!! i shall take over the world using a penguin, an avocado, and this weird twisty straw thingie!!!" whereas sucky evil just makes life more difficult and annoying and frustrating and ARRRGGGGHHHH!!!

people need to truly embrace the virtues of cool evil..

From pstindustrialst, in a comment in my journal.

See the original thread here.
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Ugh, I’m having such a Lady Macbeth moment. I put some anti-frizz serum on my hair after washing it, because yesterday I returned from the flat hunt to discover something akin to a wild nest of madness atop my head, and now I have serum all over my hands, and it won’t come off. I must have washed my hands about fifty times, with three different kinds of soap, and the bloody serum is still there in this fine, sleek layer all over my palms (and now all over the keyboard). So, exactly like Lady Macbeth, if she’d, y’know, smeared hair serum all over the sleeping soldiers to convict them of messing with King Duncan’s hairdo.

- baggylettuce

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Um...the internet is a good resource [for finding roleplaying gamers], I guess. Search for roleplaying game groups in your area. Maybe even find a liveaction Angst: The Masquerade game to play in, and from there, find your tabletop group. A lot of those angst-ridden vampire groupies play tabletop games, too. You can usually tell which ones by their smell. If they smell like absynth and cloves, they're probably there for the angst. If they smell like they haven't bathed in months and they probably couldn't get laid...then congrats! You've just found your gamers!

-- askollieandhal



zomgrhi, here, on having a relatively peaceful day interrupted:

Yes, very peaceful indeed. That is, until METALLICA starts blasting on the freakin' radio. Bah. INTERRUPTING MY PEACEFUL MOMENT, DAMMIT. I don't have many of those. Stfu, radio.


When I was a kid I used to ponder the nature of existence on the day before my birthday. "I'm six," I'd think. "I've been six practically for ever. I know what it's like to be six. And today is the very last day I'll ever be six. I'll never be six again." This would always be followed be a feeling of let-down on the following day, as I'd walk around thinking "I don't feel seven. I mean, I know I am seven. But it doesn't feel any different at all. It feels just like six. I wonder if I'll always feel like this? What if I feel like this when I'm eight?"

I woke up this morning and thought, "this is my last day of being forty-three. I'll never be forty-three again." But I bet I don't feel forty-four tomorrow. I bet I still feel twelve.


Happy (early) birthday, Neil!
Rohan Fangirl

Do quotes from profiles count? :)

If yes, from sages_of_chaos:

The charming and multi-talented Frank Castle (sometimes known as The Punisher) will be happy to answer questions regarding moral relativism, theology, philosophy, the concept of Natural Justice, child raising, dating, failings of the justice system, hand-to-hand combat, grief counseling, automatic weaponry, animals rights, ascetiscism, interior decor, diplomacy and etiquette. Currently residing in New York City, this handsome (albeit rather intense) widower (and bachelor), when not tirelessly and altruistically fighting to protect society from harm, enjoys working on his Harley Davidson, practicing feng shui, t-shirt graphic design, collecting Brownings, foreign travel *cough*, and has a marked weakness for My Little Ponies. He is, we will note, an agnostic when it comes to G3 Pony poses. Frank's musings and vegan lemon cake recipes are at subtle_guns.

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pun about a picture of a kid holding an "anti-sodomy" poster during the protest:

Honestly, this picture outrages me. This is why have to fix our education system, people!! If we don't do something this little girl might be spotted at her next hate rally with a sign reading "DETH TO FAGATS!" What are we teaching our children? When did we abandon the basics: Reading, Writing and Intolerance? I'm forced to wonder if this eight-year-old even knows what "sodomy" means. It's sad when you think about it.

See the actual picture in his/her entry here.

I love her...

From a locked post by sporkninja, quoted with permission.

I have purchased the Dawn of the Dead director's cut. I can only assume that 'TOO SCARY FOR THEATERS' means that every zombie has been digitally replaced with Dick Cheney. If that's the case I will be crying in a corner within the first five minutes.
oh please

Wow! New way to tan!

UPDATE: Clearly, he is a far better President than I had ever imagined, and I can only bask in the glory of the peace and prosperity the end of this War on Terror shall bring.

UPDATE 2: I hope the glow of peace and prosperity will give me a good tan.

--senatorhatty on the departure of Ashcroft and the quote that says "The objective of securing the safety of Americans from crime and terror has been achieved."
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There's been a lot of stuff going around about how Bush might have stolen the election. I figure there was some foul play, but not enough that it would have affected the election. Because if he did steal the election, this means that we were outsmarted by BUSH.



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Eating off of Legolas...Mmm-mmm-god!

seidoo_ryuu looks at a catalogue featuring Lord of the Rings commemorative plates:

...dude, now I'm having this weird desire to eat spaghetti off of Legolas' face. Damn you, Bradford Exchange!!! *shakes fist*

...I would so have conversations with my plates, too, if I had this set. "So Strider, what did you think of my steak?" "Not bad, Sara, but it was a little too well-done. Next time, shoot for the 'rare' side of medium rare. But the green beans? Magnifique."

(rest of post here)

White girls can't rap...

applespicy on rap music:

I need to stop listening to rap. Because now I'm under the impression that I am a rockhard gangstette who can, if she so desires, wear bling and go rollin' with thugs. And this, obviously, is why sad little white girls like myself shouldn't be allowed to listen to rap. We will hurt ourselves.

On George Lucas

From splix

just watched that frigging Episode III trailer again.

Fucking George Lucas. He's like the boyfriend who keeps calling you from bars drunk promising he'll be home in an hour and doesn't show up until three a.m. and then the sex isn't so hot but he was SO COOL when you met him you can't bear to break up with him.


Two for one deal!

From Election Day:

whiski_sour: Well, I succombed to the peer pressure of my flist and voted.

I hope you're happy.

one_more_cherry: *Is simultaneously proud, ashamed and sticky*

She has yet to explain the stickiness to me.

ginavive on Arafat's inevitable demise:

I think he's going to be the Elvis of my generation. I have a feeling he'll be spotted next week at a Piggly Wiggly in Dallas.
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Why are so many people depressed today?

fallibledragon offers some insight in thequestionclub:

Because the simple, wholesome things in life -- quiet moments, dancing out of happiness rather than as a compartmentalised sexual foreplay, seasons, birdsong, real companionship, emotional support and wisdom -- are what keep us centered. Western society devalues all of those things to the point that people don't even look to them for sustenance; that would be ridiculous, to most westerners. Moreover, they are lead to believe that buying more junk is the way to happiness, or that having more expensive perfume is the way to become beautiful enough to be loved. All of that gets old fast, but again, we are led to believe that the alternatives are ridiculous. People in our society are lost, in other words. It's not really surprising that they're depressed, when they're cut off from everything that keeps them alive.
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