November 7th, 2004

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If this isn't already here, it should be.

From editinggod:

So, yesterday, i was feeling a little dejected from the results of the election as I stepped on the bus. Following me, was a class of small children around first or second grade. This entire class took up most of the bus, so I sat at the back with a few of the kids. There were two boys who were back there, and one of the boys was taunting the other one "You like boys, you like boys!" The boy who was being taunted pouted and then glared, "My GRAMMA says it's okay to like BOYS."

What? Way to go, Gramma!

And then a bunch of other kids got caught up in the conversation. I thought they were going to be picking on the boy too, but no, they joined his side! "My uncle likes boys!" "My sister likes girls." "My uncle likes boys and his boyfriend brings me COOKIES!" and so on and so on. The teacher just smiled and sat back, letting them handle it.

At that moment, even if just for a moment, i realized that Life really isn't -that- bad.

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*giggles at the evil within*

"So to recap the conversation:
Domino's double-melt pizza --> rectal digestion --> Martha Stewart's turkey-smuggling abilities --> the possibility of sodomy in women's prison --> a threat involving a shank"

--ronwe, in a locked post. Reposted with permission.
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From here:

naamah_darling: You know, this, THIS is why vampires are cranky. They still have some annoying-ass rondel from the thirteenth century stuck in their immortal skulls.

Come on. You know some were scarred by the popular music of their own youth:

"Christ! Not Chopin! They overplayed this piece of shit back in 1839. It sucked then, it sucks now!"

"Yeah. And George Sand? Totally his Yoko."

deltashade: But you fail to take into account the vampires who were born when the only musical screw-up was Yoko. They're the annoying ones. They compare everything to Yoko. Everything.

"What's that you've got there? 'Bitch You Need My Dick in You'? Yeah, Yoko did it better."

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I'm having a lazy day watching Sharpe DVDs. Every DVD I watch, I get hit with the same three observations:

1) It isn't possible for Sharpe to keep his knob in his trousers for more than five minutes at a time.

2) Climactic Battle Scenes don't work when there are only twenty or so extras. I keep expecting a 'Let us go in single file to fool the hated enemy, bwana!'

3) It isn't possible for Sharpe to keep his knob in his trousers for more than five minutes at a time. (Technically, this is the same as 1. However, he shags so many people that I think it's allowed to class as two.)

-- derryderrydown