November 6th, 2004

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Heh heh...

In a mock_the_stupid post, phantomsteel raves about those who seem to think that deaf people can't see:

5. "You're Deaf? Did you lie to get your driver's license?" No. That little test you had to do in the DMV is a VISION test, not a hearing test. I drive just fine, tyvm

And thus spake dreasofdoom:
Ask them if they think deaf people can still aim, and then stab them in the face. Question answered ^_^
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Another take on the Arafat situation . . .

Anyone else getting Pythonesque images over this Arafat thing?

"OooOOhhhh, he's really sick, oh yes he's in a coma, verybad, verybad"
"HE isn't!"
"Whaddya mean?"
"Tis but a cold"
"He's got TUBES down his throat!!!"
"....No he hasn't!"
"He's just resting!!!"
"There's nothing on the CAT scan!"
"He's getting bettah"

--arielography in this entry.
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Hail to the LJ Intellectuals.

Been dreaming a lot about Suikoden III, fantasy worlds, and Dollfies. Also? Dreamt I had this one small but really dry and annoying snot in my nose that I just couldn't pick, no matter how hard I tried. I only tell you this to remind you what kind of colossal intellect you're dealing with here.

--tom_kiper, here
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britta guns - shelightsupwell

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Had SATs this morning. Fucking hate that test. Basically my mind was going: Now, if x=p, then the square root of two is...ooh analogies - I love analogies! Hmm, haven't had a D for an answer for awhile...ooh a D! Wait, now there are too many! No more Ds please! Wow, that air conditioner is really loud...I hope my pencil doesn't break in the middle of this...pooooooorn - NO, FOCUS, FOCUS!

lindi_of_rohan, locked post, linked with permission.
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Why you must cry election thief when you see election thief

2004-11-06 23:11

A comment made in reponse to a post about election thief at johnxjohn

It will be very, very hard to expose enough fraud to change the outcome, but we need to do what we can, because it's going to keep getting worse. This is the second election they've stolen. People who say "Get over it" are basically saying, "Quit whining and kiss democracy goodbye." - jkb

Whether or not the election have been stolen, if there is cause for suspion, in that not only was there a motive, but means and opportunity as demonstrated by the linked article, they should at least investigate it.

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I had just managed to open one eye when Jim, who had been fiddling with electronics for an hour or so already, came in to the bedroom.

Jim: I'm ready to begin configuring your new powerbook. You need to think of a name for her.

Me: What did you call yours?

Jim: At the moment, it's called "Jim's 17 inch"

Me: I want that one.

-- fileg

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hey...i know its hard to get away from the current political issues of the country..but here we are still.


who are these people who vote for bush? who are all of these people who can look at the world and say yeah . . . i'm okay with this trajectory, let's keep it going. past all political analysis and vying for votes, past all fancy bullshit and sophisticated jargon, who the hell are these people who say as long as i get my tax break, let the working classes of my country suffer? as long as i am taken care of and i feel blanketed under a false sense of security and machismo, then let reality go on without me. let the deficit grow, let the international community hate us, let human rights wallow in dirt and dust because my government needs to know when my child takes out Go Dog Go from the library.

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