November 4th, 2004

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In knitting the topic of whether or not knitting needles are allowed on flights comes up, along with a mention of limitations on the amount of dry ice you can bring on the plane (4 pounds). When I asked who would need that much dry ice, knitpuppies says:

My theory why someone would want to bring dry ice on a plane?

I have to agree, that'd be a pretty rock-ass concert.
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more politics quotes, this time from flankid:
we must be in a really bad situation right now because even all the trashy loose girls in my math class were very vocally upset that bush won, since he's going to "get rid of abortions, dudes!".
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From margaretchoblog (Margaret Cho's blog:)

It is vital to mourn for the victims of this government but not at the expense of losing our sense of humor. Our ability to laugh coincides directly with our ability to fight. If we can make fun of it, we can transcend it. Just imagine the incredible storm of shit that Bush will have to endure. It will make Hurricane Jeanne look like a humidifier.
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The oft-quoted doqz:

There is an article on yahoo news whose headline informs me that Shock Therapy Eases Depression Symptoms.

I am reluctant to actually read the article but the headline is pimp.

Because it’s rather obvious when you think about it. Would you be depressed if I electrocuted you? I don’t think so. You’d be on fire, but your outlook on life would be generally bright and upbeat. Twitching doesn’t count as a depression symptom, does it?

(I quoted the only bit of the post not about the election. If you wish to read Doqz being funny about said election, and world events surrounding said election, please refer directly to the post.)
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adoka, weighing in on the eleven states that just passed anti-same-sex-marriage amendments or who voted for bush solely for religious reasons:
"Not much one can say to people who are confirmed in their own rightness sanctified by god. Except ow, when they are putting you in the iron maiden or blub when they are dunking you to see if you are a witch."
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A little break from all the politics posts

From stweep's LJ. I strongly advice to read the whole post and the comments, here's just a small example (the picture being discussed is inside the post):

"is it meant to be in heaven? cos it's a fucking cruel paradise if the dog is deprived of it's torso and legs. there's going to be so many legs to hump and pillars to piss on, and it'll be deprived of it whilst johnny damon looks on. seems more like hell to me." -oopsydoodle

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I guess all our griping about American right-wing Christian nutcases is slightly unfair. After all, this is our fault. If we are going to put all our religious fanatics on a boat and pack em off to a different continent, we can hardly complain when a few hundred years later their descendants are still religious and fanatic. We should just've kept em all over here where we could keep an eye on them and, you know, persecute them and burn their priests. Though that probably goes against the human rights act or something.

My British friend, Tenth_Ember in a recent post.
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Quick, get out the tin... gloves?

From tdj:

I'm not usually one for conspiracy theories, but within a few days we've had a hotly contested presidential election, rumors of an Ashcroft resignation, and an Arafat with at least one foot in the grave.

This is obviously a ploy by some shadowy cabal to completely overload the internet with wonk.
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Saturating things even more... a Brit, ultima7 in this post.

I can only find one thing good about Bush's re-election. Actually, no, that's not true. Two good things.

1) It means that he definately will not win the next one.
2) Dead Ringers can continue.

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Is this the end of America? I would think not. America's survived right-wing-nutcase control before, and I think we'll do it again.

...At least we'll have the right conditions to possibly start making good punk rock again.

bluesummers here
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The ever-so-lovely lord_alexander from this post:

Seriously though, the whole thing was kind of gutting. However, anything that makes Our Tone upset is not all bad. I don't like Our Tone. He's not a ginger love God called Charlie Kennedy. He's, in fact,a wankshaft of utter depravity.

And you Americans think you've got it bad?

You've got the Shrub. We've got the Bitch of the Shrub.

Britain's your rubber-wearing, PVC-loving, studded collar-clad gimp.
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We won't talk about the election anymore.
Except of course to mention that Tony Blair has 'congratulated' Bush on his win.

"President Bush's re-election comes at a critical time. A world that is fractured, divided and uncertain must be brought together to fight this global terrorism in all its forms, and to recognize it will not be defeated by military might alone," said Blair, at his Downing Street office."

By 'critical time' he means that he was getting so horny he almost slept with his wife. HAVE YOU SEEN HIS WIFE?
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--kandykorn in this post.
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applespicy  tells it like it is:

"Bush won another election because a bunch of homophobes can't handle the thought of men marrying men (not so much the idea of women marrying women, oddly enough). I suppose they think that by taking away their rights, it will convince them not to be homosexuals. Much like taking away the rights of African Americans and women and the Irish worked.

...Wait. Wait a minute! That didn't work at all! African Americans were still African Americans, women were still women, and the Irish were still Irish (lucky us!). Our Mighty American Plan was foiled! But this time it'll totally work. Bush knows, because like, God told him. They're totally BFF.  Jesus so has his back.

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Ter369 Snarks on Publisher's Weekly Book Deals

From a highly amusing post about recent book deals, by ter369:

Book Deal: Jolie Mathis's debut THE SEA KING, a sexy Viking romance.

Ter says: Well, fuck, yeah, it's a sexy Viking romance. Why even have Vikings in a chick book unless there's Hawt Sex? It's not going to be about nautical achievements in an oral-tradition culture, now is it?
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From a friendslocked entry on farohji, what to do in the next Canadian election if Paul Martin sucks.

farohji: *pokes Martin* don't cave. we don't want to suck up
cupcakery: Be strong, Martin! Or I shall have to raise Pierre Trudeau from the dead to flip everyone off once more
farohji: XD he'd be better
farohji: next election i'm so voting for zombie!Trudeau
cupcakery: zombie!Trudeau!
farohji: i'm sure he'll be just as good a PM. just... keep your limbs out of reach and avoid walking on any random flesh he may have lost
cupcakery: We'd just have to smack him on the nose whenever he got too brains-feedy-happy
farohji: XD yeah, Shaune of the Dead style and we'd be good
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Paying up

As a result of the election and this entry, I present to you a haiku.

(Note: this is not a self-quote. Think of this as a self-dare. I am a woman of my word.)

The "rules" are simple
But someone always fucks up.
Where is my boom stick?

I meant to metaquote this a few days ago...

With permission from a locked post by the ever lovely and wonderous raphaela about why the world hates the US:

The Middle East hates us because we are the West. We are blind and clueless to their culture and try to solve their religious squabbles over land with our irreligious practicality. They hate us because we pat them on the respective turbans and yarmulkes and say, "Riiiiiight, Mohammed and Abraham said this land was yours. That's so holy and junk! But hey, listen, that was a long time ago, so we can just move past that, right?" And they say, "No! Our GOD gave us this land!" And we say, "I totally understand, but here's the deal, (finger quotes) God (finger quotes) may have (finger quotes) given you the land (finger quotes), but not everyone believes that. So you have to be tolerant, see?" And then they say, "Infidels!" and go throw more rocks at each other. The West cannot solve the problems of the Middle East because we actually are infidels. So sad.