November 3rd, 2004

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Taken from z_gryphon's LJ (specific link here)

"...over the last decade or so I've formed the distinct impression that any person who reaches the stage where he has a reasonable chance of becoming president has demonstrated, simply by getting that far, that he is unsuitable for, one might even say unworthy of, the position."
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Today in my Renaissance class, the professor talked about artists. She discussed Michaelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael... and then went on to people we'd never heard of. I could see I wasn't the only one who was left with a sense of incompleteness by this. You just can't face a room full of products of the early nineties, tell them about Michaelangelo, Leonardo, and Raphael, and then totally ignore Donatello. You just can't.
- ironychan
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januaryfeb in his latest post-not too coincidentally the only post on LJ today I didn't mind reading.

We have haphazardly, and I believe unintentionally, fashioned politics into a weapon. But it's not a weapon we're using to fight injustice or mediocrity. It's a weapon we're using against each other. I’d like to change that. I hope I can. I hope I will.
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I am a girl of the future

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thatnoise met an old-school punk rocker in Royal Oak talking about her daughter:

"Man, I can't believe it. I raised her on the good music, man. Black Flag, Toxic Narcotic, Crass, Cock Sparrer. All that good shit. Then one day comes home with a Good Charlotte shirt and turns on MTV, man. I can't believe it. Even a punk's kid found a way to rebel."
agent may is unimpressed

Metaquotes gets meta (part infinity)

In response to ironychan posting this remark of zidane's:

Voting finished. Drinking commenced.

..the following exchange was prompted by an under-21 who was bemoaning that he/she couldn't get drunk:

shinga: NO KIDDING! Let's all drive down to Mexico, where the legal drinking age is 'money'. BOOOOOZE!
amandathegreat: I'm pretty sure if you're a chick, the drinking age is 'breasts.'
shinga: Yeah but I'm pretty broke in the 'breasts' department, so I'll use cash AND boobs. ;)

Surviving Four More Years

ingridmatthews on surviving four more years of Bush:
If I can survive eight years of Ronnie Reagan, a feeble-minded, nuclear-missle-loving evil asshole if there ever was one -- a guy who condemned millions of gays to death and virtual leper-hood through refusal to fund any type of AIDS research, forget about letting them marry, with his power-mad wife and psychotic cabinet at his side I can survive this feeble-minded monkey and his cabinet of power-mad incompetents for another four.

Easy as pie.
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I love apocalypsos.

Eleven states approved a ban of gay marriage. Congratulations, guys! You just approved a ban on something that harms no one! Next up on the banning agenda -- books, puppies, wearing white after Labor Day, and Ben Affleck, who's not harmful, just annoying.
Sarek of Vulcan

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From a locked post by annathepiper, with permission.

I have seen someone on Livejournal actually use the phrase "I'm an American, I don't care about what the rest of the world thinks about us," and I am heartsick. Because I am an American, but I do care about what the rest of the world thinks of us. Because we're part of this world, right along with the rest of you.
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trollprincess being funny again, plus harmonyfb

apocalypsos: As I said in jtersesk's journal, if my reaction to this crappy election is to write Barack Obama a swoony love letter with hearts dotting the I's and a lock of my hair and a quiz on the back that says "Check 'yes' if you like me back!", that's okay, right?

harmonyfb: Can you add, "ps, Harmonyfb likes you, too. Will you sit by her at lunch? Yes/No"?
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wolfstu muses about European Union memorabilia:

In Bruges, I went into a store with a blue awning - a tourist shop advertising "eurogifts". Inside, I found all manner of EuroNeckTies, EuroToques, EuroKnickKnacks, and EuroJunk. They had EU flags, EU badges, EU t-shirts, EU lighters, EU bottle openers, and more. What finally did it for me was the discovery, on a shelf not far from the badges, of the Euroglider. Yes, it's the Euro-condom. I'm imagining it's blue, with a circle of gold stars around the end.

"Lubricated for more rapid integration".

Okay, I made that up. But still, this is fertile ground for a plethora of political cartoons of questionable taste.

"Celebrate your Union with the new EuroGlider". . ."But remember, the Economic and Monetary Union is only legal in Amsterdam." It also begs some questions... given Brussels' reputation for overregulating things, what... oh, let's not go there.
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I'm going to quit talking about politics unless something really cool happens, like a statue of Thomas Jefferson suddenly starts crying real salt tears, or Edwards learns to do a cool trick where he cuts Kerry in half with a saw blade, only to have Kerry reappear, stage left, in a gold spangled catsuit to the strains of "Columbia, the gem of the ocean." Now that would be cool.

- zarahemla in a locked post, by permission.
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Choke on it, America

Dear Red America,

As you lower the flag draped coffin of your son into a hole in the ground, I'm sure it will bring you great comfort to know that his last thoughts as he lay bleeding to death thousands of miles from home was probably, "At least those gays can't get married." -- just_eunice

more here.
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kingofthewho offers a perspective on the next four years:

"85 percent of those voting who said that moral issues were paramount in their thinking voted for George Bush. Perhaps this is because we do not frame things in the same manner, but all our decisions are based on morality. It is the moral choice to protect our salmon from being overfished. It is the moral choice to protect our neighbors from illegal search and seizure. It is the moral choice to prevent the government from imposing religious prohibition on whom we choose to live our lives with. Our choices are based on moral values. We have allowed them to take that as their burning torch. We must reclaim that light for ourselves."

Entire post is here.
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At least visp is looking on the bright side of things in this entry:

"There's a small treacherous part of me that wants Bush to win just so I can be part of the huge riot in the streets that will happen.

I mean, how often do you get a good opportunity to riot? Grab your torch and pitchfork!"
flowers that last forever

It's not's heartbreaking....

The very beautiful fox1013 says it perfectly...

And I do not understand- I do not understand- how it is that gay marriage is abominable because of religion, yet it's okay to visit stores which are open on Sundays or serve meat on Fridays or what have you. Who decides which parts of their religion are valid and which are superstition? And how is the part about love the part that is seen as the biggest abomination?

And I wonder how it is that we got to this point, where politics matter so much, and not at all, and I stopped self-identifying as "gay" sometime in the past year because I've talked to people and it seems disingeuous, somehow, but I still don't identify as straight and I don't identify as Christian and I don't identify as Male and that means I have nothing in this country.

And I don't want to leave, because I love Pennsylvania and I love New York and I even love New Jersey, dammit.

But this is not the greatest country in the world. And that has nothing to do with if Bush won or Kerry won or anything. This is the fact that we chose, in eleven states, that some people's rights are worth less than others'. And that we are a divided country, and I want us to be together, but I do not understand how that's even possible when my point of view means nothing because I am not the right type of person.

And I want to know where I can start my next fight.

Because I cannot just keep taking this.

My life is at stake. And sometimes, scarily, I wonder how exaggerated that is.
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comice has some things to say in the wake of this election:

I am an American.

Even if I left this country, I would always be an American, born and raised with the notion that I can do anything as long as I am free.

That means that I can dissent.

That means that I can fight for what I believe is right.

That means I can stand with the half of this nation who does not believe that we are headed in the right direction and hold my head high today.

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Now I'm going to go to the chinese buffet and stuff myself with so much MSG-laden goo that my brain reboots, causing me to forget everything that's happened in the last 48 hours! WHEEE! Maybe I'll fall into a coma! That lasts for FOUR YEARS (and two months)! HURRAY FOR FEEDING TUBES AND BEDSORES!

...although, if I remember my Kill Bill correctly, maybe I should put on some stainless steel underwear first...

--hemlock_martini on how to kinda-sorta survive post-election
redheaded snippet

yep. another election post. the fear is setting in now.

My first metaquote. :)

In this post, elz sums up everything I'm feeling about a second Bush term:

So when I say that I'm upset about the results of the election, it's not that I'm whining because I didn't get my way. It's that I'm genuinely scared for my life and my liberty. You want to heal the rift in the nation? Prove to me that my fears are unfounded. Treat the planet, the poor, the citizens of other countries with respect. Show me that we only go to war when we have to and that you really do believe that free speech is worth defending even when it's saying something that you don't like. Give me more reasons not to compare George W. Bush with Herbert Hoover when it comes to the economy. Succeed in building a free, peaceful, democratic Iraq.

I'll be over here, planting trees, looking up the number for my local soup kitchen and praying really, really hard.
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I for one welcome the return of our tyrannical neoconservative overlords and pray they lead us to righteous victory against gays, the french, stem cell research, abortion and the environment. Amen. - mock2 hedges his bets.

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deluxx provides some non-election related humor:

Does anyone know if I like guacamole? Like if I've ever mentioned it before or something? The reason I ask is that the subject came up this evening, and couldn't recall how I felt about it. I know I've had it before, and I know I have an opinion about guacamole, as I do about pretty much everything, but I was unable to remember what that opinion, in fact, is.

I love the idea behind this

From the keyboard of the charming diannelamerc in this entry, we see there's a bright spot amidst the clouds of despair brought by the elections.

We may be being held hostage by the Coalition Of The Stupid for four more years, but at least Canada cares! (Maybe they can hold a IQ drive for their poor, needy neighbors to the south?)

Quoted with permission.
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My first MQ...

I am disappointed in swing voters. I am disappointed in soccer moms and nascar dads. I am disappointed in people who live near a Wal-Mart and go to church regularly. I am disappointed in the people who lived in the middle of the country on September 11th, 2001, who rushed home and put big flag stickers on their SUVs and minivans and hid in their basements, terrified of terrorism--terrified of terrorism I was experiencing in Manhattan, among people who voted, having experienced the cowardice and lies of Bush directly, overwhelmingly for Kerry.

From mip's journal (or Read the whole post. It's beautiful.
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thedailyshow is just too great today

in reply to this post about blue states running to Canada, the following exchange occurs:

polypry: Hey, we'll already outnumber you when it happens, you best be watchin your mouth.
cokemangs: Too bad we're bigger and we're on top ;)
polypry: Great, now even Canada is threatening to rape us.

For the love of little apples, I can't find what exactly prompted the first remark because my monitor is too small and my brain is too enfeebled to keep track of the thread. But also: bwahahhaah.
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from ktl:

"[Bush] won the election, according to the exit polls, because the public looked long and hard at Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib, Iraq, 1,122 dead and 8,039 injured american soldiers, over 16,352 dead iraqi civilians, a $413 billion budget deficit, a $489.4 billion trade deficit, and 821,000 jobs lost.

And then they looked at two men walking down the aisle in San Fransisco.

And they decided they'd rather have the former than risk the latter."

Read it all here.
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