November 2nd, 2004

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The Kama Sutra for the vocabulary fanatic.

Long-time lurker, first-time poster.

I subscribe to the WOTD feed, and usually am not led to spontaneous combustion via giggling by reading the comments of those (usually quite didactic) entries.

Well, today was very different.

Word of the day: debouch
Definitions: 1. To march out (as from a wood, defile, or other narrow or confined spot) into the open.
2. To emerge; to issue.


Not to be confused with 'debauch' (v. to corrupt; n. an orgy).

I suppose it could be said that he who exits an orgy has debouched after being debauched.
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shadowhunter326 urges everyone to vote...

When you enter that voting booth tommorow, remember that every vote counts, don't waste your one opportunity to make a difference. Make it count, don't vote for Flip-flopping asshole John Kerry, don't vote for Autistic Dimwit George W. Bush, or virtually invisible Nader, forget Demo-craps and Republi-shits, think of the big boys, the IMPERIALS!!!! make your vote REALLY count:

PALPATINE / VADER '04!!!!!!!

Consider the facts:

Kerry flips flops on every issue and is the bitch of all his peers; Palpatine got rid of the entire Imperial senate and makes all his own solid decisions.
Bush fights a failing war on terrorism and has yet to deliver Ossama Bin Laden; Vader PERSONALLY hunted down and killed the Jedi, THERE'S a war-mongering leader we can trust!
Kerry is completely out of shape, dispite what you've heard; Vader chokes with one finger and is a master swordsman.
Bush can't win a debate for his life; Palpatine can shoot electricity at his victims, how's THAT for a debate!
Kerry is Herman Munster, George W. Bush is a monkey, Vader is Hayden Christensen, I think we know who wins there!


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So, was just on the phone with my mum and she was telling me that Sparky and Artic Cat (yes, my stepdad named his cat after a fucking snowmobile) have learned to answer the phone using the speakerphone button. They also know how to check the messages and hang up the phone. So my mum has no clue how many political phone calls she's received because the cats have been answering them.

--lysrouge, from a locked post, quoted with permission

ETA: The above user is correct. Apparently I was brain-dead when I posted this.
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I finally got around to reading/listening to bin Laden's latest. I shall condense it:

"HAHAHAHA \/\/3 PWN3D J00 BU$H!!! 10$3R!!!"

This just clinches it: bin Laden is a TROLL! It's only a matter of time before he starts saying "OMGWTF!?" in his speeches.
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nilesta shares a little philosophy:

I am all for fixing that huge, gaping hole in the roof. Seriously. It needs to be fixed, we all know it needs to be fixed, I will help you fix it.


I just think that putting out the fire in the living room is just a teeny tiny little bit higher on my priority list, right now.

You'll forgive me for staring in wide-eyed shock and disbelief while I watch you try to patch that hole in the roof in the middle of a burning building.
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calamityjon Morris is full of beans about the election:

I myself would have preferred a sexy astronaut woman whose spacesuit showed her tits and she also had space candy and a laser and liked to grind it to techno, but the Reform Party is pretty much in shambles these days.

Full post here.
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From nihilicious:

Dear United States of America,

You've more than made your point. Please elect a real president this time.

In exchange, we promise to be less uppity. Also, we'll send down some pot.

Our love to Hillary,

P.S. This is fake, right? Ok, good.
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election-related -- a big surprise, I'm sure

I don't think I've ever posted in this community before, but this made me chuckle and I definitely had to share.

from my friend, squeekzoid
[...] I started getting a really bad feeling about voting for Kerry, but I figured I'd probably regret it if I voted for Bush, so I went with Kerry anyways. After Kerry swears in, his eyes will glow red and his face will fall off and there will be tentacles everywhere, and that will be that. Ah well. That's democracy.

It was the "Ah well, that's democracy" that killed me.

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From kenotic's journal:

Dear Man on the Phone while Voting:

I didn't realize that the "Please Turn Cell Phones Off" sign on the Election Commission's door didn't apply to you. Perhaps if I had, I wouldn't have been so put off by your incredibly annoying ringtone, and your even more annoying "Hello . . . Hello? HELLO?! HELLO?! ....... HELLO?!" after you picked the phone up. You must be pretty important and patient to not let our paltry voting interrupt your half-conversation!

Sorry for the misunderstanding,

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John Kerry
I happen to like the guy. You fuckin people, stop talking about him like he's only going to get votes because people hate George. I'm glad he's not everything everyone wants. We're voting for the next President, not the next Christ.

From ian_gazarek

Election quote

berreh is experiencing a bit of Election Day stress:

OMG, I cannae take the stress. This isn't like waiting to see if your name is on the school play roster or not. Well, it is if your name is John Kerry and the school play is "How To Make The World Not Hate Your Country Anymore". *bites nails*

More political....

Quoted with permission, stillvisions On the election results:

"I plan to get some bourbon and some sparkling wine. The bourbon is for bad news, the sparkling wine for the not-so bad news, at least in my opinion. I'd get champagne, but the good news isn't that much better than the bad."

"I really want a fair election. Barring that I want an unfair one that brings down the party responsible....
...and I'm afraid that either way, %50 of the population will wake up and think that they've been cheated, whether it's true or not."

The whole post is actually a great read. Go see it here
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The Election

Quotes with permission from a locked post on gold_fox 's livejournal:

(At this time, Bush had 170 electoral votes and Kerry had 112)

I thought the electoral vote system was supposed to protect us from the uneducated masses which APPARENTLY ISN'T WORKING TOO WELL RIGHT NOW!!!!

Peg 2015
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From sartorias, here

So I hitched up my cross-shoulder bandoliers and braved the blizzard. Yeah, those jackbooted hoodlums waving their Uzis tried hard to keep me from the polling place, but I pulled out my trusty rubber chicken and whapped them smartly, sending them bouncing down the street. Then I steamed into the polling place, where the double barricades had steel points atop, but I flicked out my trusty pole vault, snicked it out the full twenty feet, and leaped over. Then I wrestled the giant squid guarding the ballots . .


Actually. I live in a condominium complex mostly full of old folks, and so it was quiet and polite and easy.
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