November 1st, 2004

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Said atalantapendrag in a comment on customers_suck

Asshattery transcends national borders. I'm sure even on some distant planet right now, some poor Betelgusian cashier is fighting the urge to scream "For the love of Zarquon, people, I only have three arms!" at an unruly mob of customers.
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In regards to this post (the photos may amuse you):

The list [of things you can't take on a plane] really could be simplified quite a bit:


-- jenlittlebottom
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From its_art:

"It's kind of sad, that I own the entire Nightmare series on DVD and I only watch three or four of them. 2 is a piece of garbage. It's not so much a Freddy Krueger movie as it is a gay serial killer movie. I mean, the kid strips his gym coach naked, ties him up in the shower with jump ropes and whips him with a wet towel, for cryin' out loud! Okay, then he rips into his back with a pair of claws, but... Doesn't that just mean Jessie is slashing his coach?"
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redrix on bumper stickers.

Thank God for America.

This bumper sticker implies to me that God was the reason for America. God created American, not some group of people tired of being pushed around by a country from  thousands of miles away. No no no, it was God who made the constitution, not ink that came from a pen which was scribbled about in so many directions by the angry people. And it was God who came up with the design of the flag, not some woman stitching stars and stripes to make it visibly clear that this is America's land!

Found here.

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alestar: Well, but-- if you think the Pentagon is preparing for Kerry, does that effect your prediction that Bush is gonna take the pie?
alestar: by pie I mean presidency. I should stop randomly inserting the word pie into sentences.
doqz: There will be no stopping of pie and to speak of such measures is heresy!

-- from here

On this article, which is worth reading itself...

wal_lace: You see? You see what you miss out on by studying science instead of history? You people get to blow stuff up real good, but we get to know who shagged whom five hundred years ago.
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saibakato on watching the Paul Gross TV movie H2O (quoted with permission from a locked post):

"And I'll bet I wasn't the only person who kinda wondered if the PM would spontaneously start licking things."

Whether you get the reference or not, it's hilarious both ways.
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In a reply to my shameless selfquotes found here, gruyere said -->

Hallowe'en to Australians is a chance for stupid pre-teen kids to get drunk at the park, throw shit at eachother and scab lollies off people who clearly didnt buy lollies specifically for the occasion.

I thought that was called Tuesday.
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Said about a gentle dog with pit-bull blood:

On the other hand, her facial structure is still very pit-bullish and she scares the fuck out of some visitors when she starts barking (she barks a cowardly "we still have time to run!" bark, not a "I'm gonna kill you" bark), and that's proven advantageous to us in the past.

-- spyderqueen here
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Boys shouldn't always be allowed to dress each other.

pwac had some lovely observations about the fashion status of a certain ex-Blondie Bear at a recent con. The whole entry, heck, all of her entries on the subject, is a riot, but the following quote took the biscuit.

"Chest hair, a tantalizing glimpse of chest hair is sexy, showing all of your chest hair while wearing a shirt that emphasizes that you are a wiry fellow is not sexy. Small glimpse of chest hair that leaves women wondering…very, very hot…showing enough chest hair that we wonder who stole your pimp chain and where your bitches be at…not hot."
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I'm a shemale!


It amuses me far, far more than it should that you are only allowed two changes of gender on your personal profile at Gaia. I'm sure there's a good reason for it, but right now, I can't figure out what it would be. But are there really enough serial gender-changers on Gaia that necessitated the implementation of the 2-change rule? Can you imagine? "I'm a girl! No, I'm a boy! Girl! Boy! Girl! Boy! G--uhh, bo--eerr...DAMMIT I CAN'T REMEMBER WHAT I AM!!!!!!!"
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So either I alternate POVs throughout, which I'm not entirely sure would be narratively necessary, or I make this a 50,000 word smutless novel. Which hurts us, precious.
--scribbulus_ink, but in her Nano journal which I cannot currently remember the handle for. Sorry.

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From the lovely dragonfish_, political commentary. Or something.

Hey, Mr. President Bush. Here's to another four years of suck. Hope you enjoy it as much as I know I will. 'Course, you'll be enjoying it because you can continue to screw with everything from the classrooms and our environment to the Iraqis and international relations (or lack thereof). I'll be enjoying it because I know that in 2008, your ass is out of here. And I'll be able to vote for someone who, hopefully, isn't as focused on defiling our country.

Heck, maybe the rich folks will use the money they'll be saving on taxes to buy all of us middle-class losers some celebratory champagne.

I mean, it doesn't get much better than free champagne. It really doesn't.

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Only a Pagan could write this as a serious suggestion for a festival:

"Whether you prefer being hit with goat skin or prodded with an organic dildo being largely a matter of personal choice."

I miss them sometimes.

From maleficent.

Yet another political piece....

From the LJ news update reminding everyone to vote:
(Pro Kerry thread:)
Amen to that. I'm absoltely petrified of Bush getting back in and I'm British...
Tomorrow feels like Christmas Eve, but I don't know if Christmas Day itself is gonna happen or be cancelled yet....
It's as bad as Christmas, except with Christmas, you don't have to be afraid that your city will be leveled if you didn't get what you wanted.....
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Return of the Dem.

JC: "What does your heart tell you?"
It tells me that Canada ain't half bad.

ME: The fires of The Bush Adminstration will spread, and the forests of Afghanistan and Iraq will burn. And all that was once great and good in this world will be gone. There won't be a Shire United States of America Pippin JC.

JC: Do you remember the Clinton administration Mr. Frodo? It will be Spring soon. Orchards will be blossoming.

ME: John Kerry dancing. He had ribbons in his hair. If ever I were to vote for someone, it would have been him. It would have been him.

JC: There is still hope for Kerry. He needs time and safe passage across......

ME: There is always hope.

- From tstar78's LJ. Locked, but quoted with permission.