October 30th, 2004

First Time Metaquoter...

...long time lurker. :D Anyway, the following was a comment by hoshikawafuji in response to one of my posts:

I remember what it was like/know what it is like to be surrounded by people that couldn't put together a coherent sentence if they had two hands and a search and rescue team.
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Brandon :: Wash away all of my sins

So, this was actually me...

...but I think you can handle one self-quote. :) From a locked post, with no permission whatsoever. *lol*

Dear PSP:
When I tell you to make the border pink, don't make it white. Or I shall kill you.
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dancing squirrelly

(no subject)

lavendersadist about the election, and her schools mock election held in the gym:

The boy swayed my vote. A stupid boy who was holding a Kerry poster and talking with a pretty voice. That's what the future depends on. Are you comforted?
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My monk costume has rosary beads that go with it. They're glow-in-the-dark, which is rad. There's a little crucifix with Jesus kinda looking resigned (and dead) and everything, and above his head it says "INRI." Now, I know that's his name in Greek initials or something - but I'm not in the Jesus or profiling camps, so my first thought was that INRI was his Meyers-Briggs profile.

And it just gets funnier. Read the whole thing at Monk costume

If you're offended by religious humor, pass this one up. Otherwise, be prepared to laugh.


long time listener, first time opportunist!

aeroplanic's most recent episode with her retarded boss, wherein she booked him a flight to vienna on austrian airlines, via united (who issues the AA tickets in the US):
BOSS: This itinerary says United Airlines! I wanted the Austrian flight!
Kater: It is the Austrian flight. It’s operated by Austrian.
BOSS: But it says United. I don’t want United. I don’t like United. I won’t fly United.
Kater: Well it’s actually just the flight number that is United because they are selling the seats in the U.S. for that flight.
BOSS: (obviously confused to hell) But…it says UNITED.
Kater: Yes but…you see it’s the same plane whether you buy the ticket through Austrian or United. They both put you on the same plane. If you buy the tickets in the US they are issued by United.
BOSS: Well I don’t know….call the travel agency and ask them. Ask them “Does the plane I am on say ‘Austrian Airlines’ on the side?” I don’t want to fly on a United Plane.

So I killed him.
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hope is all we have

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kadrin on setting up a humidifier:

I'd discovered earlier that the instructions were in German, but as there were also pictoral instructions, I figured I'd be fine.

I was not fine.

Allow me to portray the pictoral instructions in a non-pictoral form.

Fig. 1: Twist top off. Create exact duplicate of top. Also note: ARROWS!
Fig. 2: Change nothing. Return top. MORE DIFFERENT ARROWS!
Fig. 3: Pour some water into something, we suppose. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES pour water into some other thing.
Fig. 4: Turn on lever to maximum. This will do nothing. Maybe do something with this little twiddly thing off to the side? We don't really know. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES PLUG IT IN!!! (no, seriously, it shows the adaptor without the power cord in it.)
Fig. 5: Enjoy your lovely decorative glass-topped end table! ...Wait, what's this about a humidifier?
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First time post...

From my sister's (anngwish42) LJ. She not-so-subtly hinted for a few days that she wanted this metaquoted, so I joined SPECIFICALLY for the purpose of posting this.

This is also from a post entitled "Tea and cake AND death."

"I'm once again tempted to become Episcopalian, but that church is too far away (about 45 minutes' drive, and across the river at that) and besides, when they ask what brings me to the Lord, I don't think even good old C of E will accept, "Because I want to fuck the vicar's brains out and drink the good tea" as a good answer."
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*giggles with glee*

I was just thinking about this today, and decided, what the hell, post it. It's old, and in response to a post in my LJ....you can read the whole thread at http://www.livejournal.com/users/spritelydelight/16412.html

What the hell are you talking about?!? A bad Pauly Shore movie?? There's no such thing! *Wonders about her tastes in movies while hunting around for In The Army Now*



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chipperazzi, on drilling being done in her room to install tables:

It was like:

*blissful dream* *happy flowers* BRRRZZZZZ!!!! WHEEEEEEERF!!!! *shock* *near heart-attack*

I mean, bloody hell. I thought waking up to the sound of the fire-alarm at Cumberland House was bad enough.
Sad Magic


Been watching for a while, but this is my first post. Thought I was laughing too hard to say I shouldn't bother metaquotes with it, so...

Written by bronriel (though the quote is actually by belgiansan) in an unlocked-by-request post, with permission:

During an IM conversation this afternoon, belgiansan was telling me about the Toastem Popups (aka fake Pop Tarts) his stepdaughter had bought at an American Army base. He was particularly interested in the box they came in:

San: why does ANYTHING have toasting instructions?
San: "remove fake pop tarts toaster pastry from the pouch and place vertically into the toaster"
San: well duh, now I know what I was doing wrong by putting them diagonally into the washing machine
San: "attend toaster while heating"
San: because they are so yummy the toaster might EAT THEM
San: "and children should always be supervised"
San: apparently, pop tarts are just a tasty hors d'oevre...after the appetizers, the toaster starts eating your children too

Hope I did that right!
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Book of Mormon - spooky Mormon hell drea

Be sure to check out her "current music," too

Not that any sport isn’t truly bizarre if you think about it for more than 10 seconds, but here you have men who spend their lives drawing random picks to ride one of a selection of giant animals that want to throw them into the walls of the arena and stomp on and gore them, animals that have been bred and raised to buck and spin to an arbitrary ideal. The men try to sit on the back of these giant animals for an arbitrary amount of time, in a arbitrary style, while judges give them a score based on all this arbitrariness.

Then you have interviews about how tough cowboys are, after someone inevitably gets smashed somehow.

- shawk muses on bull-riding here
Dissent - Jefferson


I just received a phone call from Bill Clinton, urging me to vote, and Vote Democratic.

As I cannot vote, and everyone in the house who can is already voting for Kerry, I should hope he'll forgive me for unceremoniously hanging up and getting back to writing teh gay pr0n.

-jean_prouvaire in this post
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