October 29th, 2004

Archie do

hantamouse Loses His Cool

I just realized how similar trying to understand the Dramatica story engine is to trying to understand a Tarot reading.

This card represents the consequences of failing to achieve the story goal. and you draw, The Future. Wow.
The next card is the genuine solution to the main characters problem. And the card is Avoidance

Now unlike Tarot, Dramatica has just decided to play the rest of this literary divination without your help. It will go through the deck, pick out most of the rest of the cards for you, and throw all but two or three away.
Ok, the cost that must be paid is Obtaining. - Ok, Thats dead on.
The main character believes the problem to be one of Faith. - Er, I guess, sorta, maybe, kinda. Not really.
What makes the main character uniquely qualified is Obligation. - What? I just... enurgh-*Brain Seizure*
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annlarimer, here:

I just saw somebody in a full Jesus outfit come out of the elevator. The aviator glasses went surprisingly well with the bleeding crown of thorns.

I'm pretty sure it wasn't really Jesus, though, because when I asked him, "How's it goin' Jesus?" He just said, "Hello," instead of calling me by name.
Good times

A visit to the video store

meandean in customers_suck, here. You really have to read the whole thing.

I am hardly a fashion plate; I think I own maybe three shirts that actually have buttons. Still, if I'm going out amongst other human beings, I try to wear clothes that are not held together by soaked-in fast food condiment spills, I use a sharper implement than a fork to shave, I don't consider Skoal Bandits to be dental hygiene aids, and I avoid stinkiness due to Kymster tying me to the hood of the truck and putting me through the automatic car wash twice a week. Alas, members of peckerwood blathervaricus --- commonly known as American Trailer Trash --- are not encumbered by such snobbish, highfalutin behavior.
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From a locked post with permission

bleedingwillow gets sick of being harassed by overly-aggressive Christians:

"She told me that she speaks to Jesus and he speaks to her too. I told her I'd read about that (she got all excited and leaned in "Really?") and proceeded to pull out the chapter on Schizophrenia in my abnormal psych book."

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"OH MY GOD!" *boom* *fwoosh* *crash* "ROOOOOAAAAAA--" "Your call is very important to us. Please stay on the line and the next available representative will be with you shortly." "--ticle's on fire!"

-- asmor on problems with music-on-hold players here!

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Referring to pictures posted here , thebratqueen says:

It's amazing how he has the magical ability to have pictures of himself that make anyone on earth look at them and wonder if perhaps he's been blind since childhood, then in the very next breath bust out with a photo that would make even Dick Cheney drool and admit to wanting to tap that ass.
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penm, from here, on her hatred of maths class:

Fuck it right up its imaginary, complex-numbered, hypoteneused and quadratic-ed ass with its trigometric triangle-shaped cock. Fuck it upside-down and sideways with a octagonal-based pyramid.

I'm kinda impressed. I know I hadn't gotten nearly that inventive with my swearing yet when I was her age.
[Art] Deeeeeerrrrp?
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uko_chan has been playing the Sims...

I created Sherlock Holmes, Queen Victoria, Stalin, Jack the Ripper and Beethoven, all for the purpose of killing. Then I trapped them all in seperate rooms and gave them each something to play with according to their personalities. .... Lesson learned from all this? Beethoven is indestructable. He's been sat at that piano, knocking up his creativity points, while all the other Sims around him died (Jack first, then Sherlock, then Vicky, and last Joe). Beethoven, on the other hand, being a stubborn German, will not die.
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snell/hayden // limeybean

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"I can't wait until the election is over, and everyone on my friend's list goes back to talking about Harry Potter and gay sex. (Not necessarily in the same sentence, although sometimes...)" ~ ktnb
aladdin - pretty jasmine

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pookizegreat in a (specially unlocked omg) post over here:

Nah, Bush is the greater of two evils, because he's way too stupid to be allowed to run a country. If he ever saw a big red button laying around he'd push it, and then the world would explode and all we'd hear as we floated off into space would be him trying to pronounce "oopsie daisy,"
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Wow, twice in one day. ^ ^

In a comment in pottersues, cspinks said,

"I'm only nineteen, thank you very much. I don't like fan fiction to tell me to stop reading and then call me old. My CDs don't tell me to stop listening and then call me an idiot. My fridge doesn't throw ham slices at me and then tell me to stand up straight."