October 27th, 2004

Study Much?

Britney's Married Life ?

from the lj of brooding_soul

Also, people, buy my new album out this November. Y'all, it's a compu compilash con collection of all my greatest hits like "Me Against The Music" and "My Prerogative" which is totally my song. I mean, really, that song is all about me. It really is my prerogative, y'all. I love prerogatives, especially when they're stuffed with mashed potatoes and cheese and stuff like that time I had them in Greece. Man, prerogatives taste good.

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A clip from an intense political discussion about the Californian Gubernator:

Steve: I like Arnold.
Steve: I only wish he was really a Terminator.
Me: He's not, though.
Steve: You don't know that.
Steve: Maybe he's just undercover.
Steve: I think I need to cut him open and find out.
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Sam: Jeeminy. I hit 1200 friend-ofs!
Em: *facepalm* you're officially a small liberal arts college.

Let's see....fondness for red brick, check; full of bright ideas, check; terribly expensive, well, relatively, check; feminist and gay-friendly, check; decent but not terribly tasty food, check; broken lifts, check.

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Green Lantern: Get a handcuff arrow and two whipped cream arrows and meet me in the swamp.
Green Arrow: Sure, old buddy! Is this Justice League business?
Green Lantern: ...sure, why not.

Must......fight....mental image!
Mental image winning! Mental image winning!!!

-- from here -- the whole thread is amusing, and has illustrations!

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Is it true that women's brains release a chemical to encourage emotional bonding during sex? If so, then I'm a little concerned: does this mean that I'm going to start carrying around my vibrator, whipping it out at inopportune moments to introduce strangers to my plastic fiance? Will I one day walk down the aisle to stand beside my purple luvah, me in my wedding dress, Vibe in a miniature tuxedo, where we'll exchange vows of undying love?

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from grenadine

lunar eclipse: check
red sox winning the world series: check
yasser arafat on the brink of death: check
remains of "hobbits" found in indonesia: check
it's getting mighty cold in new england [hell]: check
the beast of the book of revelations is conquering the world: check

bring on the seven trumpets! give me plagues of locusts! go sox!


and later, in a comment to a comment:

yeah, i'm waiting for the mark of the beast to start appearing on our hands and foreheads.
a great big W.
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I just HAD to post this one.
One particularly disturbing tale was of a girl who thought her Sim kids weren't pretty enough and wanted beautiful children for her Sims. So she went about this in a particularly baroque and macabre way. She created a family of beautiful Sims with pretty kids then drowned the parents so that the children would be taken away for adoption. The children were then added to the adoption pool and the original kids the ones who 'were ugly and had bad names' were introduced to the family swimming pool, wherein the ladders were quickly deleted.

The thing that made me laugh out loud is that she was
surprised her plan was foiled. The adoption service wouldn't allow the parents to adopt the pretty kids on the grounds that they'd drowned their own offspring for being unsightly.

Er...yeah...I'd imagine even computer generated social services would take a dim view of such gruesome eugenics.
minkboylove about some of the people on a SIMS 2 Message board.