October 25th, 2004

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Locked post with permission. kimera and electrik:

spikebot007: cape = gay
spikebot007: baked goods = gay
spikebot007: whoops, that's elijah, not dracula
spikebot007: i get them confused =/
elecktrikpink: xcvjhasldhfa
spikebot007: well
spikebot007: dracula = gay
spikebot007: elijah = gay
elecktrikpink: sfkjlhsa
spikebot007: therefore dracula = elijah
elecktrikpink: dracula = elijah
spikebot007: lsdfkgjadfjklgjdgjkl
spikebot007: math is fun
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Quoted from jrs1980, with permission:

The problem I was having with [my car] Giles was that he didn't want to go 0 mph.

Giles liked to die. I should have named him Buffy.


Quoted from eibhinn, also with permission:

35. Are you loyal?
Yes. I tend to phase in and out of peoples' lives as I try to (usually unsucessfully) gauge if they want me around or not, but I'm always there. Try as you like, you'll never fully rid yourself of me. Ahahahaaha I'm like herpes.
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Can you say jargon?

From a locked post with permission.

Q: How do you know when you've been studying genetics for too long?

A: When you decide to write two short stories based on things in your genetics book: The first about a woman who repeatedly (and accidentally) knocks herself up and thus gives birth to lots of little girls by parthenogenesis; the other an erotic story on the Rho factor in bacteria that is chained to the Rut site to terminate transcription of DNA (Rut being the Icelandic version of the name Ruth).

And so I decided I am ready for this final, and quit studying.

sheepgrl studying for a biology exam.
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I find this a deeply important issue myself.

Gauging the public response to my last politically-oriented post, its obvious the primary issue of concern to Americans (or at least the 4 or 5 of them who post in my livejournal) is not Terrorism, or Abortion, or Iraq, or Taxes, its the undead.


I consider myself pretty liberal, but I might have to draw the line at vampires. There's something deeply revolting about a critter that is DEAD and somehow keeps moving by draining life from other things. It gives me the willies the same way shaved Texan homophobes carry revulsion and fear for the gay community (- except that whereas its silly to be afraid of two guys getting in on in the hotel room next door, its not totally unreasonable to fear something that absorbs bullets, sucks blood, and controls your mind. For instance, it would be much easier to pass a constitutional amendment in defense of your carotid arteries.
~tianyu here
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From a locked post by roseseule, quoted with permission:

-I now have a name for my religious belief. I don't know if I believe in God, and if there is one, I am not too happy with him, so I have combied the words "agnostic" and "antagonistic" to create this new belief. Antagnostic.
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Concerning an RP:

I've been trying to avoid posting too much. Because without fail Tidus always humps my threads and says something stupid that makes ME go 'WTF.'

From a comment on my journal.

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From a closed entry, wherein a
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is transformed into funny by sschmitt!

OH MY GOD LIKE, I PARTIED AT _G.W. Bush__'S APPARMENT LAST NIGHT AND THEN __Dick Cheney___INVITED ME TO HIS ROOM AND _Brittnay Spears____ WAS THERE WITH __John Ashcroft_____ AND THEY WERE FUCKING AND ___John____ WAS LIKE, "LETS GO TO _Colin Powell__'S APPARTMENT AND BLOW LINES" SO WE DID AND I GOT SO FUCKED UP. THEN. ___Mom____ AND I STOPPED BY BURRITO MAX TO VISIT __my ex-step dad_____ (WHO WORKS THERE) AND WE GOT FREE BURRITOS BECAUSE WE KNOW ___my ex-step dad_____. THEN, WE ALL HEADED OVER TO THE SHOW AT THE __Castro____ AND EVERYONE WAS THERE AND I MADE OUT WITH __my baby's mother______ AND ____my baby's mother's sister____ AND ___my baby's mother's mother______ AND THEN CRASHED AT __Ralph Reeds_______'S HOUSE AND IT WAS LIKE, SO MUCH FUN.
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rpp? is a little frustrated. from a locked entry, with permission:

I need to work on my writing samples.

I also need to start working out again before I turn into a giant blob of flab.

I also need sex.

No seriously, I'm going insane over here.

And this moodtheme picture of Keira isn't helping. [pic here]

I want a bunny.

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First time posting here, so I hope I did this right...

closet_geek talks about her first Job Interview at a movie store:

I smiled, I charmed, I ruled. I waxed poetic about Kubrick, Cassevetes, Coppola. I touched on Tarantino and said Michael Moore was a fat idiot. I lamented that animated movies never get their due…I name dropped until my ass ached from all the bull I was shitting. I told a moving story about my grade-eight friend who got caught shoplifting, and how till this day I won’t so much as take an extra flier — added a good bit how I’d squeal like a pig if I ever saw someone else steal. I talked about how my worst quality was that "I just work too darn hard", (cue the batted eyelashes) and that I'm a perfectionist to the nth degree. I didn’t stop until my nose was good and brown, until the interviewer had a permanent tattoo of my lips on them. I ended the interview by standing and looking her in the eye, telling her earnestly how much I would enjoy working for her store. With a firm handshake and a copy of my references (my mother and my aunt, if you really wanted to know), I was gone and victorious.

It wasn’t until later that I realized my fly was unzipped the entire time.

On the plus side, I was wearing a sparkly pink thong that reads "Must be at least 11 inches for this ride."

Health class, El Juno-style...

Just as a sidenote, tho, is it wrong that every time I see a comment like...

Get a mirror, get a flashlight, introduce yourself to your own effin' vagina, and become friends.

I wanna reply with something like.

'*Opens fly* Ah, my old nemesis. We meet again.'

~ eljuno, from a locked post, by permission.

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anyway, i'm trying to make this whole business fun(ner). which is why i'm challenging everyone everywhere to put something on the line in the upcoming election. for me, it's my capitAlization, or lack there of. if bush wins, i'll capitalize like i mean it. if kerry wins, i'll only capitalize in extreme situations, like if my godfather is killed by his cousin and falls into a veil and no one understands me omg omg omg.

-- lykaios on investing, personally, in the upcoming election.
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Courtesy of missandrony

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From robinhoo--

Tonight I have this to say:

The new guy who's been cast to play Superman in 2006 is from Iowa.

Iowa may be best known for its unsurpassed ability to grow corn, but I would like to propose that that ability is exceeded in spades by its ability to grow men. Consider the following:
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Get Your Inner Republican On.

Some setup for those who may not be familiar with it - GoodToBeInDC is GJ RPG where folks role-play a variety of historical/contemporary political figures (or not so political figures), amusing the masses with their views on politics today, esp. the upcoming US Presidential Election.

From a locked post, with modern_maria's permission:

Just a little more than 24 hours into my "GoodToBeInDC" foray, and I'm already beginning to understand what it's like to think like a Bush supporter (or at least a hanger-on/parasite that makes his fortune off Bush supporters, which is more how I see the man).

It's quite fun Being Bill O'Reilly. There are only a few things one needs keep in mind:
* I am always right. If I am wrong, change position so as to appear right and insist it was my position all along.
* Life ain't nothin' but bitches an' money.
* Rupert Murdoch will protect me no matter what I do or say.
* I am a god. Or as close to such a thing as exists.
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ilthit sez:

You know, I realised a scary thing. If Bush is re-elected - okay, that's scary in itself, but - if Bush is re-elected and dies or has to quit before his term is over, Dick Cheney will become president of the United States.

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And in most ways, I’m a New Yorker now more than a Bostonian -- but I’ll never stop being a Red Sox fan. It’s in the air you breathe, it’s in your pores, and it doesn’t go away, EVER, however much you want it to -- it’s like the malaria of fandom.

quoted with permission of queenofthorns from her locked post