October 24th, 2004

Meanwhile, in the city of Townsville....

daemonx, commenting on the 24 October Doonesbury:

I, Mojo Jojo, also have a plan. And by plan, I of course mean a way to succeed that I, Moooojo Jojo, would implement in Iraq. And by Iraq, I mean Townsville, where I, Mojo Jojo, am fighting a group of insurgents, which is a fancy word that means "those accursed Powerpuff Girls". In other words, I, MOJO JOJO, will destroy the Powerpuff Girls and give freedom to the people of Townsville. By which I mean, I, Mojo Jojo, will have complete and total woooooorld domination! Mwahahahaha!
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from cleolinda:

Nnnnnnngggg. Took a two-hour nap break, ate junk food. Blarg. Sister Girl has turned on the heat, which VEXES ME. Am getting into a huge diva mood. Like I'm going to start stomping around the house shouting, "I AM AN ARTEEEEEST! I CANNOT WORK UNDER THESE CONDITIONS! I MUST HAVE THE MACARONI WITH THE POWDERED CHEESE! PHILISTINES!"

On bad album covers

"Surrealism and rock music are hardly strangers to each other (look at most of the music videos out there). But this goes beyond the boundaries of surrealism, past the borders of the mighty and vast empire of "Art", and lands right smack in the middle of "bad acid trip" territory. With a nice healthy dose of ketchup-covered "WTF??" on the side.

...mmm, ketchup."
-- roseneko, regarding the artwork for "Symphony of Glory" by Gaia Epicus.
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Those darnJehovah's Witnesses...

evilsausage: It Finally Happened
Some of you have heard me talk about what I was going to do the next time Jehovah's Witnesses came to my door. Well, they came. And I did it.

He explains in a comment: Well what I said I was going to do was to answer the door in my underwear and a hockey mask, holding a flogger and sporting an erection. The only change I made was to lay aside the flogger and replace it with a shamanic looking staff that has a small (shrunken?) realistic looking skull at the end.

The post continues: They weren't as shocked as I thought they'd be, though they didn't seem at all eager to step inside the Stallone residence.


[From this post in customers_suck, about some spectacularly rude and stupid teenagers that mero had the misfortune to encounter.]

You said this.
"The fact you two are extremely naive and judgemental makes me happy the saccharin you're injesting is going to ferment into cancer a la lab rat inside your bodies someday."
They heard this.
"The fact you two are *big words* and *too many syllables* makes me happy the *what?* you're *shiny!* is going to *durr* into *brain shut down now*."

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amerikanshame [6:47 PM]: Ick. dark chocolate nasty
KirkeOBain [6:47 PM]: i'll eat it. i like dark choccy. :)
KirkeOBain [6:50 PM]: i do not really go for these mulatto chocolate confectionaries. all mixed with milk and extra sugar and artificial whatsits...i like my choccy dark. black as a nubian princess, and semi bitter, like an old whore who's been had repeatedly, forever, but never ever found true love, just heart break and woes for all the days of her life...
KirkeOBain [6:50 PM]: and don't even get me going about tea.

Mmm, carbs

homersonic buys some day-old bagels . . .

I want to save one, though, and take it to the "Carb Control Center" across the street from the Commuter Lot
Where I park in three days a week,
And I want to take the fragrant "Rosemary Oil and Garlic" bagel,
Hard from five days' worth of no preservatives,
At the terrified carb-counters.

singular love affair

behind_the_wall vs. the Bug!

I was walking down the street sipping a cup of water on my way home from fencing when a little tiny bug flew into my eye. I swore and blinked and managed to at least get to a point where it didn't feel too crappy even though I was pretty sure it was still in my eye. Then, as I started to cross the street, the bug somehow fell from my eye into my water! So that's pretty nasty. And to make matters worse, when I tried to fish it out it went underwater and most likely drowned, making me feel sad and guilty. I did get it out of the cup pretty quickly and blew it off my finger to go make its way in the world or lie dead on the pavement as it saw fit. But geez, that one little bug had assaulted my eye, my water and my conscience all in the space of about ten seconds!
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Warnings: 1x2, 1x2x1, 3x4, 1x2x1, 2x1x2, 2x6, 5x13, 5x1, 5x4x3, 6x13, 1x2x5, 2x4x13x5x6x13x1x2x3.14.......
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!!!! Make the hurting STOP! There's more X's in some of these stories than in all the Jenna Jameson pornos COMBINED.

alaskan_blue in this thread, talking about the masses of pairings in most Gundam Wing fanfics.
batmite wtf

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unmisha experiences a drive-by doughnutting:

"I was waiting by the bus stop coming home from taking care of Kris' cats, and someone (I'll save the litany of curses for another time) hit me with a frosted doughnut. Tossed it out of their car (which, as they were doing at least 40, packed quite the punch) and hit me on the hip. Assault by pastry! Can you imagine?

I didn't even see it coming, just the smack against my side (I'd been indulging in house porn - one of those home&land magazines - under the streetlamp) and looked down and saw the thing at my feet. I stood there staring at it for an age, because who the hell tosses pastries out the window? I was prepared for a rock or something, but the copious frosting completely stole any sort of presence of mind necessary to capture the license plate.

The frosting was chocolate, and now I have to wash that jacket."