October 23rd, 2004

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"If showing children develop into adults and grow into their sexuality was at all possible, I'm sure Charlotte Bronte would have done it in Jane Eyre. (Sorry, she did what...? OMG! CHARLOTTE BRONTE IS A PORNOGRAPHER!)" - sarahtales
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Mmm, tasty.

Pearl of wisdom from Becca today - apparently one shouldn't wear underwear that could be ingested with the aid of a glass of water ;)

I'm not entirely certain why this is. I mean, underwear that's so small I could accidentally swallow it doesn't really appeal to me anyway, so I'm in no danger of wearing it. Or swallowing it.

From here.
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consequences OF DOOM!

Although in most of my other fandoms, sex only happens tangentially and there are usually consequences OF DOOM! that have nothing to do with birthing children. Except when it's twins. You know, if I was trying to live my life According To Fandom, I'd still be paralyzed by angst that one time where I kissed that boy in church, and it would be the cause of the wars in the Middle East, Enron, and McDonalds eliminating the super size option because people are stupid.


--aj has a moment of paranoia here
Mighty Boosh: B! JULIAN SAID B!

officialgaiman spins my world.

Says Neil Gaiman:

I've got several hundred e-mails to go through tonight, not to mention days' worth of stuff from the FAQ line, and I'll try and answer at least some of them, but in the meantime, thanks to all of you who felt that I should mention here that you can get USB drives that look like sushi.

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...or possibly you can now get sushi that you can also store information on.

I should eat something now, shouldn't I?
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years go by

Edwards can stay

"What we need to do is replace the candidates with hot blondes and the loser has to give her concession speach naked. In order to capture the female and non-traditional male vote we could just make the vice presidential candidates attractive males and subject them to the same rules. So we'd replace Dick Cheney with Hugh Jackman and John Edwards with...well...Edwards can stay."

~socratic in boondocks_comic
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Beast facepalm


*giggles* Also, random quotes from yesterday ((All said by new teacher, by the way)) not necessarily in chronological order:


"You are the fish! Everything about you is a fish!"

Michael: I want you to show me angry! Really angry! You can smell the toast!
Paul: Angry or hungry?
Michael: Both!

Michael:You're happy, you're so so happy! But you're also embarrassed, very embarrassed. And you're hungry! So Hungry! Hungry enough to kill!
Us: um...Wha?


nanananana hey jude

oh, the delightfully brilliant nematoddity rocks my world.

"Now, before anyone gets the wrong idea, I actually like Jesus. He was a heavy drinker, partied with lowlifes and prostitutes, was CONSTANTLY eating SOMETHING or other, depending on which version you use, and berated those who chose to follow him around. My kind of guy.

"But not exactly nice. More like a beefy trucker on bad acid."
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