October 21st, 2004

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Rob: Oh, I found out today that Sonic Adventure 2 is a two-player game.
Me: Is it food?
Rob: No. I wonder what the two-player part is like.
Me: It's food.
Rob: We'll have to play it sometime.
Me: I'll play food.
Rob: What is it with them waiting 'til the sequels to make Sonic games two player?
Me: Food is one player. All mine.
Island Buoys
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emily_goddess meditates on the quiet and dignified public response to tonight's Red Sox/Yankees game:


12:00 am - Red Sox win the American League Championship
12:01 am - People start cheering all over campus
12:17 am - Fire trucks go by

Connection? Possibly.

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I won't mention the height, the warmth of the toned and trained muscle, the gravelly voice, that absolute self confidence, the hard but nimble hands, the penetrating intelligence, the smooth columns of his thighs...

liddle_oldman expands on the charms of DC's finest in the comments to this entry.
Rivet Riot

Are quotes from feeds ok?

If so...

bunsen_tv_feed: All I Have to say about Game 7 is this: God must be setting up the Red Sox for a fairly spectacular tragedy in the World Series. A sweep? No, it's got to be bigger than that. A seventh-game loss on a bases-loaded walk, followed by the flaming Goodyear Blimp crashing onto the Fenway grass? And the cursed dirigible just so happens to be filled with plague-infected weasels trained to attack scarlet hosiery? Yes, that sounds like the kind of plan my God's got cookin' in the beanpot.
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agent may is unimpressed

On the World Series

Who in their right mind is NOT rooting for Astros/Red Sox World Series?

C'mon. Texas/Massachusetts double header. We'll schedule the final game for the election night and Cheney will mud-wrestle Edwards in the stands. It's as close as we can get to an actual 2nd Civil War with all the fun of random rioting and none of the expense of the artillery. Also there are seldom if ever hot dogs during the civil war.


I am all for this, btw.
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To: Yankee "Nation"
Cc: New York Yankees players, management, front-office

We would like to put for the following as terms of your complete and unconditional surrender:

1. That we are, forever after, awarded the status of "Your Daddy."
2. That if we should ever hear one of you blithely chant "1918," we can respond with a rousing cheer of either "2K4" or "three-and-oh." Because each spelled your abject downfall.
3. That any fans that want to switch sides will be welcomed with open arms as converts who've seen the light.
4. That 85 years of pain have nothing to do with our current challenges, no matter how much you think they should.
5. That smugness is hereafter punishable by absolute and ceaseless derision.

Enjoy the winter meetings in Tampa. We await your reply.


Red Sox Nation

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The evils of scanf

PS - Remeber,[sic] scanf lives in its own little world, with its own little theory about what constitutes an input and when exactly it should consider the input "consumed". Its theory doesn't mesh very well with what the rest of the computer considers input, much less with anything sane, but if you're going to use scanf, you have to do it its way.

-- a friend commenting anonymously in a post in my personal journal begging for help with some C code (the entry and rest of the comments are just about how to beat a piece of code into submission, this comment is the only really amusing thing there).
Jubilee (By Foxglove_Icons)

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You'd think Tim [Drake, aka Robin] would already know everything there is to know about the difficulty of having multiple lives. But no, the Batworld can always think of something new to throw at him. How do Bats handle relationships with normal humans? Extensive experimentation (see Batman, issues 1 - infinity, for example) would indicate that they don't.

-- thefourthvine

I don't like meme things. Or rather I do, but I prefer not to share with the world that I am a rainbow-eyed, blue-haired Ravenclaw with a gold inner dragon who morphs into a waterspirit every other Wednesday and makes sweet sweet love to Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers all at the same time while shooting glitter out my butt.

-- inkysweet

Amelia Arsenic ♠ nerdy

The Sims can be bad for your boyfriend's health!

takhisis gives us a perfect example of such.

I've been addicted to The Sims 2 for the last few weeks. I've progressed to acting like a mad scientist with my sims at this point, but originally I created a pair that looked like me and the BF. He was periodically wandering in and ask me how things were going. I'd reply with things like "I'm working as a criminal mastermind." or "You're now sleeping with all the ugly old men in the neighborhood."

After a little while, I decided out of curiosity that I wanted to mess with the "genetics engine" that everyone's been raving about, that passes on personalized features to new sims.

BF: (getting a drink) "So, what's going on?"
Me: (Totally sims-involved, not thinking) "I've decided we should have a kid."
Me: "In The SIMS! The SIMS should have a kid! Jesus Christ, are you INSANE?"
BF: "I was about to ask you the same thing!"
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layered is a total metaquotes whore:

You know what would be cool? If World War 3 was really just a flame war. You'd have random countries of no significance, like Uzbekistan or Poland or wherever-else, shouting "PWNED!" and "OMG U R OWNZ0RZ3D!" while the U.S., North Korea, Britain, China, Israel, Pakistan, and all the other nuclear-weapon-having countries type out long and pretentious remarks to each other. Then France puts it all in metaquotes and LJ Drama.

[original post]
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A Familiar Scenario

chaide, on LJ angst:

I'm going to feel really sorry for myself and wait for that perfect girl to talk to me. It'll be like a movie! We'll go out for coffee and have that casual second date, then on one rainy night I'll just kncok on her door and it will be love right on the front porch!

Oh man, I can't wait!

I mean, she hasn't come up to me yet. And I'm feeling really shitty because of it, you know? Sometimes I feel so shitty that I abuse myself because it eases the pain. I guess that's what happens when I revolve my entire life around one person that barely even notices my existence.

But gee wiz, I can't wait until somebody so unrealistically perfect just prances over to me, despite all of my obvious imperfections, and loves me til death do us part!

Oh wow, I found somebody! Oh shit. I'm too clingy. Oh shit. It's their fault (definitely not mine! no, never!) things are starting to fuck up! Now I'm really sad and want to further my abuse because the world owes me something! Why did she leave me!?!

I'll just post it in my LIVEJOURNAL!.
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daegaer is cat-sitting...

Half-eleven, and the cats are more or less watered and fed, and the vilenesses of their poo has been dealt with. My instructions are arcane, to say the least. There are cats who prefer to eat downstairs, cats who prefer to eat upstairs and one weirdo (who often lies in wait on the top of the stairs so she can claw my scalp to ribbons) who likes to have her food - wafer thin slices of crap ham, no less - thrown at her from across the room. When leaving the cats downstairs for the night, slices of turkey are to be thrown in a warding gesture, to delay them long enough to make it out the door. When turning off the light they must be wished goodnight, in these precise words: "Nighty-night."

Someone tell me this isn't my future.
Arbor ancien

larksambiance in the newenglandlj community:

Boston sports teams are like men in relationships:

The Patriots are like the new boyfriend that you really like - he's awesome, but almost too good to be true, so you worry.

The Bruins are like the guy that you just casually dated and you don't really care about him, he's just something to do.

The Celtics are like the marriage that was great at one time, but has lost its spark and you always kinda look back and think about how great it was.

And the Red Sox are the hard core abusive husband who just absolutely beats the crap out of you, but day after day you always go back to him because you still believe that tomorrow will be different and you just love him so much.

Deep Adjuster Thoughts

What we're really thinking while we're peering at our computer screens so intently at work (complete with the Orlando Bloom wallpaper in the background).

At a casual glance, one might think this was going through my well-trained, steel trap Adjuster mind:

We previously paid $880.00 to provider X, and the elimination period was 30 days...the provider didn't notify us that the PH went into another facility, so we'll have to repay the claim and deduct what was previously paid...

meanwhile, I'm *really* thinking...

...and then there's a sudden rainstorm and he's very wet and he's very cold--why, he needs to come into my home and get warm! Here, let me take those soaking wet clothes from you and he peels off his shirt--


::violins play::
::train goes into dark tunnel::
::tiger attacks its trainer::
::a dolphin leaps out of the water::
::housecats boxing::
::a man on a unicycle falls down::
::footage of some random building being demolished::

And then, cigarettes.

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