October 20th, 2004

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maria_bo_bia, on strangely hilarious erotic dreams.

"SPEAKING OF DREAMING, I had the weirdest dream last night (or rather, this morning just before I woke up). I dreamed I was giving a striptease to a man in a public washroom. He was staring over the top of one of the stalls as I walked, or rather danced my way over to him. When I got there, sans clothing, he pulled me into the stall and said "I'm hardon addicted to you, my dear". (with emphasis on "Hard" and "Dick")
The man...
get ready...
was Kelsey Grammar."
bring it cate

Tragic affairs of the diamond

On the trials of loving the Red Sox, in comments here:

ame_chan: They're like, that boy, the boy you know is bad news, the one with the scruffy chin and the long hair and the bad ass attitude and the boots and the bike. That boy who is sooooo good and sooooo sweet and sooooo good until suddenly, he's just.... bad, and you're sobbing into your teacup for a month and waiting for him to call and wearing his sweater until the smell has gone out and... yeah.

Yeah. I love 'em.

kalessin: They're like that girl, the achingly gorgeous one you've known all these years now, boyo. She laughed at you in grade school, barely tolerated you in junior high, refused to go out with you in high school.

But where she used to be all traditional and frumpy, she's now a modern gal: black suit, white silk blouse, short skirt, long jacket, radical-frame sunglasses, top-floor condo in the Back Bay, Chrysler convertible, Ducati sportbike. Top-shelf, top speed, top fashion. Red hot.

You've spiffed up your act, cleaned up the house, learned she's got nothing else on her schedule for October, and invited her over for drinks. You know there's no point, you know the history. But you can't help but keep hoping something's gonna spark, maybe this could be the time.

You HAVE to invite her into your livingroom, even if you KNOW she's just going to have half a glass, thank you for a nice time, and leave you heartbroken again, with a vague whiff of an expensive perfume you can't even name and a promise to get together again next spring.

The Old Town team. I can't stop loving them. Even if we don't go all the way, I'll always respect them for what they are and what they've accomplished.
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Butch Walker: Emo

Star Wars love!

In response to a SW-related entry on my LJ:

For the record, I have a completely homosexual crush on R2D2... since I was like 7.

It sucks, cause when it's cold out, your tongue gets stuck to him while trying to make out. Messy situation.

Knitting Love

Frankly, I think it was the mental image of a shirtless, waffle-making Miroku that did me in here…

rapunzel452 shares her thoughts on everyone’s favorite breakfasty pastry-type-thing here.

Just what makes you three think you can keep me up until 12:30, making me laugh until my stomach hurts, and then expect me to be productive at work the next day? I work at Williams-Sonoma. WE SELL WAFFLE MAKERS. Not only that, but WE'RE MAKING SAMPLES OF WAFFLES.

Warm, shirtless waffles!
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from glittersavvy:

Mum: ...and yeah, just because she's the apple of his eye...
Sam: ...What does that even mean? "The apple of his eye." What?
Mum: It means, like... he adores her -
Sam: I KNOW. I mean, the apple thing. Why? What does that have to do with anything? Where does it come from?
Mum: ...I don't know.
Sam: Now, the only apple thing I can think of is Adam and Eve. And maybe, maybe that would suggest temptation. So the apple of my eye would be tempting. But you can say it about anyone, really, like... my SON is the apple of my eye. Your son is tempting? That is all wrong. So I have no idea, and I don't even like apples, not red ones, anyway...because they make me think of Snow White, and the wicked queen gives her a rosy red apple. And Snow White is tempted by the rosy red apple, which takes us right back to temptation again... Or, in some retellings Snow White is suspicious, but the queen has made the apple so it is red AND green. She only poisons the red half. So when Snow White doesn't want to take it, the wicked queen convinces her it's not dangerous by biting the green half. So Snow White bites the red half. And she...dies. And, I like red... but, therefore, not red apples. Because that could be true and someone could be trying to poison me... even if they're not a wicked queen or a scary old woman. And really, I could imagine that happening, but not that a handsome prince would suddenly ride up on his white horse and kiss me to dislodge the poisoned apple from my throat - how does that WORK anyway? - and then take me away to be his queen, because, that is just ridiculous.
Mum: What are you talking about?
Sam: I do not have a clue.
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polyamory is wrong

Quoting jmspencer:

"... She explained polyamory to her mother-in-law, whose response was "That's just wrong.... It should be either multiamory or polyphilia, but this mixing of Greek and Latin roots? No. Wrong."

Now, for extra credit, who can tell me which word (multiamory or polyphilia) comes from Latin & which comes from Greek?
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The Truth About The Kirk/Spock Ticket

From theferrett

At first glance, the Democratic nomination of James T. Kirk for the Presidential ticket seems like the sort of political no-brainer that nobody could argue with. After all, Kirk is a decorated war veteran - wounded three times in the line of duty, awarded not only the Medal of Honor but the Silver Palm with cluster - and an outspoken leader in the Klingon war.

Yes, Kirk has been written up several times for insubordination, a fact which Republicans have noted to much smoke and no heat. Kirk's a maverick, but Federation voters love a strong leader - and his missions usually ended in triumph, which Republicans may forget but the voters have not. (Also, most of his supposed transgressions involve the Prime Directive, an outdated and unpopular law that good conservatives have tried for years to repeal.)

But is James T. Kirk truly a war hero?

Read the rest in which Kirk's record is examined in detail

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New here. Quote from quatre_vingts, found here.

KatzenMiauen: Oh Brian, I love you! Now that I'm in college, life can be perfect even though I still live with the day to day fear of the Labyrinth and Him.
KatzenMiauen: Haha, Sarah, I have returned for you! You see...(complicated story line)...and that is why you must come back with me!
Teh Nixical: Let's hope he doesn't appear out of nowhere and kidnap her again!
Teh Nixical: GAH!
KatzenMiauen: I refuse! I'm happy with Brian and my college life!
KatzenMiauen: I see... Then I guess I must.. KIDNAP YOU!
KatzenMiauen: 40 pages later...
Teh Nixical: *plays hard to get*
Teh Nixical: "Do me!"
KatzenMiauen: Oh Jareth, I now realize that every other guy I went out with could never own up to you, and that I was subconsciously comparing them to you! I thought you were a villain, but now that you have shown me your library and how kind you are to your subjects, I must marry you!
KatzenMiauen: Precious Sarah, let us kiss with tongues!
Teh Nixical: *dead*
KatzenMiauen: The End.
KatzenMiauen: And thus concludes the ENTIRE Laby fanfic section

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From this post:

ciara_belle: If I, in fact, have been excommunicated, I will pull a Henry VIII and set up my own religion. I shall call it the psychotic bastard religion The Church of Rachel. And it will be like Catholicism, only without the asshattery of the Vatican. I am all for anti-asshat religions. And this is just a small drop in the bucket of asshat statements by the Vatican. I just really like the word asshat. Asshat. *hee* The Church of Rachel will never ever have services at 8 o'clock on Sunday mornings. That hour will, in fact, be excommunicated. Followers of the Church of Rachel so far include me, and possibly my roommate, who is technically Episcopalian, but they're Catholic-lite and she never goes to church anyway.

divineline: Dude, I'd so join the Church of Rachel. As long as we get tea and cake or death.

Little Red Cookbook! Little Red Cookbook!

ciara_belle: You're lucky I'm Church of Rachel. There will be both tea and cake AND cookies. Cookies are much better than communion wafers anyway. I know those are supposed to be the Body of Christ, but they taste awful and Jesus always sticks to the roof of my mouth.
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from divinemissa without permission from an unlocked post.. On Fire.. with Ninjas.. and the ninjas are on fire.. er.. anyway..

"So EHarmony's fun! It's like a video game but with the possibility of sex attached!

One bastard refused to even consider me, though, because I don't have a pic posted. It's not that I'm ashamed to put a pic up, it's just I haven't got any that are small enough. Unfortunately because he hit "close" I can't look at his profile and tell for sure what a shallow, appearance-focused rooster-dick he is.

Heh heh heh.

I do like simultaneous flirting with four men. It's a good thing!"
Beast facepalm

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"If AIDS is God's way to get rid of homosexuals, then lesbians have to be God's chosen people, as they can't get HIV."

Which, I think, is also sufficient evidence that God is indeed a man. And like all men he's horny and likes porn. There are some advantages to being all-knowing and all-seeing.

ETA: Dudes, enough with the medical arguments; we've established that lesbians can actually catch HIV. But that first bit was a quote within a quote, yes?
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From spike_phoenix with love big gay crush:


  • Call.

  • 'Hi. I have a Big Gay Crush on you. Let's make out. I mean, go to a play.'

  • 'Hey- I was just wondering if you're going to the play tonight? I was thinking of it but don't want to go alone.'

  • 'Yo. I was doing a report on same-sex marriages for my Poly-Sci class, and I know I don't even know your last name or anything, but you wanna elope?'

...maybe I should think this over.
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Is The O.C. back YET? Jesus. Although it's giving me ample time to develop my spin-off series, The C.G., in which a wealthy, privileged white girl named Rayanna is abandoned by her family and is taken in by a crack dealer with a heart of gold in the Chicago neighborhood Cabrini Green, where she learns some important lessons about, you know, life and stuff.


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I hate it when a wet dog runs up to you, shakes dirty water all over your fancy outfit, humps your leg and then poops; and then the owner grins ruefully, shakes his head in a 'whadaya gonna do, gotta love em' way, and says "ahhh, he likes you!"

Really? I usually have to be bought 3 drinks and promised pretty things to let someone get that much fluid on me.

The faboo and always clever baggylettuce in response to my post about an encounter with a wet, dirty dog this morning.
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The dark side of baseball

princeofcairo, on the current pennant series (full post here):

This series allows me to empathize with people who haven't picked a side to back in the election yet (regardless of whether they know how they'll vote). Rooting for the Red Sox is quite obviously a sign of dementia; rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for Darth Vader. (Or, given Steinbrenner's dugout-packing, like rooting for Darth Vader, Rupert of Hentzau, Moriarty, Dracula, the Klingons, Draco Malfoy, and the rich fat kids camp from across the lake.)
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SHout at me later - by IconsbyCurtana
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My First Metaquote

calypso posted in the amnestyint about her new method of taking out rogue governments. chocolatemoose gave it a catchy slogan.

calypso I'm sick with a cold, and I'm sitting here writing letters for Amnesty International,

...and as I manually licked the 12th envelope of the night, the thought occurred to me...

Maybe I'll get lucky and give a tyrant a cold.

taking over the world one common cold at a time.
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What did I do to the Gods? Did I forget to make the requisite sacrifices? Should I buy two lattes and pour one out on Concord Ave to appease the God of Frilly Coffee Drinks, thus ensuring I will have someone on my side? A Caffiene laced Athena to my pitiful, slightly goofy and bookish Odysseus? She'd wear a PVC red corset and I'd wear overalls. We'd meet at a small cafe that is never ever a Starbucks and get hopped up on mochas. After a trip to the loo - the world better watch out. I might write about it in my livejournal.

I guess I can see what I did to the Gods. meep.

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blissie, in the comments of a locked entry by heroine68 in customers_suck...

She's really going to go to a news station to complain she couldn't buy lingerie? PLEASE let us know if she does. I want to see the video: "Woman expects miracles ordering crotchless teddy. Pictures at 11."
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Sarek of Vulcan

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Dammit, all I wanted was for the Sox to get to the series in the same year as the Cubs! I wanted them to get to Game Seven and see God Almighty descend to the pitcher's mound and announce, "That's it! Everyone OUT OF THE POOL!"...
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My Country -- Geez.

I've been given grief because I have a "free tibet" sticker on my car...people want to know if tibet is that horrible indian guy who killed all those FBI people (Peltier) and why would I want that maniac free?

People actually think Tibet is a terrorist/criminal?

I am so embarrassed to be American right now... that is beyond sad...

*declares herself an honorary Canadian*


--in my thread about the three teachers who bought tickets to a Bush rally, and were kicked out and nearly arrested for wearing T-Shirts which read Protect Our Civil Liberties.

The Bush thing doesn't even surprise me anymore but the idea that someone thinks Tibet is the same thing as Peltier is horrifying.