October 18th, 2004

  • cadeyrn

well? is it?

Ponder this picture, found in the profile of a dating service.

colubra: yeah, I figured that too, but even though the intended message is not 'I drown small children recreationally', is 'I appear regularly in swimsuits with small children' a particularly arousing image?
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dragonfly242's little sister on a quiz result:

A Gazelle's a real animal? I thought it was just an exercise machine!!

Also of amusement, from jentaro:

Sing Tim Curry! Sing Your heart out!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!
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Bivouacing in the desert of the Real

sdemory writes:
It's official, and it's been acknowledged by key players in the Bush administration: we've got the first faith-based Presidency in this nation's history.

By "faith-based," I mean more than religious. I mean "faith-based" as opposed to reality-based. It's sort of Matrixesque, in its way: the forces of conformity working within a shared hallucination while a scrappy band of rebels strike from the real Reality.

Too bad we don't have a Morpheus.

Entire post here.
  • asheraa

Conversation on bike engines from a friends journal...

Hi guys, I normally just lurk here and occasionally get quoted... but I couldn't go past this:

From dragoneletras LJ: Stupid quote of the day, from my neighbour about 15 minutes ago when I started the bike (it was mildly smokey)

*D's neighbour* "well, look at that..a clacker eh ? old GPZ !.......It stinks doesn't it...?....Can you smell it ? It stinks...smells like...fuel....and oil...and smoke...I can smell it, can't you smell it ? It's pretty loud. But it stinks...like it's hot"

dragoneletra "Ahh, yeah mate..it's called a motor....it uses oil, and fuel..and OXYGEN..by the way..you're breathing MY oxygen right now.....quit with your stealing..i'll have a use for that"

At this point I abruptly walked away. I cannot deal with freaks at this time of the morning..i'm sorry to all you freaks out there..but it's 9.30, no sleep..things to do....need.....something to wake up....
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Freaked, K: DW Nine & Rose

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I think someone's playing DDR on the floor above. There's all this stomping and banging coming from the ceiling.

Still, it did remind me that I haven't tried Stepmania for some time. I wonder if they have a new version yet.

EDIT: The banging's stopped.

And I just realized that I'm on the top floor. o_O

-- dkellis
  • seshen

poor Barry

From beeeckie on vent_o_rama:

"out of nowhere I got Copacobana stuck in my head and I'm thinking "damn you Barry Manilow" for the millionth time but suddenly I thought about what it must be like to be Barry Manilow and your entire life is day and night of having catchy hooks materialize in your head and you can't do a damn thing about it because you're Barry Manilow."

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Therapist: "So what is it about cesearian sections that puts you off them?"
Me: "I think mainly it's the bit where they cut you open with knives."

?!?!?! Think the gender divide in our relationship just showed up again.
- from a friends-locked post, with permission, although the provider of the quote would prefer to remain anonymous.
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I've seen the end of the world, and it's not pretty. I just saw a woman get fat INSERTED into her ass cheeks. I've heard about taking it out, but putting it IN?? Do you think two women could get a two for one discount - "take the fat out of my ass and stuff it into her ass cheeks."

It's possible, I've now seen everything.

-redlight25, here.