October 16th, 2004

He is Risen!

music thing

My sister-in-law lilactime, responding to my rant about people hating singers and bands for the wrong reasons:

I am generally ambivalent about Avril Lavigne, although I'm glad, in a way, that young girls look up to her, as I was getting really tired of seeing 12-year-olds dressed like sad, tired lapdance strippers.
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croaky laments the fact that her dog's internal clock seems to be on Tokyo time:

doggy: Let's walk! Let's take a walk! Walkwalkwalkwalk!!
doggy: Walkwalkwalkwalk!!
jen: Oi, old man....
doggy: Waaaaaalkie!
jen: Ok ok, but then we sleep... Seriously.
doggy: Yaaaayyy!!!
jen: =__=;;;
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Silly law students.

My MPRE test location is NYU!

For those of you who know what that means, I may be taking the test with some of you.

For the rest of you, you should merely humor me and say, "oh, Akhmed! I'm so jealous! I applied for a Manhattan test site, and NCBEX told me that the closest location was American Samoa! Damn your devil's luck and your rugged good looks!"

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Miles Edgeworth
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It's so...twisted, and then it's written like they are omg so in luv and it's all cute fluffy bunnies from then on and the sound of the 'Backspace' is heard in the land as I flee. If you're going to write hateslash, it should be dark and twisted, not fluffy! (There are maybe two authors who, to my knowledge, can pull off SJ without it being either incredibly dark or impossibly fluffy. There are two authors somewhere who can pull *anything* off. But that doesn't make the rest good.)

Yes, there is chemistry there. Unfortunately, it's the sort of chemistry that results in the entire school being evacuated.

-- cygna_hime, responding to this post on the implausibility of the most common slash pairing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom

Yadda Yadda

"Last night my dream YADA YADA YADA'd me!

I was hanging out with this guy, and he started rubbing his leg up against mine.

Yada yada yada, then we were laying in bed exhausted, and I was playing with his nipple."

-songcatcher in seinfeld
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I have low esteem for everyone else

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Overheard on fireborn's latest LiveJournal post...

As much as I have come to enjoy squid in a variety of dishes since I first encountered it in sushi and inexplicably liked it, all those years ago, there's a very peculiar downside to liking it and being an sf/f/h fan. Whenever I actually see whole squid, I find myself going, "AAAAAAAGH NO! I'VE BEEN EATING THE GREAT LORD CTHULHU!"

But I have to tell you, the Great Lord Cthulhu tastes damn fine on rice with soy sauce and wasabi.
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All for you

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karma_aster expounds on the Boyfriend's Arm pillow:

I'm just thinking if sleeping alone is that much of a problem, a pillow won't do much to fix it.

"Gosh! My boyfriend is room temperature! And boneless! How sexy!"
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