October 14th, 2004


ariastar on the idiocies of standardised testing

I wish they'd had a little bubble I could fill out saying that I'm feeling cynical today, and I would rather not take their tests or answer their questions. Perhaps a different day, I wouldn't have minded so much.

She is of course totally right - they have no business asking all that, really.

The whole post, which is quite hilarious, is here:

Go read, it's a little piece of everyday poetry quite worth taking notice of. Apart from the fact it's very funny.

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Hey, this is my first post in this community. I'm quoting something my mom (clarsa) posted after tonight's Presidential debate.

W kept telling me about how his presidency had put money in my pocket. I kept checking, but all I found were three paperclips.

It ends with this: He is one scary little weasel. 'Nuff said.

The rest of the entry, here, is fairly serious, but those two quotes stuck out to me.

~ Tanith

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I choked when I read this on Jessi Klein's (of VH1's "Best Week Ever" fame) blog during the debate:

Bush just said there should be a temporary worker card that will allow Mexican workers to come here and "mate up" with employers willing to pay them minimum wage. "Mate up"? Well, I guess it was his dad who talked about how much he loved "the little brown ones."
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blackmetalfan [who in his own words, "adapted it from a webcomic episode"] in a long-ish protected entry full of rants - quoted with permission.

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razorjak's take on quotes:

"Well, to say that the borders are not as protected as they were prior to September the 11th shows he doesn't know the borders. They're much better protected today than they were when I was the governor of Texas." Bush

The Indumbant pResident, the Commander in Thief, unknowingly admitted that he did a shitty job on border protection when he was Governor.
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from fromaway's recent discussion of watching the Bush/Kerry debate:

I'm only fifteen minutes into the debates, and it appears that Bush has only two workable facial expressions:

1) Pissed-off frat boy scowl
2) Smirk.

And since he got in trouble for using the first one, he's resorted to the second. All smirks, all the time.

Honestly. I keep hearing and reading that he's more likable than Kerry, but I just Do Not See It. He looks like the kind of guy who'd try to feel you up in a bar and call you a bitch if you objected. That's totally the vibe I get off him.

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From spacerider, here:

Dad: *watching Bush/Kerry debate on mute while reading a book*
Me: "Um, what's the point of watching it on mute? It's a debate."
Dad: "Well, this way I don't actually have to listen to these assholes."
Me: "Huh. Yeah, good point."
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Also, I could not sleep last night as a group of about 35 drunken fratholes decided to stand in the middle of the quad and serenade us with twelve renditions of the Happy Birthday song. Whoever threw that toilet paper from above (I suspect it was God), I commend you.

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Oh, I'm sorry -- this is Abuse!

phoenixchilde tells us why last night's debate might have sounded a little familiar:

Anyway. Well. That was a bit like Monty Python and the U.S. Presidency, wasn't it?

Bush: Have at you!
Kerry: You are brave indeed, sir President, but this debate is mine.
Bush: Oh, had enough, eh?
Kerry: Look, you stupid bastard, you haven't fulfilled any of your obligations to the American people!
Bush: .......yes I have!
Kerry: Look! And you've sent the economy to hell, too!
Bush: [pause] Just a temporary recession.
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A quote by primeoffense

This one might be stretching.

But here's a little sports history that came to mind because the Montreal Expos are going to be relocated to Washington, DC next season.

The present 'Texas Rangers' franchise was originally a Washington, DC team called "The Washington Senators"

They were moved, I believe, in the early 70's.

The very same Texas Rangers (who are really the Washington Senators) were, at one point owned by former Governer, and current President (unelected) George W. Bush.

During Bush's ownership of the team, they were a huge failure, not a winning club by any stretch of the word. In fact, George's boys even traded away a top prospect to the White Sox, a guy who went on to become the Latino Babe Ruth, a guy they now call Slammin' Sammy Sosa. 500+ home runs later, this is one of the worst trades in professional sports history. So let me ask you this...

If George W. Bush was unfit to manage a BASEBALL TEAM full of 'Senators' what in blue fuck makes you think he can handle a Government full of them?
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2 goodies...

On Bush during the debate:

dolmadez: I believe the one big word he used was, "exxageration." He made this dumb-founded ooops-I-crapped-my-pants face after he said it. Like, "Wow! wooha! I said a big word, too! And I'm PRETTY SURE I know what it means!"

kieferskunk: The phrase my girlfriend, her brother and I all liked was "Armies of Compassion." Made us all think of the military coming down the street with troops, tanks and bomber airplanes to shoot people with heart-shaped beanbags and drop bombs that say "I love you" on them.
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Canada: Global Threat To World Peace?

This was a comment by ironychan, which was taken from THIS past metaquote about Bush treating the world like Risk.

"This reminds me of a friend of mine who says that after he becomes Prime Minister, he's going to take over the world in reverse alphabetical order. And he'll get away with it, too, because people will turn on the news and hear that Canada is taking over the world, and they'll go, "yeah, right" and go back to bed."
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If The Presidential Debates Were Run by the Moderators of Kryptonsite.com

miss_windy reports what would happen If The Presidential Debates Were Run by the Moderators of Kryptonsite.com:

KSITE MODS: Please talk about the issues and not each other. Flaming is not allowed. This is your final warning because the entire state of Florida has just clicked on REPORT THIS DEBATE to complain about you.

But you have to read the whole thing, cuz it's *priceless*.
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From the always amazing trollprincess

Speaking of email withdrawal, I set up my cell phone to take emails today, only to have Sprint conk out on me for most of the day. Then after about three hours of deprivation, I did some stupid maneuver over by the counter and made a crack to the Grouch about email withdrawal. As soon as I said the words, some guy at the counter laughed in that "I hear ya, buddy" kind of way, as if I'd look over and see him giving himself a prison tattoo of the entire Hotmail webpage on his forearm or something.