October 13th, 2004

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From cactushead:

I really lost interest in Everclear after So Much for the Afterglow, because it seemed like Art Alexakis was just saying the same thing over and over (you know, "my childhood sucked, my family's dysfunctional, I'm not good at girls, nobody understands me…" I know how it is, Art. Just get a fucking blog).
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And the day was so normal when I woke up...

The pleasingly surreal explodi is a (very talented!) Video DJ for chaotic techno-type tunes.

"Yesterday evening I created a 3D grimacing psychedelic Death's Head that bobs around to the music, while spinning fish explode outwards from the origin, on the background of a hypnotic, kaleidoscopic image of Frank Butcher. The effect is rather pleasing."

((Frank Butcher is an aging Londoner from BBC show 'Eastenders'.))
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Tell him to go to Sam's Club.

Dear god, I went in the book section, and it was as follows:

Kid's book, Atikins, Kid's, Bush is God, So is Sam Walton, BUSH ROCKS YEA!, Bible, Bible, Bible cover, BUSH ROCKS THE PARTY!, WHO'S HOUSE? I SAY SHRUB'S HOUSE!, cookbook, and OMG KERRY SUCKS SO MUCH.

Yepper. Good times in middle America.

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I think that writing this in my english paper is my cue to go to bed:

[The Statue of Liberty is] just hollow inside. ... What is it like to be hollow inside? I mean, hollow all the way. I know the hollow feeling, the gutpunched handquake feeling the [explosion of the space shuttle] Columbia brought on. But to be all the way hollow? You could be like Mr. Potatohead and keep things in your ass: your wallet, keys, cell phone, an extra pair of socks, a little light reading and your angry eyes.

Said by lisaofdoom here.

If I screwed up any HTML, I blame it on being sick and my brain not working right as a result. @_@

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Well, a picture's worth a thousand words...

omglaserspewpew shares a picture of Circular Quay today in sydneysiders, on a day where the temperature is currently 38 degrees at nearly 5pm. His comment is:

I took the liberty of snapping a photo of Circular Key as I passed through the area so people in air conditioned environments could spare a thought for all those caught in the outdoors.

Have a look, it's pretty funny.

[Apologies if this isn't strictly a quote, but I think I've seen photos here before]
Brandon :: Wash away all of my sins

It really couldn't be worse.

[From a locked post in my LJ.]

We were discussing Jimmy Fallon on Ellen this morning. I commented that he may physically be 30, but mentally, he's 12. And I wondered if that made me a pedophile.

"He's soooooo cute. I totally know what you mean about him being 12 in his head. My sister prefers the theory that he's constantly on crack."

My sister, who doesn't use LJ yet comments through mine (don't ask):
"He's a twelve-year-old on crack. And you're all pedophiles."
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iriri in a locked (quoted with permission) post about buying a fish from work.

I went to work at the aquarium store today, and I asked Paul if we had any really large plecos. He said there was one in the back, so I went to find it. Sure enough, there was a 13" pleco in a tank marked "XXXL Pleco". So, of course, I immediately started calling it the "porno pleco."
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Poor flemco is watching the debates....

Okay, the question was: Mr. President, what would you say to an American whose job you allowed to go overseas?
Dubya: "Americans need to be smarter than company workers overseas."
Kerry: "Let's stop outsourcing and give jobs back to Americans."


Bush: "Our job, as government, is to stand side by side with you, not tell you how to live your lives!"


Question: Is being gay a choice?
BUSH: "I don't know."
KERRY: "No."
ME: Woo!


BUSH: "Healthcare costs are high because doctors are not caught up with today's technology!"


Thought: I am watching a sitting president shit himself on live TV.
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Poking fun at Kerry, just so's we're all happy.

"Oh, and PS--did you know Kerry's a Catholic? I totally would not have known had he not said it for the 3,465th time! I understand that he needs to try and appeal to Bush's religious base, but I'm not sure it's worth making himself look like such a colossal douche. Even the Pope is sitting there like, 'Lay off it, buddy, we know.'"

--txtfiles, who does not suffer fools gladly no matter whose side they're on. It's locked; I asked first.
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chaobell talking about Silent Hill 4 and House of Leaves, as well as odd occurances in her own home (full entry here):

...well, raw cookie dough is a sacrament in the First Reformed Church of Our Lady of Give Me Some Fucking Chocolate Right Now, by decree of Pope Sarah I. I knew taking the Universal Life Church up on the "send in six box tops and be a priest like legally and stuff" thing would come in handy someday.
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