October 9th, 2004

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king_duncan, in a locked post, serenades the lead in a production of Godspell that he saw:

Day by day,
Day by day;
Oh Dear Lord, three things I pray:

  1. To see thee more clearly,

  2. Love thee more dearly,

  3. Bend thee over a table, rip off those cargo pants of thine and fuck thee silly,

Day by day...
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ankees game or presidential debate
Yankees game or presidential debate
Yankees game or presidential debate

Final Decision: Yankees game with some "flip flop" to CSPAN during commercials

by pooger
Eureka's Zoe look

On Deconstructionism and the death of Deconstruction-Derrida

From matociquala:

Deconstuctionism ate my baby.

Seriously. I hate it so much I'm completely, incoherently unreasonable about it. I left academia in part due to deconstructionist disgust.

I find it not just masturbatory, but inhumane, and I think it's philosophically linked to the solipsist excesses of corporate imperialism, the Bush administration, and people who say "I feel" as if their unresearched gut-level prejudices were as valuable as an expert opinion.

It's only *slightly* less evil than social Darwinism.
Corpse Bride


Quote from twisteddaydream's locked post (with permission!) in regards to a guy who has a 29 year old girlfriend who plays with Barbies. Not collects, mind you, but PLAYS with them and drives to the store to buy them new clothes.

Me: man, people are weird.
Friend: yes. And I thought *I* was weird.
Me: We just like having our ass beaten. She plays with Barbies.
Friend: I know! At least ours is a grown up activity
Me: ~grins~ For real!
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dead like me - quote - practically retar
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altoidsaddict on the death of everyone-metaquotes favorite philosopher:

Derrida has died.

I s'pose he's really going to be deconstructed now.

OK, I think I can do better than that.

SUBJECT: Derrida, Jacques
AGE: 74
SEX: Male
FINDINGS: After considerable deconstruction of the subject, the coroner was able to remove various layers of tissue and gain multiple perspectives on the state of the deceased. The cause of death is subjective but according to the coroner's reality appears to be pancreatic cancer.

SIGNED: The coroner wrote this report but did not author its meaning and thus refuses to sign it.

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[Bush's] so called "Healthy Forest Initiative" just paved the way for loggers to come in and tear down forests to "prevent forestfires."

Apparently Bush's solution to prevent forestfires is to prevent forests.

-__asphixiated, in response to a post I made on last night's presidential debate
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harmonyfb gives her take on last night's presidential debate:

Apparently, the debate last night was much livelier than the last one (I hear Bush talked over the moderator! What an ass.) I declined to watch it, though, on the grounds that I wouldn't be changing my vote unless Kerry walked out on stage munching on a fresh human corpse - but told Manly to give me a yell in case that happened.

Whole post is here.
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