October 8th, 2004

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So, it seems Orlando Bloom's getting married. moonfairyhime has something to say about that...

To clarify, no I am not upset that Orlando is getting married, I'm upset that some chick is running about with a ring that could pay for my college tuition.
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me - to prove i'm right

The One With Needles

"Clearly, my bamboo and birch needles are far more dangerous than I expected. And my recently favored Denise needle set is a veritable arsenal of plastic death."

-- jenelope form her post here after reading what she can't bring with her to Jury Duty.
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Political Quotes

Borrowed from neuroticme who overheard in class:

Teacher: Do you think we could have solved the Iraq War with a duel between Saddam Hussein and George W. Bush?
Student: Hell, no. I'd be too afraid to wake up an Iraqi citizen because Bush waited for Cheney to tell him where to aim.

Politics: Can't live with 'em, and they won't stay dead. It's very taxing, emotionally I mean.
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jood writes a letter to one of *those* people we all know...

Dear Insecure Fandom Drama Whore,

There will be people who do not like you. There will also be people who find your self-indulgence laughable, and will laugh about it with their friends. There will also be people who mock your art, partly because you're so darned earnest about it and partly because you're so transparently desperate for approval.

See, everyone in fandom has folks who do not like them. Even the really, really nice ones who any fool could see deserve nothing but love and lollipops. The most inoffensive, lovely people have detractors. It's a side effect of fandom. There's a reason "fan" derives from the word "fanatic".

Insecure Fandom Drama Whore, the world in its entirety will not love you merely because you exist. And if you venture forth to hold court over your beloved fans, prepare to also meet people who do not attend upon your every breath, praying for another pearl of wit or another donation of your glorious talent. If you are so frail and delicate that your rosepetal ego cannot withstand coming in actual contact with someone who does not like you, then keep it to yourself. Swanning about having the vapors and refusing to leave your safe coccoon are fits better thrown by undereducated, overcoddled debutantes than well educated adults.

If you really do believe everyone with taste and sense must love you, you are destined for years of disappointment, Insecure Fandom Drama Whore. I suggest you either wise up and grow some calluses or take up solitaire and chinchilla breeding.

Kind Regards,
dark goat


from my honey-tressed friend, elbowfetish: (friends only, but quoted with permission):

Anyone noticing long blonde hair caught in my fly, don't be too polite to mention it. On the other hand, feel free to imagine it's not my own.
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On going to the OBGYN

"I also get a sick thrill out of leaving the place. That sooper slippery stuff they use? Woo. Makes your legs zip along SO FAST! Can't even walk to the car, you're all doing accidental splits and stuff and just ZINGING along at warp speed. I keep missing the car. Have to keep making the turns and have another go at it. GO FAST AND KEEP TURNING LEFT"

ravenhart's "Best Of" list.)
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burger king will never be the same

okay, so this might offend someone ((and what a way to start off a first-time entry...)) but my friend applespicy was contemplating the word "croissanwich"...
and came up with this.
warning: food rape. but it's so wrong, it's funny.
quoted with permission and all that.

teaser: He suspected nothing, and that was exactly the way McMeat and O'Cheesy had planned it.
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Plead the FIF!

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"Black folks are some forgiving ass people. You can smoke crack while holding public office, pee on an underaged girl, ignore the community until you get pinched for murdering your white wife and we'll welcome you back with open arms. But let a mufukka bleach his skin and hang out with monkeys and he's outta there."

- thewayoftheid commenting on a post about R Kelly's televison interview here on blackfolk.

On comma abuse

"And thus all the little commas are free to frolic across the page and fuck the other commas, perhaps as the victims of Comma Ardeur, often three, or five, on one, and kinda rough, because, that's how the comma likes it, and, soon, the whole page, is filled with, commas, and it's highly, distracting, and, annoying."
--shadesong reviews the new Anita Blake book, Incubus Dreams
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Treize glasses lol
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First post! Woo! From my friend solardrum

i solved world hunger and established world peace!

ok, ok, ok, i was commenting in [info]twim_reborn's lj, when i had another epiphany: how to make the world a better place.

fact #1: cookies are made with love.
fact #2: according to the beatles, all you need is love.
fact #3: milk does a body good.

hence... a plate of cookies and milk every so often means world peace and the end of world hunger.

damn, i'm good
He is Risen!


My buddy epi_lj on the condition of his workspace:

This week has been beyond explosive at work and my desk is indescribably messy with boxes, plastic bags, screws, catalogues, etc., everywhere. It looks like you packed a small computer store and an office supply store into a tiny chest and then detonated it right in the middle.
gonzo photojournalist

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linaliem, here:

Candidates on stem cell research, adult vs. embryonic, paraphrased:


Kerry: *blah blah blah personal anecdote DID NOT ANSWER THE FREAKING QUESTION because, apparently, it is too scientific and hard to understand for Average American*
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agent may is unimpressed

On the Presidential debates, one of many, I'm sure

I see Bush can't admit to three mistakes he's made during his presidency. Lovely. Exactly the candidate we need as our leader -- a man who can't admit he's wrong. (Damn it, I'm a former Catholic. A part of me that still remembers confession heard that and immediately thought, "Dude, you can't make it look like you didn't do anything wrong! Nobody will believe that! Quick, make some stuff up! Say you had impure thoughts about Tony Blair!")

--apocalypsos, of course.