October 5th, 2004

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Oscar Wilde was such an egocentric, elitist bitch writer.

You gotta love the way he tries to unconsciously (??) elevate/justify himself by saying homosexuality is the most true demonstration of beauty because nature can't ruin it (since it's a 'sterile' relationship).

Dear mr. Wilde, you were gay and you liked younger men, there's nothing superior or artistic about it. Actually, it's as superior or artistic as those girls who try to find some sekrit, spiritual and deep meaning behind the fact that they like gay porn, instead of naming it for what it is: a kink.

If you were superior for being gay, I'm superior for being straight and liking gay porn. It means I can appreciate the true beauty of sterile relationships without even being homosexual myself. OMGZ *WINZ*!!111

From my favourite llorelei
Knitting Love


"I have the world's most hit-and-miss powers of observation. Some days I am an astute interpreter of human nature, and other days I'm like "Dude! TOES!"

The rest of rapunzel452's post is hysterical too. Read it here!
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Joe's Crab Shack
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I love my pancreas, but my rectum is just awesome.

miss_bronte on the FCAT and having to teach Gifted kids stupid things.

"And today we had to read a passage on the digestive system. Ten minutes and fifteen grammar errors later, we come upon the last sentence of the whole shebang involving the words chunk and feces in the same sentence. And one of the reading questions they asked was 'What is your opinion of the digestive system? State three supporting facts from the article to support your response.' And these are Gifted kids, you can imagine their response. 'Well, I love my pancreas, but my retum is just awesome.'"
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PARTS! :O *lol*

Read some Fake online - OMFG that manga is so cute. I like Ryo, he's so cute ^^ Of course Dee has his good sides and parts too...HEHE....I said parts.

-- This moment of maturity brought to you by sparkblackglass, from a Locked post and quoted with permission XD
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Me: Beach

"Don't you think that if the Presidential nominee were a lot more attractive....

...it would be a lot easier to vote for him?"

brokendeities chooses style over substance:

"I wish government officials wore ties other than blue or red. I'm thinking whoever is first to wear a pink tie gets my vote. Or, my hypothetical I'm-only-17-years-old vote. I messed with my TV contrast...I tried to adjust the shade of Cheney's tie, and I can get it to a very subtle purple, and Edwards's turns to a very appealing plum. However, Edwards's skin tone is very close to a fuschia. He wins."
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[c] hark! a vagrant! - eat a dick
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With permission, posted by sideshowstack in a locked post:

Adib [her teacher] still likes my novel... we had this conversation last night.

Me: I've taken away the zombie idea from my novel.
Adib: WHY?
Me: Cause I got a better one
Adib: I like the Zombies
Me: :O You bitched about it first!
Adib: But it would fit in with this.
Me: Nah, I found something better and more gross.
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