September 30th, 2004

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Anyone know how to Madison?

From wal_lace's journal...

In class today, somebody mentions Rocky Horror.

The guy sitting next to me, whom we shall call Mike (for 'tis his name) is a very laddish Northern type.

MIKE: Yeah, I went for the first time when I was eleven.
We fall silent.
MIKE: My mother took me.
ME: Did she dress you up?
MIKE: Oh, yeah. The whole thing.
EMMA (the girl sitting on the other side of me): What, with the suspenders?
MIKE: Yeah.
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me on the beach by me

Nothing starts a day off better than morning drive-time asshattery

From the uberfabulous sargiegirl76

2. 10 out of 10 terrorists agree...
I was listening to Rock The Casbah this morning at a loud volume. That, coupled with my Kerry/Edwards sticker, evidently convinced a fellow commuter that I had a bomb strapped to my torso. A window was rolled down, and the word 'terrorist' was screamed at me. Because nothing says 'al Qaeda' like a pale, redheaded Irish girl listening to The Clash.

Some people are so stupid you just want to find their parents and beat them with a shoe.
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But is it art?

agermain, in response to this article that claims a 4-year-old artist has been producing and selling (for lots of money) very Pollockesque and Kandinskyesque paintings:

I'm sure this sounds fascinating to people who don't know that Kandinsky's and Pollock's art resembles the possible results of four-year-olds slinging paint around. But hey, it's not my money.>.<
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He is Risen!

my true dark nature

Two good quotes in this thread from today's Calvin and Hobbes strip (syndicate feed calnhobbes):

janusdoa: Then again, Jesus fucked the Pharisees up.
I don't see where people get off calling him a nice guy. Hell, he'd probably fly a plane into the Vatican if he were alive today.

the_star_fish: my brain is a scary place before my second cup of coffee.

by the way, you should also check out the salad kitty from that post.
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themikado despairs of them kids today...

My friend Gemma again, this time to a year 10 RE class (that's 14- and 15-year-olds, people).

Gemma: What's the New Testament?

Random child: It's, like, they're the latest ones in the shops, innit.
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Duhhhhh....I'ma chyuldless moron person. I have no joy in my life. I live inna box with nothing but a soiled handpuppet and a half-eaten hotdog to keep me company. My life is pain.

Comment by phoenixdagger to a locked post in childfree disputing the idea that one must have children to bring meaning and joy to one's life.
beers. steers.  and queers.
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apocalypsos. Duh.

Here is the man who is supposed to be the prime example of a good American that we present to the world, and he can't get through a sentence without sounding like a fourth-grader trying to make a speech before the class about the social studies chapter he didn't read.

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In any case, I am going to Buy An Island. Really. I'm going to name it "The Republic of Oatmeal" and there are going to be koalas, and I will have a throne made out of toilet paper rolls, and everyone will have a throne made out of toilet paper rolls, and I will assemble a court, and we will all wear togas, and in the afternoons we will do whatever the hell we want, and in the evenings we will have coconut milk and roast marshmallows and the koalas will listen to us tell stories of the old country. The only war we will make will involve water balloons or lasagna.
--ladyjaida's New World Order
singular love affair

thewayout had more fun than all of you.

Kerry: I am going to be a better President than George Bush, but I'm not going to tell you why.
Bush: I don't need to answer the question you asked me because I am firm in my belief that I will win the election.
Kerry: Okay, I went to Vietnam, clearly I am the best candidate.
Bush: We need to stay on the offensive. We need to keep a wide reciever in the far end of the field, and when we throw that fourth-and-long pass of glory, America will win six points for freedom, and an extra point for Texas.
Kerry: Help is on the way.
Bush: Excuse me, but I'm going to interrupt the moderator now. I don't have to follow the rules because I am firm in my belief that I will win the election.
Kerry: Did I mention I went to Vietnam?
Bush: We can't change our position!
Kerry: *says something about balls*
Tracy and I: *laugh our asses off*
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