September 29th, 2004

Thirteen Hours

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_geekie_: I see OMG i rote this lolz after a truklode of Nerds and mOuNtAiN Due *~*~ LOLZ!!111 [in a fanfic summary] and I think, "Who cares? Poe wrote a lot of really good short stories while on opium, but you don't go into a Barnes and Noble bookstore, snatch The Telltale Heart and Other Tales off the shelf, and see "I was chasing the tiger again, forgive me, LOLZ" on the back.

rosehiptea: I wonder what the original summary for "Xanadu" would have looked like. "Dudez I was on such a high I dunno WTF this is..." Plus an in-text note of "This is teh part my friend interruptid, rest makes no sense..."
like to kill (menacing)

zoethe, here (

A final paean to my lost rogue:

Alas, poor Solo. I knew him, Obi-Wan: a fellow
of infinite cunning, of most excellent daring: he hath
borne me on his back a thousand times; and now, how
abhorred in my imagination it is! my gorge rims at
it. Here hung those lips that Leia hath kissed I know
not how oft. Where be your gibes now? your
gambling? your insults? your flashes of blaster fire,
that were wont to set the table on a roar? Not one
now, to mock your former swagger? quite house-broken?
Now get you to Mos Eisley Cantina, and tell Lucas, let
them revise it once again, to this favour he must
come; make us laugh once more.
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Mmm, robots

"Ebert compares Sky Captain to Indiana Jones. The big difference is that when I saw Indiana Jones, I wanted to BE Indy. When I saw Sky Captain, I thought that one of those robots would make a cool action figure."

teko, here
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revdj in reply to this entry by the ever amusing scarletdemon

I think that people who don't understand online relationships are still looking at the computer as an opaque object - your vision stops at the screen, and you are using the computer to do things. You (and me) are viewing it more as a window, as a means of communication. If I send you an IM it doesn't stop at my screen - it stops at your eyes, from my perspective.

Pretend someone has never been around telephones much. They aren't even thinking, "Why does she call her sister so much?" - they are thinking, "Why does she speak into that piece of plastic so much? Isn't it better to speak to a real person than to speak into plastic? They don't understand that you are experiencing conversation with your sister, not a piece of plastic. I think it is similar with the internet.
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Tick tick tick ...

Why do I suspect that la_ragazzapersa may not have thought through all the implications when she spammed this in many places, including psychology

Just wanted to let everyone know about a new community called racedebate I'm very fascinated with the psychology of the human race, and sociology and the creation of race and gender, and how race was created and how people's perceptions of race have been constructed. I recently learned of how prevalent racism is and I wanted to create a place where all viewpoints were welcome. So if you would like to join in the discussion, please join racedebate. Thank you!
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Friendship is the best (Coupling)

By doylefan22 in a comment on pottersues...

Her mother fled to another country when she found out Selena's father was a wizard.

Mother: You washed all those dishes up very quickly dear!
Father: Yes, I just waved my magic wand and they were done.
Mother: Excuse me? Magic what?
Father: Oh didn't I tell you I was a wizard?
Mother: (Blinks. Stares. Screams. Runs to nearest airport)
Father: (Confused) But I did the dishes for you...
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Knitting Love

Fun with dismemberment!

weirdchick tells us about her childhood memories here!

I was just thinking of something from when I was a child.

I asked my father if humans could regrow body parts. Could I regrow my hand if someone cut it off? The answer, of course, was no. I remember being highly pissed off that our bodies were so lame that we didn't have regenerative capabilities.

No clue why I thought of that.
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Julia Fractal Blue Ezishi
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User ecleptic notes that acts of god are happening with a startling regularity in this post here.

"I've had a number of people try to inform me, this election season, that a vote for Bush is a vote for God. Everyone loves God. It's like saying a vote for Bush is a vote for a basket of kittens or puppies or (insert adorable baby animal of your choice). God wants me to vote Republican. Amen brother."

A compelling list of "God's" attempted communication can be found here, caution, hazardous weather gear strongly advised....

Now if only I can convince my boss to stop proseltizing me at work....Carry on.
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on the dangers of playing with plates.....

My friend adrishiana reviewing some notes she wrote while bored in a geology class....

"Why don't they show us pics of earthquake damage to warn us of the dangers of playing with TECTONIC PLATES?!"
- Geo notes, 1 March 04"

quoted with permission.. the rest are hilarious too.... I want to be around you when you're bored! You are one silly chicky!

read the rest here:
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