September 27th, 2004

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bites_the_sun shares her affections towards spiders:

If you learn about what you're frightened of, it becomes less frightening.

I'm not sure about that. All my book-learning about them has really done for me is enable me to shout, "There's a bastard-sized tegenaria* in the bathroom!" in an annoyingly egg-headed manner as I flail around like a terrified drag queen on speed, instead of just flailing in said manner while shouting, "Spider! Spider! Spider! Eeew fucking hell! Huge spider! Bathroom! Eeeee!" in the manner of a common dimwit. Is that really an improvement?

More pithy arachnid commentary here.
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“By the seven nubile daughters of Agrak’ha,” you cry. “This must have been the elusive and long-sought-after planet promised in the Covenant of Prepubescent Fangirls! We have found it, my friends---at long last, we have found Obsessionworld!”

Read the rest of vivian_shaw's commentary on anime preceeding this statement here.
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Beatings at work

Posted by thisisbullcrap on customers_suck in response to someone apologizing to a customer and promising to institute daily beatings to their employees.

You mean they haven't instituted the mandatory beatings yet??? My company has been flogging me daily for over three years! They have a special program attached so that when you take your vacation, in addition to your check, they give you a broken mop handle and a midget that will beat you mercilessly if you ever appear to be having a good time.

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wankprophet, as always, lays the tongue-in-cheek smackdown on people who take fandom too seriously:

2) Male elves are metrosexual, not homosexual. Even totally butch ones like Glorfindel, Haldir and Galadriel would rather spend an evening with Barbra Streisand than an evening with Richard Simmons. I'm sure there's some hot gay elven lovin' somewhere, but they probably burst into spontaneous ballads in the middle of it and ruin the mood.

3) Elves don't like humans. Especially not you, you dirty little no-life perv. They certainly have no interest in screwing you, except in a "fucked you over, stole your wallet and ran away giggling" sense. They tolerate humans so long as the humans can do a lot of dying to keep Sauron or Morgoth out of the Elven territories, but you'll notice that once it became apparent that humans were taking over, the Elves did the Great White Flight thing post-haste...

-- the rest is here
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evilwildlex has an interesting problem...

The reason for my amusement is trying to name a silly technique that's basically an overpowered wedgie. XD If a superpowered butt poke is named "Thousand Years of Pain", I figured the super-wedgie needs a similarly overdramatic sounding name. So far, I've come up with "Rising Dragon Bite" and "Sky High Journey", and Megan suggested "Exploring the Crevasse". XD Suggestions are welcome.
Whuh Huh?!

Stop asking--!

Damned, you got me! Of course there's a secret menu with other flavors than the ones I tell you about, but you only get to know about it if you ask me three times! Oh, the angst -- WHY can't I keep quiet that third time you ask me? Well, kid, congratulations! It seems we DO have four flavours, namely Chocolate, Caramel, Strawberry, and Spit!

-- devil_candy
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From cleolinda, on a rather interesting cover:

God bless Shirley Manson--Kylie Minogue sings that she can't get you out of her head, and you're like, "Wow, lucky me." Shirley Manson sings that she can't get you out of her head, and you're like, "She's hiding in the bushes right now, isn't she?"
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Oh noes! Save them!

found at Journalfen, here.

"What does 'lolol' mean, anyway? "Laughing out loud out loud"?"

"*squints* I think it is an's the little heads of drowning people. Look how they wave their tiny arms to draw attention to their desperate situation!

Maybe it is 1337 for SOS?"

I cannot stop laughing. :D
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The joy of being a GM.

Yo, I just wanted to tell you guys who played in the last Vampire that it was a great session and I'm really proud of all of you guys for really getting in character and into the story. I'm also very impressed that in the very same session you managed to make me to want to slam my head in the kitchen freezer.

--angrypaladin, posting in studiompp (our gaming group's LJ community)
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When I was young, I was a Brownie. Not of the edible variety, I hasten to add, but of the kind where young girls dress up in shonky clothes of an alarming shade of brown, run around playing games and performing semi-good deeds, and are scarred for life when they are forced to go camping.

As a Brownie, I was provided with a copy of the Brownie Guide Handbook, which aimed to instil Moral Values. I was young and impressionable, and thus I read it.

There was a picture near the beginning which I have never forgotten. It was an illustration of a man, talking to a cucumber, Prince Charles-like. And behind him, weeping, lonely and ignored, was a very cute puppy, staring mournfully at the man. It was crying. Perhaps I was an overly sensitive child, but this scarred me. I spent a lot of time shouting at the man, hoping he would turn around and pay attention to the poor puppy. I stroked the puppy's ears and tried to console it, but it didn't stop crying. I have never forgotten its face, and even thinking about it has reduced me almost to tears again, because it was so sad. *wibbles*

There was no real point to this tale, but if you require a Moral: do not talk to cucumbers, you may develop ears like Prince Charles and make cute puppies and overly-sensitive moocows cry.

*clings to stuffed moocow*

-Taken from sarky_moocow's latest post.
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"Heh. I get these daily quotes, and one of today's is To be worn out is to be renewed. - Lao-tzu It's so me, except, you know, Taoist and 26 centuries ago." -- celli

"Also, the Ice Capades is performing "Finding Nemo." I'll bet teaching fish to ice skate is a real bitch." -- apocalypsos
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Pros & Cons for a Monday

Pro: He loves me!
Con: It's four years.
Pro: Vic brought me home made raspberry cheesecake!
Con: My mother thinks it's impractical for her to come down for my surgery.
Pro: She's staying away so I can't stab her in the eye.
Con: She's staying away so I can't stab her in the eye.

Pro: I have cheesecake for breakfast.
Con: It's Monday.


Let it be said, considering the circumstances, I'd stab her mother in the eye too. With a spork. A big, metal, rusty spork.
Random - Trippy Colours

Title and all.

I'm special, oh so special.
I feel: stupid

I just spent a half hour on the line with IBM tech support at IBM determining that the outlet my laptop was plugged into at the library was dead.

You might as well give me an AOL CD and an iBook...


My flist is rather quotable tonight.