September 26th, 2004

Swallowed by the sea

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In response to this "And stop trying to compare this to the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s; I'm sorry, but there's a pretty gosh darn big difference between being black and being gay."

gssq: Yeah. You can pretend to be straight, but you can't pretend not to be black. Unless you're Michael Jackson.

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EvilSockWoman: Why do peaceful alien races almost always wear dresses?
Sporefood: :O
Sporefood: because in space, uh... :o
Sporefood: in space, no one can hear you gay :o
EvilSockWoman: XD!
EvilSockWoman: That explains the guy looking up Jamie's kilt when he went up the ladder.
Sporefood: :O
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By arionrhod:
An important philosophical question. Is "squid" the past-tense of "squeed"? That is all.

And in the comments:

It might explain the popularity of the squid in HP fiction. ;)

I squeed
I have squid
I done squud already.



Erm, ETA: Apparently Arionrhod becomes something else when LJ code translates. Don't ask me. It was HER, that first one, I promise.

good idea?

From demonhouseplant:

Let me get this straight.

The Green Lantern (comic superhero) has the stupidest weakness. His weakness is basically the color yellow. The attacker just has to wear yellow, and Green Lantern can't do anything about it. Ok, I got that part.

Now, hypothetically what they're basically saying is that The Man in the Yellow Hat, of Curious George fame, could be the ultimate supervillan, even without matrix type moves, and lightening speed. Collapse )
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twentysix tries to get the message across in ihearttattoos

Wanna know another thing that just grates my gourd, really gets my gorilla? A teenager told me today I am too old to be getting ink.

Hello? Anyone? Bueller?

Last time I checked, tattoos are for-permanent. For instance, when this teenager is ANCIENT like ME,

(wait for it, it's a cliffhanger)


No lie. I'm serious. They stay there. For a long time. Stuck right there. They don't move much. No, really.
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amen to that
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quoting ladysorka:

(As an aside, what did we do before imdb? I think we just went nuts, trying to figure out where on Earth we'd seen that guest star before. We'd wake up at 3 in the morning screaming "She was in that one episode of Happy Days!" There are probably people in insane asylums right now muttering under their breath "I know I've seen him before. But where? Where?!?")

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blue_raven's thoughts upon having re-watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets:

I was watching CoS today. And while I thought in general the movie sucked more than my mother's Dyson, there is one irrefutable conclusion that I have arrived at.

And it is not that Columbus should never make another film again, or that Emma Watson Really Should Just Go Away. Or that there is something quite wrong with Tom Felton's unbleached eyebrows. They are in their own, rather obvious categories of observations.

BUT. I will say, with hand on heart and tongue in left cheek, that somewhere inside of Alan Rickman, there is a drama queen just screaming to be loved and revered.

Like, you've not noticed this? Because those twelve seconds he even gets in this French transvestite of a film still make it worthwhile. I mean, there's more cinematic flair in the man's left eyebrow than in the entire film. But I still watched it.
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crunchyfishstix, on picking up new light bulbs to replace the burnt-out ones in his recently acquired Ms. Pac-Man machine:

"I have to admit, I did get a little pleasure out of going to a hardware store, full of manly men and construction-type people in order to get parts for my video game machine. Take THAT, society."
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I ate a two-week old fortune cookie today (oh, come on, they only get stale once you pop the wrapper!), and its fortune was oddly prophetic, nice, and timely.

"When winter comes heaven will rain success on you."

So. This either means I'm going to be very lucky, or in the middle of the fallout when the world ends. :D Wonderful!

-- morbid_bunni