September 24th, 2004


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From the lovely sineala:

" Plus, as the bottle informs me, blackcurrants contain anti-oxidants. Which is good, because I don't want to oxidize. Rusting bad. (Can you tell I don't actually know what an anti-oxidant is?)"
jon trust
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annlarimer is reading the new America (the book) from the people at The Daily Show, so i asked her how it was. her answer:

Pretty good (B&N had it on sale). Unfortunately it weighs a friggin' ton, so I can only read it in bed or at the dining-room table. Sort of Mo Rocca and the Order of the Phoenix.
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From serabut, in a discussion about Christianity and Islam with a friend:

Me: *driving*
Her: You know what would be funny? If there's an accident, and we both died, and it turns out God says to you, "you're wrong".
Me: (0_o) You know what? With the way things are going, I have a feeling God will turn to the both of us and say, "HAHA! YOU'RE BOTH WRONG!"

ETA: tariq_kamal responds in the comments to that entry:

Right. Here's what bothers me.

I mean, yeah, there's that tendency for religion to become and exclusivist and shit. But look at it this way:
    <G_D> YOU.
    * G_D points at Muslim
    <G_D> For disbelieving in me and my true message, an eternitiy of hell.
    <Muslim> Aww.
    * Muslim goes to #Hell.
    * Christian rejoices in making right decision.
    * Christian hopes for eternal salvation now.
    <G_D> Very well. My child, who has followed my way faithfully and without fail...
    <G_D> Who has perservered in the face of adversity and scorn...
    <G_D> Who has Loved me the Way I wanted you to be...
    <Christian> w00t!
    <G_D> YOU go to hell for treating religion like a Cosmic Game of Sports Toto.

What, someone's keeping score now?
Film - The Shining

Idiots + wonky chemical reactions = headdesk

jean_prouvaire, on various idiots in our chem class:

Professor Deadpan: Okay, everyone watch this! *pours some sugar and H2S04 into a beaker and sticks it behind the fume shield*
Sugar/Acid Solution: *turns brown and bubbles*
Twit #1: OH MY GOOOOOOOOOD! *squeal*
Twit #2: Wait...I thought you said that was sugar! That doesn't look like sugar!
Rosie: Dear god! It's two tablespoons of sugar, not your firstborn!
<-- (that's me)
Twit #3: Ohmygod, Holly! It looks like that time you went bathroom in your pants!
Twit #2: That can't be sugar! It's brown! Sugar isn't brown!
Twit #1: *howls as if the hounds of hell were tearing her to tiny brainless shreds*
Twit #3: It looks like a big poopie! Poopie poopie poopie!
Musey and Rosie: *weep for humanity*
Professor Deadpan: *looks as though he may seriously be contemplating suicide*

I can give witness, that's honestly what happened. Read the rest of the horrifying tale here.
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