September 21st, 2004

Glory and Trumpets
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maybethemoon on her first day at her new job here:

In my first day at work, I found a fellow anime freak, watched a bitch-fight between two managers, was told a dirty joke, watched my boss hand someone's keys from the ceiling, was kicked in the knee, and got flowers.* God this job is freakin' sweet.
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theonlymegumegu in comments to this hilarious Dorktower cartoon, regarding the Special Special Edition of Star Wars.

I want to watch cleaned up versions of the original SW. I don't need extra scenes and new CG. Man, this is like complaining that your ex wears too much make up and shouldn't have gotten the boob job. ><

Tolstoy and trains

My first contribution to what has become one of my favorite communities to read:

gamera_spinning writes, "Had an odd dream. I don't remember a whole lot of it, but I distinctly recall seeing the end of the book Anna Karenina. Just after the title character flings herself in front of the train and goes splat, somebody pipes up with 'Pardon me boy, is that the Chatanooga choo-choo.' It turned into a musical from that point on."
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tenchichan's Guide to Driving Around Campus

Some of you may be new to this school, or have finally moved away from the dorms and have become a new breed of commuters. Pat yourself on the back. As someone who has more experience than you, I feel it's my responsibility to show how to survive while driving around campus.

-There is no such thing as a four-way stop. At best they are all eight-way stops, making an unholy octagonal death trap. Let me say it right here and now, the normal rules of the road do not apply at these things. It's the law of the jungle.

The entire thing is absolutely hysterical.
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   cerulgalactus on Gmail:

Dear Gmail,

Im glad you think that I am so popular, Im actually rather flattered. Bu, really, I dont know that many people, and I know even less who dont presently have a gmail account. So, for the love of all that is good and holy - please dont send me any more invites.

Thank you,

   (Of course, if you have Gmail invites that you want to be rid of, the place to send them to is the Gmail invite spooler.)

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copperwise, here, on the dangers of cheap perfume:

My coworker insists on wearing a cologne which can best be described as Eau de Cheap Ho. Well, not wearing it, so much as marinating in it overnight. The fumes in the hallway are very nearly smoglike. In the right light, distant mirages form in the shimmering air. There appears to be an oasis down near the Engineering Department.

Prepare the nucular devices!

(I hope this isn't a self_quotes. It's more of a collective quote that I happen to be in.)

yes_justice: [...] LGF comments section advocates destroying Berkeley (& the bay area) with nuclear devices. Its all supposed to be funny, see...they are selling bumper stickers that read "Nuke Berkeley". [...]
mountain_hiker: Nucular devices would work better. ;)
yes_justice: Definate nucular situation!
sabotabby: I think you're misunderestimating the power of our nucular devices, hippie.
yes_justice: Definate hippie misunderestimation on my part, miss...

from here

as I was reviewing the sacred chao I was amused...

[Jul. 25th, 2004|01:26 am]

So, while standing around at work today, I thought of something I should do.

There's a sign on the mall entrance that proclaims:

Shirt and Shoes Required
No Soliciting

I figure it would look much better as:

Shirt and Shoes Require

You grok?

--He who knows, knows nothing. He who knows he knows, knows something. He who knows he knows nothing, knows everything.--

Sober Prophet of Eris

~thestripedone as posted in _sacred_chao_
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shoiryu writes about seraphim, and her sidenotes about them are often hilarious. >D So totally could not resist that last sentence.

Terrible, terrible urge to write about an angelic battlefield, 'cause out there you don't so much hear the clashing of swords and shields as you hear the SINGING. It's the singing that really does the damage. Any given member of Uriel's seraphim choir can shatter a mortal with the right note. (Shattering another angelic is a different story; it takes a lot more power and a lot more energy and the lesser seraphim can't do it by themselves.) Uriel's choir doubles as a message of love to god, and a seriously badass fighting unit when they're needed. (Which, really, how better to say "you're awesome, Jesus!" than making some Fallen angel's head explode by singing "Mary Had A Little Lamb"?!)
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the ever-helpful (and slightly tipsy) Zach Braff in gardenstateblog:

Answer to a tricky SAT word problem:
B) Jane would have serviced 11 sailors in 4 hours aboard the carrier.

(hope this counts, as it's actually a LJ feed from somewhere else. you can read the whole entry here.)
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misshallelujah, in this entry:

I've discovered a new and amazing skill of mine: I can render Dory's Squishy speech from Finding Nemo into Croatian! Look:

"Zovem ga Squishy ali on ću biti moj Squishy. Ovdje, Squishy! Dođi ovdje!..."[2]

See? See? AHA! The crowning achievement of my life is that I can do Dory-speak in Croatian. Go me!

[2]The original speech runs: "I shall call him Squishy and he shall be my Squishy. Here, Squishy! Come here!"
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Me: "Heeeeere, trashcan trashcan trashcannnnn..."
Trashcan: *snickers to self* "Yeah, right, I'm not falling for that crap."
Me: "Oh, come on... the list says you're here, where aaaare youuuuu?"
Trashcan: *eerily echoing around the trailer* "I am here, but I'm not telling you where..." *evil laughter*
Me: "Well, we can play a game... Marco?"
Trashcan: ...
Me: "This isn't fair. I give up." *steps out of trailer, goes to close door* *spys box, stating, "12L S.S. Wastebasket"*

sarcastro here.
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