September 18th, 2004

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In a thread on film criticism:

parke_matru: "If an animal/inanimate object/character who appears for a total of less than one minute screen time is the best actor/most interesting character, your movie is in trouble." I mean, remember that popular movie a few years back with the wonderfully character-developed volleyball and the annoying guy on a desert island?

nyias: I think I can illustrate your point here simply by saying that the volleyball's name was Wilson, but that I don't remember the guy's.
Sims - Harley's LJ Update

Gee...this familiar...

shyday is angry with her computer...who amongst us has NOT attemped the following?

*stabs computer repeatedly with spork*

arrrghghghggh!! work, damn you!

*spork breaks*

oh, so
that's how it's going to be, is it?

*computer murmurs something unintelligible*

yeah? well double dumb ass on you. ya bastard.

I generally use a wiffle bat, but I can see how a spork would be just as deadly.
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You really need to read the whole thing, but here's a sample of what happens when Fanon picks up Canon at a bar...

But everything changed on the night he walked by, all leather and tattoos, like a walking ad for everything Canon had never had and, until just that moment, never realized how much he wanted.

The forbidden fruit, the one your mother warned you about. Fanon.

Fanon/Canon OTP!
put your records on.

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[taken from a comment on a locked post of mine]

we were talking about SupaNova, a comic convention here in Australia, and a friend of mine said (and I quote):

anyway, um...prepare yourself for the spectrum of nerds to attend. some smell, some have really greasy hair. and the jargon starts even in the line outside the gates. ("How was i supposed to know it wasn't a real spaceship? They shouldn't make it so realistic!").

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[blur] a laughing scream

First post.

There is something peculiarly amusing about sitting in a cybercafe full of teenagers arguing over their multiplayer games and hearing the ones about to play soldier games declare, "I hate Vietnam! Vietnam is the suckiest battlefield ever!"

-from camwyn here.
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