September 17th, 2004

the memories from yesterday.

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meghanjinx on Hurricane Ivan:

So I survived the hurricane. It was so anti-climatic. I don't know what I was expecting... at one AM the lights to go out, thunder and lightening, and the voice of God calling from the sky, "MEGHANJINX ARE YOU READY TO GET FUNKY?!"
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hedge maze

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From jacinthsong's journal:

Dear (rapidlyretreatingbackof) immune system,

I do most humbly and sincerely apologise for disparaging your fine efforts within my body in the past few days and issue this public statement that, contrary to the impression given, you are in fact a very fine set of...erm...lymph nodes and the like (oh shut up, I dropped Biology), anyone can make a few mistakes, and if you just come back and help protect me from the further swarms of microscopic invaders we will say no more of this.

Yours, hacking,


Dear Former Host,



Immune system (Outer Mongolia)

Read the rest of this touching correspondence here.
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it's like rain on your wedding day

From the insanely hilarious lykaios and this entry:

as i understand it, i am american, and americans do not understand irony. i'll never forget the day my mother came home with that sad, lying smile, tears in her eyes. she said, "you'd better sit down for this," and i said, WHAT IS IT MOM FOR THE LOVE OF THE BENEDICTINE MONKS OF SANTO DOMINGO DE SILOS, TELL ME.

and she said, sarah, there is not a single instance of real and true irony in alanis morissette’s hit song, "ironic." that canadian took us for fools.

NO. SWEET JESUS, NO, i cried.

i took to my bed for a month.
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sunday in the sunset leaves


There would have been a point to this, but I have no sharpener, so the post has kind of a blunt tip. Ah well. I'm sure you can live with OH YES! Sleep deprivation. I remember. I was wondering why I was making no sense.
--miscellanny, towards the end of an exceedingly random post.
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Sims - Harley's LJ Update

I enjoy all types of pirates...

The wonderful khukuri, my favourite Down Under-type person on the subject of going off to sit her exams:

Apparently we can get a postponement if we "suffer from illness or misadventure". Misadventure! I would like to hand in my assignment, sir, but cannot as have been kidnapped by microbiology pirates. Arrrboviruses.

That's the stuff of legends right there.
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Adventures in Cooking?

cadhla pets a baby octopus rather than taking it home to eat for dinner..

I stuck my hand into the tank, and was promptly rewarded by having a small octopus latch onto my wrist and tangle its tentacles all around me. Awwwwwww. It was cute, it was cuddly, it was...surprisingly intelligent and fully aware that it was going to be somebody's dinner before the day was through. It did what comes naturally under such circumstances.

It bit the hell out of me.

I shrieked and yanked my hand out of the tank. The octopus, equipped as it was with no fewer than eight ways to catch and cling, held on. I flailed more, and began doing what can only be described as the Let Go Of My Hand You Nasty Little Excuse For An Infant Elder God dance. The octopus was no Fred Astaire; it lost its grip, took a short flight through the air, and grabbed my ponytail to prevent itself from going splat. This hurt less, so I stopped dancing, and the scary seafood man extracted the octopus from my hair. He offered to let me take it home and eat it, but I refused, saying that it's bad manners to eat anything that's bested you in fair combat.

from this post
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through the window

Alternate approaches to an ideal BMI

   regency_rhi talks about her trip to the doctor in this entry:
   she also did height and weight measurements and told me that according to the BMI, I'm overweight and need to lose 5-10kgs. Both sad_frog and dragonwyn have ridiculed this suggestion, amid ideas that the BMI doesn't take enough into account, so I have decided to believe them, because I don't want to have to work at losing weight. (alternate option is to somehow grow 3-4 inches in height...)

   But the amusing bit is in the Collapse )