September 16th, 2004

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Ahh, college food.

A kid in my residence hall tried to kill himself with a fork today. I saw it. I was a few tables away, and he stood up and threw his tray across the room. Then he grabbed someone's fork and started stabbing himself in the head with it.

It turned out that he was trying to commit suicide because of academic pressure. I personally think, considering the circumstances, that he just couldn't take the tuna-potato-egg salad anymore.

- kleenexwoman, here, in wtf_inc
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Battle of the children's toys.

I have about 1,000 words of a Polly Pocket review that I just can't seem to make work.
It is a challenge, admittedly, more of a Xuratu writing than a Travis writing, so it might not
(how to say. . .) trip your trigger. It's less of a "review" and more of a "calculated strike" on
Polly Pocket herself in comparison to the queen of Mattel dolls, Barbie. I don't want to spoil
it for you, but there's something that should be obvious by now. No, two things:

A) Barbie is far more empowered than Polly Pocket.

B) I want you to send me money.

--starvedart, here
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(no subject)

from glittersavvy:

Sam: Music!
Discman: *spaz*
Sam: Hello.
Discman: *spaz*
Sam: Play.
Discman: *spaz*
Sam: I said, play.
Discman: *doublespaz*
Sam: PLAY!
Discman: NO DISC
Sam: Oh.
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From copperbadge

ETA: My memories are back! Yay! I feel like a soap opera character....

From myf

Can you see your predicament? You are guilty of sinning against God Himself, and because you have a conscience, you have sinned with knowledge.

Does the fact that you have sinned against God scare you?

Not as much as an animated Kirk Cameron, honey.
Hairspray is b_^_^_d
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(no subject)

Eh, I like consumption, though. You've got to appreciate the drama of Victorian wasting diseases. Did you know that they used to call it the White Death, and that they thought women who suffered from it were victims of vampire attacks because they would be found looking very pale and beautiful with blood on their pillows? And Keats died of it. Who doesn't want to emulate Keats?

Okay, when a post turns into "I ::heart:: TB!" you know it's time to shut up and eat some breakfast.

-- girlwithjournal, here
  • justen

Signs you need more sleep:

Drawing any sort of parallel, any, between Wolverine and Hobbes. And Scott and Calvin.

"He's got sharp claws that rend any... HEY! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MANDIBLES OF DEATH, YOU BIG, SISSY FURBALL?!?"
"I was beguiled by her feminine charms. Go soak your head."


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I'm probably the only one who finds this funny, because only geeks love grammar, but whatever.

Posted from spaztron's journal, with permission:

I brushed my teeth almost as violently as I ate the corn. Now my gums are bleeding vigorously. In other news, I love adverbs.
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From this bad_rpers_suck post by celleri_kun:

Some people are just extremely skinny, but for the most part it isn't as attractive as these people seem to think it is; on a dude, 5'9 and 110lbs means = no muscle, no ass, and probably that kind of woolly body hair you see on anorexics sometimes. Not sexy. It would be like dating the Littlest Yeti.
Hello Kitty pumpkin-shalowater

crossing games midstream

From a public post this time around, and channonarrow:

"It's probably bad when you think of writing a resume as filling out a character sheet, isn't it? Especially when you start considering the jobs you can put in your hand and the jobs you can discard. Because then, my friend, you've crossed Magic with D&D."
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(no subject)

From a recent post wherein she talks about writing a paper, spunkylilsprite says:

I'll be happy if I get a C on this thing. Ugh no I will never again write a paper the night before it is due. The only way that will happen is if I've been kidnapped by a mysterious race of monkey aliens that want to use me as their new mating toy and I am simply not able to get anywhere near a computer to do my paper. And I mean I may be desperate for some loving...but I'll never be that desperate for monkey alien loving.
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funny stuff...

zeret18 talks about her celebrity run ins....

"okay, okay, she didn’t call me in advance, we didn’t make any solid plans, we weren’t even shopping together, but whatever! I don’t care, despite all of that I was absolutely, unreservedly, irrefutably, looking at jewelry I couldn’t possibly afford at the exact same booth as Abby from ER. More formally known as Maura Teirney. Of course, she let’s me call her Abby. It’s a little in-joke we have together. She also lets me smell her panties. OK, no she doesn’t, but perhaps if I asked very nicely she would."

Read more here: (How do y'all do that fancy cut thing?)
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Attack wombs at the ready...

From the comments thread of this post of pheline's:

asheraa: *falls about laughing* hehe... naaaah... I have a battle womb im sure of it.. its definatey raaawr :-P
yassim: Filthy assistans, Attack wombs at the ready
asheraa: yes, oh mighty evil one... ready the bowel disruptor... :-D

and then a little further down:

asheraa: oh, oh the angst!! please good sir, surely thou art not abandoning we fair maidens to succumb to the debauchery, nay, the the perils and the injustices, the very depths of hell that is LJ, without thy brawny and stalwart protection, thy sure countenance as one's mentor and protector of our inocent virtue?!?
oh good sir, I prithee sir... let it not be so!!
pheline: Poses manfully flexing his pecs and biceps.
"Fear not fair damsels, be you in disdress or dat one, I'll come to your ... rescue. Be sure of that!"
Mad twinklings come from eyes, teeth, manly chest, and the small trail of drool sliding down his chin.
"Now, be ye in need of rescue? And if so, what from? It seems you have already been rescued from your pesky innocence, what is left? Boredom?"
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(no subject)

zionsstarfish, on what kind of Potter-fic she'd like to read more of:

I want to

...To-The-Rescue!fics. You know, wherein X is in some dire situation, and Y comes, improbably, to the rescue. Possible accompaniments: angst, snark, narrowed eyes, furrowed brows, surprises, snappy dialogue, rope, 'potter-there's-only-4.3-seconds-left,-you-idiot!!', name-calling, showdowns, snogging, sacrifice, promises, watery smiles, blood, dirt, cold, embracing, lending-of-clothes and reluctant admitting-of-things.
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Joyful Eliza

I have the very same problem...

From swanswan in this post:

Sometimes I have real trouble telling the difference between someone who is an asshole and someone who just doesn't like me. Because, really, they have so much in common.

And a bit later on...

7. Had long bit here about trying to be a better person. Deleted it, as was boring. Shall remain unredeemed, as cooler that way.
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Palm Trees
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Words to live by....

From xtopher42, in his post here:

Note to self
Add to the list of "Things Chris is Not Allowed to Do in Bed"

-Chanting "It puts the lotion in the basket," or any variant thereof, or any Silence of The Lambs references WHATSOEVER.

There are other items from the list in the comments. :-D
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