September 14th, 2004


Send in the Ghostbusters! Stat!

From Warren Ellis' diepunyhumans feed:

I swear, I've just seen a black car drive past the pub with ESSEX
PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS emblazoned on its side in yellow. Creepily, five
minutes earlier, a helicopter in black and yellow livery buzzed over. Note
to self -- google them when you get home.

And find out if they have a helicopter.
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From a friends-locked post by the_gwenzilliad:

Sometimes, one line from somebody just brings it all into crisp, clear focus.

Tonight, over dinner at N's, we talked about the school day. While describing her day, A said:

"We aren't allowed to read in literacy class."

I don't think much more need be said, really.
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Drew happy

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joshualore and th0rbear are not to be trusted around impressionable mice, as seen here:

th0rbear [6:37 PM]: what are we gonna do tonight joshie
hatedlore [6:37 PM]: the same thing we do every night lukie
hatedlore [6:37 PM]: play diablo and take over hell
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Sometimes it's good to have fantasies. They kind of make things bearable. Like when you're applying for jobs for example, and you've found you get on much better handing applications to younger people than older ones...

"There was this crabby old hag at Baker's the other day who did nothing but ask me annoyingly worded questions and just piss me off in general.

So I stabbed her in the face."

-- dferagho, quoted from a locked post with permission

At least, I assume it was a fantasy.
Mal - Eye

Gotta love those not-quite-cursing curse words.

First of all, what le fuque is wrong with the fercockta weather on this island of the damned? Boiling hot sunshine, PISSING down rain, both at the same time. The sun in this country is like Anne Heche. "I'm out! I'm in! I'm out! I'm in! I'm out! I'm in!"

~ the delightful dar_actually gets his rant on about the weather in Ireland, here (read the whole thing, it's a life-changer)
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Today mea magistra asked if anyone knew the verb "rapuit", and I guessed "seized", because you know, rape. (I was right. Whoo.) And she went off on this thing about how rape never used to have the dark connotations it does today, and to demonstrate, snatched a bunch of papers off her desk and declared, "I just raped these papers!" This garnered almost as much snickering as her attempt to distinguish the subtleties of "populus, populi" and "homo, hominis" as two words meaning people, wherein she informed us that "We are all homos." Gotta love her; god knows she tries.
dancing orbots


"Dear GlobalTV,

I find your alarmist program on alarming "extremist Muslim activity" extremely alarming in its alarmism. Really, you should have subtitled it "The people with brown skin and non-Christian religions are TOTALLY OUT TO DESTROY US!!!1111one!"

Peg 2015
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From crowgrl (entry here):
To the lady trying to get on my elevator today,

Ma'am, I know it's hard for you to understand. But people other than you ride the elevator every day. Sure, it's an old creaky elevator that sounds like a dying humpback whale when it's forced to go to the 7th floor. But it's the only elevator we've got. We need to share. So, when the elevator doors open, consider that there might be someone there waiting to get off. If there is, you should MOVE.

It's hard to believe, I know, that at 5:20 someone might be standing there when the doors open, ready to go home after a long day at work. I might be standing there. So when you stand there and blink, then snarl at me to move, it behooves me to stand still and raise my eyebrow in my best Severus Snape impersonation, blocking your entrance to the elevator. Is that petty? Perhaps. But you are the one who moved and I went on my way home.

One moral of our story: Let people exit the elevator before you enter.

Alternate moral: Don't mess with Severus Snape.
Knitting Love

Help me, Square One! You are my only hope!

Being a math-phobic all the way through primary and secondary school, I can so completely identify with the scenario threnody presents here.

Dear Grade 3 children:

You will soon be (or have already started) learning your multiplication tables, and how to convert fractions into other fractions. I know this is a pain in the ass, I really do. I hated it, myself. Had a horrible time. Hated math in general, really, and of course I thought the thought that everyone does at one point: "when will I *ever* need this?"

There are some times when that thought will be true. For example, once you hit algebra? Dividing polynomials. You will never need to know how to do that. Guaranteed. Unless you want to be a math teacher. But I digress.

Learn your multiplication tables. For the love of god, learn how to do all that stupid useful fraction stuff. Because at some point, lightyears into your future, you will be standing in your kitchen with a box of instant mashed potatoes in one hand and a 1/8 cup measuring cup in the other, and think to yourself: "@#*%$&!!"
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