September 8th, 2004

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From flexagon, who is in the process of remodeling her bathroom:

Peeing in the sink: a haiku
Without a working
toilet it suddenly seems
so acceptable

(First post. Hi! This community is a guarantee for a giggle, always a good idea.)
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Last night I had THE weirdest dream ever. I dreamed that evil monkeys were running around and biting people on the head. Whenever they would bite someone on the head, the person's head would melt and desintegrate like they'd been hit with a biochemical weapon. Everyone kept running from these monkeys and eventually had to go into hiding because they were taking over. It was so weird.

Then all of a sudden the monkey deal was over and I dreamed my mother was living with me. The horror!

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"why dont people give Moses the respect that he deserves? I'm sure he chewed a few shrooms, smoked a few hookahs, perhaps even was out in the sun for too long. But damn that brother was infulential." -crosbymook in anti_christian

For some reason that was the funniest thing I've read all day
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Old Navy, those liars!!!

Commercials lie. I wore a pair of Old Navy jeans today, hoping that the commercial was right and that wearing their clothes would inspire me to enjoy something that would otherwise be completely boring ("Mowing the lawn is blowing my MIND!!"). But I didn't jump up today in cell bio and yell, "CELLS! The building blocks of LIFE!! They're microscopic, but SO COMPLEX. LET'S STUDY!!" Instead, I did the crossword. Bah. - lil1pinay
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vivalasvacas in customers_suck on the elderly who refuse to adapt to new technologies:

Wah wah! I know you're old! That's no excuse! There's this kickass elderly man who's a piercer at a tattoo shop (the most clean-cut, Grandpa guy you can meet) who takes his spare time to learn Portugeuse! Now, Old Slidey Card Whiners of the World, if one of your peers takes his time to learn a whole new frickin language, you shouldn't have any problem adjusting to new technology (especially if you buy stuff like computers). If we all had that nasty, pissant attitude, we'd still be chucking spears at mastadons.
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behind_the_wall gives us the down'n'dirty on painting walls

I want to just stay home and work on [cleaning my room] today, because if all goes according to plan, today I get to PAINT! I am painting my room beige, despite retro_andi's warning that that is the least sexy color on the face of the planet. Her exact words:

It is impossible to have an orgasm in a beige room.

Yikes. But beige is a good neutral color and it will make the room look light and pleasant. Besides, everything I have bought to decorate my New and Improved room is in shades of red, my favorite color and the color of passion. So either the red will cancel out the beige and it will all be fine, or else I will spend a few months every year with my roaring sex drive suppressed by my walls. Either way, I guess it'll work out.
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We have to do a slideshow/report thingie on the history of the internet for Computer Apps (TEH GORE INVENTED THE INTERNET! DUH!). I proceeded to title mine, "H15t02y 0f T3h 1nt32n3t". Heh. Todd and Kris had no idea what it meant, so I had to explain. Then we retitled Power Point on all of our computers to be "Microsoft Slide Show Maker". We enjoy renaming stuff on out computers (my calculator is "Adding Thingamabob", Todd's is "The Amazing Adding Machine").

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I described a recurring dream I used to have:
there was one about a shopping centre that had secret gateways into an alternate world where if you stayed to long you went straight to hell without dying first...

And the inimitable juniper200 replied:
Where I come from, we call these "Hot Topic."

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Sent off cofounder of Badtastic Movies (tm) with a bang. Watched 'Red Sonja'. Will never believe Arnie when he speaks about 'girly men' again. He spent the whole movie in mandex. Yes, I am recoining the word, it is now mandex. He would leave for no apparent reason and come back in some even more flamboyently gay attire. He didn't have the tassles that Romeo did in Zefferili's R&J (did I spell that right) but his groin came darn close! The title character, female, had less wardrobe--and hair, than he did.

Girly man.