September 7th, 2004

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my first contribution

from dbananza:
last nite we enjoyed a longish show by a local bellydance troupe of all sizes, ages, shapes and levels of ability, and there wasn't one lady that wasn't completely enchanting even in ineptitude. you just can NOT go wrong in those costumes. navels were riveting and flab was suddenly an art material of fascinating motion...
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I'll Need Booze For This One

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DANNY OCEAN is the guy whose grin makes you forget to count your change. And the cards. And your fingers. When the movie opens, he's just been released from prison after a four-year sentence. And what does he say to the first comrade in crime he meets? "Seen him?" The him in question is Rusty Ryan, without whom he apparently cannot do anything, and who he apparently urgently needs the second he's out of prison. I don't know what this says to you, but to me it says "Attention slash fans: and then they had sex."

-- thefourthvine on Ocean's 11, a post that almost -- almost -- makes me want to see the movie, and that says a lot for how amusing this entire post is!

Delicious Driving

Couchbed and the 80s cartoon

"Autobots! Transform and roll out!"
"Gee, Optimus... they look like couches."
"DECEPTICON couches, Hot Rod. DECEPTICON couches."
"Right! Open fire!"
*five minutes of shooting in which nobody's hit*
"Decepticons! Combine and form COUCHINATOR!"
"No! Optimus, what'll we do?"
*eyes narrow* "'Til all are one, Bumblebee. 'Til all are one..."

-tozetre in this thread.
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moonchylde is pseudo-appalled that the "Campus Crusade for Cthulu" isn't real.

You mean it's NOT REAL!?!?

what the hell have I been doing with me life all this time??

Cthulhu won't be welcoming me with open arms during the end times?? I won't grow tentacles and devour people??


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artist in the making

from my favorite journal, my friend chase (timscottisaslut):

"I must start taking photographs. Raquel made the mistake of giving her camera to me for 30 minutes. I'm a natural.

'Ok Matt, you're looking to your left. Now, pretend you're looking at Ralph Nader. That's right, he's filling you with hippie tree-hugger propaganda, and you're angry! That's it, work with me, you don't wanna vote green, god dammit! There we go! Hold that, don't stop! Perfect!'"
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and there is death

HUGE...tracts of land.

alpheratz is currently reading a pulp sequel to Pride and Prejudice, and has put up a five-minute version here:


THE PORN: *is cheesy and boring*
AUTHOR: I am happy on every occasion to offer those little delicate euphemisms which are always acceptable to ladies.
READER: Funny, I didn’t know that the Netherlands belonged to Mr Darcy.


FRENCH AND LATIN WORDS: *are horribly abused*
THE WORD "COMPLEATLY": *lures the word "completely" into a dark alley and hits it over the head with a heavy rock*
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From a friends-only post on a community:

She's so full of shit the plumbing's ruptured and her turds of hyprocrisy have spilled onto the carpet of life....

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It should come with a flowchart to keep track...

crevette posts a hilarious review of one of the worst books ever to come out of self publishing:

Yes, Alaric is a vampire. And he shapeshifts into a wolf. Alaric is also an Elf. It also turns out that Elves are aliens from the planet Telvron, where there are also sentient trees and unicorns. And he's telepathic too, because he talks to his brother Marti'el that way. So that makes Alaric an alien vampire werewolf psychic writer. Got that? Good. That way you won't get confuzzled when he becomes a pirate.

The entire quote-worthy post is here.