September 5th, 2004

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linaerys on politics

After a very informative post about the complexities of veterans' healthcare:

Luckily for me, I let my lesbian uterus™ do the voting. You see, it wants to be allowed to have an abortion, get reasonable health care, have its kids go to good public schools and marry another lesbian uterus™, but the Bush administration doesn't want it to do any of that. So it's going to vote for Kerry, and I'm just coming along for the ride.


From ide_cyan here. Originally from a comic book.
People invent gods to feel safe, and then they tell stories about them to scare themselves, and then they get into huge fucking flamewars over their versions of those stories, and kill each other because of the copyright.
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More hurricane-related quoteage...

This hurricane thing is getting OUT OF HAND. Bonnie is the name of my dad's aunt. Charley (Charlie) is my dad's name. And now this one is Frances (my dad's sister/my aunt). An AOL headline on Frances: "DON'T MESS WITH FRANCES. Mean as Charley, Twice as Big." AND ITS FUCKING TRUE!!!!!!
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arcian in fanficrants

Besides, as a bisexual, vegan, JudeoChristianWiccaBuddhisMuslimian who has a gay ethnic friend and has slept with men, women, horses, sheep, cucumbers, and a Hello Kitty vibrator, I can say whatever I want, to whomever I want, at all times.
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Three from yesterday's friends page.

thete1, remembering her fun but highly alcholic trip:

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


liviapenn gets involved with a superhero game:

So, I was gonna be a speedster, but one of the guys who didn't show up tonight is apparently already planning to be a speedster. So I chose to be an archer instead. My character is a girl. But, when disguised as a superhero archer, she further disguises herself as a boy.

Cap: "So your character induces homosexual panic in others?"
Me: "Yeah, sure!" *adds attractiveness and charisma stats*
Cap: "Cool!"
Me: *draws little sketch of my character* "Aw, wait, a gender ambiguous archer? Guys, my character is Legolas!"

amand_r with more on hurricanes (and yes, the rest of the post is also great once again):Collapse )
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johnyboy has productively spent his week watching the RNC convention on C-SPAN and concludes that...

"...the attempted point of the whole multi-million dollar thing was this:

Unlike that hippie Kerry who dared to defy authority, George Bush isn't a girly-man."
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I believe I read that in the bible somewhere...

Okay, I would like to know why my local crappily-produced religious channel is showing a CFL game right now. That's just so odd and random. Since when do they show TSN programming? *boggles* Since when do they show anything that doesn't involve 92834392 Jesus references? Are they trying to imply that Jesus loves the Canadian Football League? I think so! Wow, I had no idea! *feels enlightened*

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the political gets personal

catvalente gets political

You know, it's bad enough that my husband had to go fight a war he doesn't believe in. It's bad enough that Americans are dying abroad and being gagged at home by a government which was elected under suspicious circumstances at best. It's bad enough that the world looks at us and hears the Imperial March from Star Wars. It's bad enough that I might not be able to get a job when I get back. It's bad enough that the media is so utterly and entirely warped in the head. But now they're assaulting my mom.

For her, I offer you this.

It's a T-shirt--wear it with fucking pride. It says "My Mom Got Manhandled by Police at the Republican Convention and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt."
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madamenilef buries the dead:

This chick I have in a class of mine has this "I love punk rock boys" on her backpack, which makes me giggle anyway because really, punk died with Sid Vicious and his drug OD and it's just its followers that've kept it alive since then and it's getting weaker and weaker until now, when Britney could snort it up her left nostril and it wouldn't show up on a drug test.