September 4th, 2004

Beast facepalm

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Everyone over on fiere's journal seems to be trying to convince her that she's gay. (Kind of a long story.) Which led to this quote...

Me: ::brings up suspicion that a girl at school likes me::
Kai: Hah, I have a gay friend! Yay!
Me: o.O Er, no, Kai, I said I think she likes me, not--
Kai: Shhh, you're ruining it!

The kid will not listen to me, I tell you.

Check out the comments as well- especially thieving_gypsy's ones. *g*

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la_rainette and her mother are watching Return of the King, and her mother is, it must be said, an optimist:

Mom: Well. It's definitely worth paying for.
la rainette: Oh, you liked it then?
Mom: Well, it's very, very long. You get a lot of time for your money.

On the Olympics...

From a locked post by eternaltimtams, quoted with permission;

I really did not need to see the men’s 400m with Eminem as a soundtrack, a title card reading “White Men Can Run”, and Bruce getting very excited because “This is the first time a white American man has won this race in forty years”. Hurrah for the white American man, who has suffered so much in this world. I’m glad to see one finally get a break.
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Bad RPers suck, good RPers swallow. :)

Hahaha, from the comemnts of this post in bad_rpers_suck.

naru_chan: Okay, so I was thinking...what about a community to show your good RPs/RPers/RP experiences? [...]
bowchickabowwow: Feel free to take your good RP stories over to good_rpers_rock.
fiatincantatum: *evil grin* I was going to suggest a name but it's a) too long for LJ and b) a great deal more risque...
quizzicalsphinx: If it was "Good RPers Swallow," great minds DO think alike. ::counterpart evil grin::
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I suppose it's a testament to my fondness for zombie flicks that this morning, when I stepped out my door and saw the helicoptors circling overhead, the police cars and ambulences strewn across the road (effectivly blocking all traffic), my initial reaction was to think, "Oh no. Not zombies again."

-- jaenanda
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Fathers indeed, do perv.

unholynotion on finding out that her father is perving on fancies Keira Knightley. Taken from this post.

ME: blah blah blah king arthur blah blah pirates blah
DAD: i must say i do fancy keira knightley
ME: *blinkgapesdiesquietly* uh... excuse me?
DAD: ever since seeing pirates i've fancied her. i think she's really really pretty.
SISTER: you know she's nineteen right?
ME: *unable to say anything at this moment in time*
DAD: i don't give a shit. she's lovely. a true english rose.
ME: *babbles quietly*
OTHER SISTER: oh yeah, she's totally hot.
EVERYONE: *agrees*
ME: *blinks and bes goldfish and refuses to mention that i have major crush on keira knightely* .... yeah... *she is mine damnit mineminemine*
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