September 3rd, 2004

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From brooding_soul, who never fails to make me giggle hysterically. Ever.

He's bored. He writes a list of 104 Things To Do When You're Bored.

17. Check email.
18. Check livejournal.
19. Get a glass of white grape juice from the fridge.
20. When passing chocolate chip cookies on way to fridge, tell said cookies that no, they may not move into your stomach.
21. Because you said so, that's why.
22. Dammit, you're not going to argue with some punk-ass cookies. They're cookies. You're smarter than that.
23. Eat a cookie.
24. Cry because you have no willpower.
25. Realize how cold you are.
26. Go stand outside to soak up the sun.
27. Try not to get Sheryl Crow songs stuck in your hand.
29. Go back inside.
30. Check email.
31. Check livejournal.

Go read the whole thing. Awesome.
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Posted by thatnoise, who happens to be my little brother.

"Creed is the worst band in all of existance. The first time I heard their songs about rising to heaven, I wanted to rob a band and kill babies just so I wouldn't have to see those guys there."

Because your vote counts

Hm. Your mother was funny when her psychoses were only affecting your
life, but now this has turned into a matter of national security. It may
be time for euthanasia.
-buggrit, commenting on my post where I mention that my mother plans to vote for Bush because Kerry's policies scare her.
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E = MCheese squared

There was also a book of facsimiles of Einstein's manuscripts on Special Relativity as he wrote them in 1912. I couldn't read Einstein's handwriting too well, but I think I saw the word "cheeseburgers" in there somewhere, so I'm going to assume that Einstein invented cheeseburgers; this would certainly explain why he's considered one of history's greatest geniuses.

From the always entertaining manfire
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blazepoet on why stupid people are breeding and smart people are apparently not as much:

"With our current society everything is against the intellegent and rational outbreeding the not so intellegent and not so practical.

Who is likely to use birth control? Properly?
Who is going to have more free time because they don't work sixty hours a week and their spouse also works?
Who are more likely to have other interests and diversions that don't include the old horizontal mambo.
And the link between education and the number of children you have and teenage mothers generally having offspring who reproduce early.

It is a very weighted deck... which is sad because it would be nice.
But we can always dream."

comment to a post by theferrett.
Plead the FIF!

I completely agree

You know what I don't understand? People tell you to leave a comment if you want to be added to their friends list so you can actually read their journal — but then they don't have a single entry for you to read. They don't even put any pertinent information in their bio to let you know what it is you're dealing with. No preview, no hint as to how interesting or funny or thought provoking reading their journal might be. It's like saying, "Hey! You know what's in here? Porn. Like, seriously, the best porn you have ever seen. It will make your head explode, it's so hott. I swear! But you have to sign up before you can see any of it. Kind of like not having any premarital sex. Just wait. It'll be great. I promise."

Fuckin' tease.

- stilled_life
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The Green Jell-O

A bit of Mom Humor from fanagle:

There are some days, where I really enjoy being a Mom. This is one of them. Forewarning, this isn't a warm fuzzy moment.

Patrick called me at work this morning to ask about some green Jell-O in the fridge. Now I made this on Sunday, but he doesn't know that.

So he asks if he can eat the green Jell-O, and I said yes, and we hung up. I waited about 2-3 minutes and then called him back.

Me: "Did you say green Jell-O?"
Patrick: "Yeah, why."
Me: "Um, have you started eating it yet?"
Patrick: "Yeah, why?"
Me: "Uh.. well.. ok. I'm sure you'll be fine."
Patrick: "Why?!"
Me: "Well, I thought I made orange Jell-O, but I'm sure it was green. Never, never mind. You'll be fine."
Patrick: "Ok. Are you sure?"
Me: "Yep, sure. Bye"


I waited 10 minutes and called back.

Me: "You didn't eat all of the Jell-O, did you?"
Patrick: "Yeah, I did. Why? Mom! Why?!"
Me: "Uh.. let me think. Ok, do you have my work phone number at school?"
Patrick: "I know it."
Me: "Oh, I know that. But you might want to write it down. In case you get light headed or something."


Me: "Ok, well I have to go back to work, and your bus should be there any minute."
Patrick: "Mom. Are you kidding? What's wrong with the Jell-O."
Me: "Oh nothing, I was you. Try to have a good day at school, ok?"
Patrick: *sigh*

Hahaha, I love messing with him.