September 1st, 2004

Halloween Hair

"God's Own Party"

janesy wishes God would drop in on the RNC:

"Listen up, a-holes," God intones. "Nobody's got a direct line to a good time. None of you know what I'm thinking, none of you know what I'm doing, and certainly you bungmonkeys have no idea who I like and don't like, approve of and disapprove of. Judging by the amount of charred decor around here, I think it's safe to say you've made me a little bit testy. So quit claiming yourself to have My ear, or else get used to hearing 'President Michael Moore', GOT IT???"

DANCE Anime girl
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Light9 gets a new Dance Dance Revolution (ps2) Pad. Cue impending Armageddon.

A Public Service Announcement

Something very important has come to my attention, earth-shattering even. I, being a concerned citizen, actually read the warnings that came with my new DDR pad. I don't even want to think of what would have happened had I not. I realize now how lucky I have been that there have been no fatalities yet given mine and my friends' behavior around such pads. I, being a concerned citizen, have decided to post the warnings (verbatim, as I could never hope the capture the spirit of the warning) on my LJ in hopes that others will read this and start acting appropriately. And remember, safety is everyones' responsibility.

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So to review:
* Pur and pave the pad before each use.
* Keep as close to fireplace as possible.
* Don't sniff the white powder. I don't think I can stress this enough.
* Don't jump strongly for it "may bring troubles to the other person". What kind of troubles? I dare not think of the possibilities.
* And for heaven sakes people, keep small children out of the reach of the pad. It will tumble them.

But most importantly remember: Safety is no laughing matter.
and there is death

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"Am aggravated by the sense that my social life is interfering with my work, which is odd considering I have neither much of a social life nor any actual work."
- cordiloquy

Is from an old entry but one she found and reposted, so that's okay.
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I dream of wank

_green_ in this post, which you should read for I resisted the urge to just c&p the whole thing.

...and then we'd get wanked and people would be like 'dude, fandoms get crazy when shows die' and we'd be 'dude, we've always been crazy!' and then someone would dress up like Spike and say they are channeling him and then they'd step out into the sunlight and fake their own death!
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Doctor Science

Very high security, dudes

coffeeandink needed a passport. Hilarity ensued.

Some highlights:

Clerk: [suspiciously] You say you were born in New York.
M.: Yes.
Clerk: But the birth certificate says "Brooklyn."

Be sure to read the whole thing, down to where a high school yearbook is accepted as proof of identity . . .

So now you know: According to the U.S. State Department: Signed affadavits from U.S. citizens: out. High school yearbooks: in. I feel tremendously reassured about the security precautions my government is taking to prevent passport falsification. Don't you?

ETA: If you like the icon, just take it. It's part of a "real" campaign, not organized by me.
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otp sweet

No boobs for you!

tomthedog wrote:

Recently I mentioned that my other site had gotten a search request for "Misty+May+volleyball+butt+ass". Well, today I got one for "volleyball+Misty+May+bikini+ass+butt".

Make up your minds, people! Do you want ass butt, or butt ass?? Here I was loading up on butt ass pictures, and now you go and tell me you want to see some ass butt instead. Sheesh!! Just for that, I'm not posting any of my Natalie Coughlin tit boob pictures.
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virgin sacrifice

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From this entry in Neil Gaiman's blog -

...I don't find myself wondering the obvious things (how do they know he's 275 lbs, wouldn't Batman be more likely to hunt down cake-stealers than to help himself to cake, etc etc etc). I don't even wonder about the "continued questioning by the homeowner" (probably questions like "how much do you weigh?" and "so what happened to the Batmobile then?"). No, I just keep wondering whether the mysterious stranger said, as reported, "I am the knight" or whether he actually said "I am the night". Bet it was the latter.
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What's for dinner?

chaos_vs_order has a solution to her mother's insistence on serving steamed veg every single night.

Tonight, I managed to get away with it as we had lamb, so I covered every last bit of the foul veg in mint sauce but I'm on a knife edge now, if we have it again tomorrow, I'm going to snap and throw the steamer out of the window, followed by my mother! Aaargh!
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