August 30th, 2004


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antiquitea speaks upon the absurdity of some of the recent Olympics!fic porn:

Phelps: i can't sleep, i'm going to go to the olympic pool which is guarded but SWAT teams but they're not there for some reason. hey, is that ian thorpe? oh yes it is! how odd that we be in the non-guarded pool at the same time. what's that, ian? let's make suggestive and lewd comments about each other's swim wear? sure! oh! i have a better idea! how about you fuck me up against the wall of the pool? yeah, that's really hot. the IOC will be scratching their heads about this one!
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heheh...the USOC's gymnast death squad

Pulled, with permission, from the ever-entertaining tom_kiper in this entry.

Vaguely picturing the men's all-around bloodbath. I've got an individual gold medal in ass-kicking, wanna demonstration? Of course the USOC's gymnast death squads will be backed up by their rhythmic brethen, who combine the legendary agility of the ninja with mastery of deadly apparatus. Metal clubs, ribbons lined with piano wire, balls packed with explosive (assuming they're not simply hollow and full of guns), the works.
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Top Model - Ms J

From thatfatboy's post. Locked, but given permission.

In other news, there is a tropical depression outside. I was thinking maybe I should go outside and toss some Zoloft in the air to make it go away (would it turn this place into Jamacia? JAMACIA ME CRAZY!). I have not decided when I want to go to work today, but I should make a decision soon. There are wrecks up and down I-40 already, and I am allergic to dieing by someone else's inability to drive in rain.
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From siviusx. Disclaimer is hers, as is the hilarity. Spyware is mine, so don't click on any of the HTML tags.

[Note: this is not meant to offend anyone, I swear. I thoroughly respect everyone who believes in any of the things I pretended to believe in in this entry, and my phrasing is exaggerated on purpose. To each his own, and I mean that. This is purely a response to a meme further down in my journal, in which my friends were encouraged to write an LJ entry I would never, ever write. I thought I'd give them something to live up to.]

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May 2007 with Eva
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Not really ha-ha funny, but ...

Oh, who am I kidding. It IS ha-ha funny.
The Republican are meeting in New York, and the first group to cause a stir are, apparently, the Iowa caucus. They are all wearing buttons that read "God's Official Party" or "God's Own Party".

Quick, if you translate "God's Own Party" into Arabic, what would the name of the party be?


-- elfs
Lunamaria Salute!

Life as seen by Memet.

Hey dudes, I just joined the community, went browsing when I came across this on one of my friend's journals.

"Sleep is good -- you sleep a third of your life so while your doing that you should make teh most of it -- read/watch tv/play games for inspirations for dreams and make them your reality.

Life is perception and i lost my compass a long time ago."

 ---- Memet

The rest of the post can be there. Go read It's a classic.
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Science: OMGSpace!
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From the comments in this entry, wherein calliechan talks about an email she ostensibly got from Ebay about her account having been haxx0red into and used for criminal purposes:

What... the... shit. O_O Drugs? Money laundering?

Sweet Jesas.

TERRORISM! XD I aided the TERRORISTS! Eeeeeeeek! (God never catch me without coffee...)

And I didn't know about any of this? Where's my cut? *Gonk*
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Freaked, K: DW Nine & Rose

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And excuse me while I throw up at the adoration of Shrub [Bush]. "Every day I wake up thinking about how better to protect America." He scares me. Normal people wake up thinking, "Argh, penguins! On motorbikes! Huh? Oh, shit, it's morning. But I can have another five minutes before I have to get up... *snore*"

-- derryderrydown

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mraustin's comment on the topic of not cute goth girls.

"woe is he who enter the heart of darkness"
"uh, dude, that's just some ugly chick in vinyl."
"well, uh... woe is who enters there."
"yeah, dude. abandon all hope."

whole thread avalible here

Life Lessons from Live Action Role-Playing

From the journal of zeppo, regarding her experiences working in the kitchen for LARP gamers:

Regardless of the bizarre circumstances, when I left I took some important albeit rarely used life lessons with me that will perhaps serve me at some later date.

1. If I am holding a vat of boiling soup and someone runs in waving a giant battleaxe in my direction - I tend to react badly.
2. If someone tells you their wife turned into a werewolf, it is best not ask for an explanation because you will be standing there longer than you care to.
3. Never, I mean
never serve a whole chicken to anyone who identifies themselves as a "barbarian."

Full entry here.
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From chipperazzi, after ranting about how her dad's trying to get her into uni at the worst possible time...
(locked post, quoted with permission)

Dear sir,

My name is Azreen Zahira Mohamad Draim. In the past year I have attended not one, not two, but three programmes of higher education. One I passed. The other two bombed rather unpleasantly in a haze of alcohol, cigarettes and fucking drama-queen bitches.

Therefore I would like to take this opportunity to ask for your discretion in admitting me as a freshman in a semester when there aren't any freshmen. I intend to waste my parents' money again by taking courses which have nothing to do with the degree I'm planning to commit to. Oh, I dunno, maybe I'll pick up the trombone again since my parents dashed those dreams ages ago when I was a spineless teenager who believed they knew what they were doing. Or perhaps, since I now know that they have no fucking clue about what I want, I should do a course in mechatronics and get my arm sliced off my a robot. At least then I'll actually be a charity case as opposed to just a spoilt brat whose daddy knows the right people.

Oh, and since I don't have a license to drive yet I'm sure you wouldn't mind picking me up from home and sending me back after classes because sure as hell I'm not going to stay in a fucking dorm when my house is perfectly comfortable and in the same city and there's a backroad shortcut to the university somewhere.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

scotty trotting
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Olympic Pride

From dlill, here.

When it comes to people or teams that represent the United States, the common folk will always say "we" when the effort is pleasing. But I never heard anyone say "We knocked the hell out of Nancy Kerrigan! Oh, you should have seen her cry!. Hahahaha. Whack!"
Sims - Harley's LJ Update

It's spreading like a sickness.

When you're on AIM and your friend begs you to transfer a comment to her journal so she can metaquote it, it's bad. When YOU'RE doing it, it's worse.

On a recent post in my journal. (Thank you karma_aster!)

"So, basically, you're saying that Stephen sounded like this?

"Oy, you think you have bling-bling now? Why back in my day, we had to work our tuchis off for the bling-bling we had!"

Truly...that is terrifying."
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