August 29th, 2004

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Free Waldo, man!

You know it's bad when a friend makes a comment over AIM about your recent livejournal entry and you beg him to put it in a comment so it can be metaquoted.

But with stuff like this, can you blame me?

Where's Waldo? You want to know what's wrong with Where's Waldo? I'll tell you what's wrong with Where's Waldo.

Where's Waldo is very culturally and socially oppressive. Forcing small children to hunt down a man who works so hard to cameoflague himself, obviously not wanting to be found...

Sure it teaches tenacity, hunting for Waldo, but it also teaches children never to let an issue just die. Waldo doesn't want to be found, doesn't want to be seen, but does that stop the children? No. They just keep hunting him down, singling him out with a loud "THERE'S WALDO!!", making him a's horrible.

People that grow up to commit hate crimes? Singling out a single person for some difference? When they do that, they're all envisioning that red and white striped hat. That's why I've never killed anyone. I never read Where's Waldo.

THAT'S what's wrong with Where's Waldo.
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From the livejournal post of my pal aphexmandelbrot... (Warning! LOTS of big images in this post.)

"this was the first picture from last night. i can only assume they are about to do some sort of indian dance to summon the god PARTYHARD."
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From this entry in mock_the_stupid, where snowfox090 argues with some fundameltalists over their protests on who God hates :

snowfox090 : (part of original post)

ME: So, God hates all these people?
FUNDIE: And more! God hates anyone who doesn't keep His laws!
ME: Tell me something. Can you fully understand God?
FUNDIE: No. I'm human. Humans can't comprehend God's perfection!
ME: Okay. So you can't really claim to know everything God thinks or does?
FUNDIE: Well, no...
ME: Then how do you know he hates them?
FUNDIE: *pause* I don't have to know how my truck works to ride down the highway in it!
ME: So... you're comparing the Almighty God to a truck. *long pause* So does the Lord have cup holders?

Apparantly God does not have cup holders.

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curbside prophet

Spread the Canada love!

Discussing my adventures with Americans in chat on my LJ, ceartas tells one of her misadventures:

"Someone once asked a friend of mine if we actually live in igloo's and she responded by saying, 'Yes...I plug my computer into the chunk of ICE in the wall'"

Found here.
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