August 28th, 2004

It's Long 'Cause There're Four.

(1) The very quoteable bumbled. Used with permission.

Namely, SWIMMERS. God bless Speedos. Oh dear, oh dear. It's so nice. Totally ripped young men crawling with new found testosterone as water drips of their chiseled bodies. It's so NICE.

What a great sport.

*sigh* I have, like, 3 favorites. Swimmers, that is. Who I totally respect for their athletic integrity and minds...and other stuff.

(2) My good friend, lilizzle:

alright. chakita banana queeen of the goth and hideous kinky is here, we are contemplating life and watching the storm outside. we've talked over much, and come to but one conclusion: Dennis Quaid is the worst actor to ever live.

(3) I've grown weary of reading surveys. thebeeskneez:

-- What's the best feeling in the world?: A tounge in the mouth.
-- Worst Feeling?: Chemical burn.

(4) natertots's interesting rationale.

In other news.... if Scarlett Johansson is going to sink that low (sex with Benicio Del Toro) she may as well just sleep with me, dammit.
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Ninja vs. Pirates...again

From this post of zae's:

I wrote the problem of "How many pirates can 3 ninja kill in 1 hour, 37 minutes and 12 seconds, if equipped with sword-chucks on a sunny day. Show all working."

So after a while, and getting help from David in throwing some D&D into it to get a vague idea of how many pirates a ninja could kill in 6 seconds normally, we worked it out to 58,320 except there is a 100 pirate bonus because they would have poisoned a group befoehand. Thus bringing the total up to 58,420!

mizunoyume's comment is also worth reading.
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Strip Stupidity

theferrett asked what the weirdest "Strip $GAME" his readers had played. "Strip Poker is the classic, of course, but there is Strip Magic... And I myself have played Strip Candyland, thus turning a simple childhood game into an instrument of perverse pleasure."

channonyarrow answered "Strip Stupidity. Every time someone in the group says something that is deemed by the rest of the group to be insanely stupid (helps if you're drinking, plainly, but not required) the stupidee loses an item of clothing."

Just sounds like a great idea to me.
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Thirty-two Pounds Worth Of Balls

Heh, now for a little double entendre humor nicked with permission from a Friend's Only entry by jonnorthwood

Don't get me wrong: if I intend for something to sound salacious or ridiculous, I don't mind it; however, if it's not completely intentional, I just get embarrassed.

M: *points to new bowling ball*
M: Yeah, I'm going in to get drilled today: the guy at Park Lanes will do it for free.
R: *giggle*
M: I'm eventually going to have to get a new bag, though: mine's not big enough.
R: *giggle*
M: What? Each of my balls is sixteen pounds, and I'm not comfortable having a separate bag for each ball.
R: *gigglesnort*
M: Dude, If I'm going to be walking around with thirty-two pounds worth of balls, I need a bigger bag, and it's got to have wheels.
R: *laugh*
M: *thinks about what was just said*
M: *facepalm*
M: Right. Ummmm ... I'm going upstairs now and getting to work
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I do not like you Sam My Ex, I do not like green eggs and sex

A conversation with redoctober87:

Xavi4487: If you ever want to turn sombody down for sex, you simply say
Xavi4487: ahem
Xavi4487: I do not want to have sex with you
Xavi4487: ever
Xavi4487: I do not want you in the dark
Xavi4487: i do not want you in a park
Xavi4487: i do not want you in a train
Xavi4487: i do not want you in the rain
Xavi4487: i...i...I HAVE GONHORREA!!!
Xavi4487: there, are you satisfied?
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(no subject)

Jessica Simpson is a Bush supporter, and said she may campaign for him. Hmmm... the one person who would make George W. Bush look smart campaigning for him. Or maybe she thinks she's supporting George H.W. Bush... who knows. Is it chicken or is it fish... that's the real issue for this campaign, apparently -djstatick
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So . . . "til death do we part" means what now . . . ?

This post by mecurtin talks about an article where, "A South African man who shot his pregnant fiance dead before killing himself will be posthumously married to her at the weekend."

timian: Hmmm. Maybe it's just me, but if my fiance murdered me before the wedding, there's a chance I'd get cold feet. And not just from the lack of circulation.
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