August 26th, 2004

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This entry, wherein thepopa and a friend discuss the possibility of two characters in current Spider-Man continuity being cloned children of Gwen Stacy, or something like that. I'm not quite sure I follow the whole thing, but it's sickeningly funny:

I'm telling you -- it's clearly her aborted feti come back from the grave.

And they were injected with an experimental accelerated growth serum. And the super-soldier serum. And whip cream and a cherry.
shy violet.

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my girlfriend just jokingly put ducktape on her pubes thinking it'd be funny and not thinking about how it might actually hurt to peel it off. and surprise, surprise the tape got stuck, she couldn't get it off without screaming, wouldn't let me help, and is now standing next to my desk cutting whatever is left of her pubes off while whining. this was after she decided it was a good idea to play baseball in the apartment.

-gyrate here
Freaked, K: DW Nine & Rose

*snarf* Okay, this is from JF, but it's damn clever

kicklecubicle, in response to a thread about the potential upcoming horrors of "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory" (the movie will star Johnny Depp, there WILL be bad fanfic):

34. Her Amazing Journey by Green Bamboo Mystery Peanut
Selenea Thomasesque is your average, American girl. Then one day, she gets a golden ticket! However, her life does not really change until she meets real hottie bishie boy by the name of Mike, they begin their most terrifying journey together, loaded with lots of uninspired sex scenes, purple prose and anachronisms (where applicable). Come for the pizza, stay for the trolls to show up and write incredibly pedantic and ultimately pointless reviews about how this story is total rubbish and needs to be deleted, resulting in the author's need to visit a livejournal and whine about it in a hilariously misspelled way! r/r plz
PG-12 - "English"-ish - Edutainment - Chapters: 1 - Words: Quite a Lot - Reviews: 0 - Updated: 3F-42-0F - Published 43-11-00


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Posted by netgoth, this is a quote from a note that donwaughesq sent to her.

Today is fired, but it's filed a gripe with the union.

Therefore, it's legally bound to stick around until the matter is resolved.

For more details, watch the news at 6, with the lead-off story, "Man Survives Hell, Blames Coffee."
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"You know, half the time I can't even tell a lot of pop songs apart anymore. They all seem to breed off each other, like incestuous bunnies, their genetic data slowly purging itself of all originality until one day it all is distilled down to one meta-song of whiny, cancerous banality."

-- by raisedbymoogles

Look me in the eye and say that's not true!
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You have eaten a Grue. Your throw it up on Reene's shoes.

Thats the only line you really need to read before rushing to go read that post.. But here is a teaser to make you go there and laugh till you cry..

"Without Floppy to keep her in check, Gato Diablo has been getting more and more horrible since Flops got sick. And without Moti, she not only has excess energy, but also a vast demand for attention. She alternates between jumping on laps and running around the house and knocking things over. It's awful. She's like the Tazmanian Devil. Or an adventure gamer, manipulating every object on the screen."
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I have just eaten a batch of potatoes which I fried ALL BY MYSELF. Hah. I have a deep fat fryer and I know how to use it! You are all so jealous. I can now have HOMEMADE FRENCH FRIES with my homemade hamburgers! Fresh donuts at 3 am! Onion rings on demand! Tempura for cheap! An ass and stomach that can threaten entire towns! IT'S ALL WITHIN MY GRASP!

- algeh

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Talked to Speedy yesterday. We've decided to tell the stories of our lousy summers in a duel format.
Speedy: So it'll be like a Summermon battle.
Me: Ooh! Nastybreakup, I choose you!
Speedy: Hah! I have the evolved form of Nastybreakup, Sheleftmeforaguitarplayer!
-zombiehamster, here
Vesica Woman

Is there a Gold Medal for Biting Commentary?

To the Olympic Gold Medalists from the US:

Please learn the actual words to our national anthem so when you lipsync them while standing up there on the podium when the camera is in your face, you don't look like a complete idiot to the rest of the world.

Thank you.

A  friends-locked post by the insightful larkredblade , shared with permission.

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Paperbag Princess

The Trinity of Have I Got News for You

jekesta in the comments to this post

This idea makes me more and more terribly happy the more I think about it. Because Ian would be all martyry about being God and all hassled and adorable and worrying about what a mess everything was in and what on Earth Angus was up to now. And Angus would just be having the gallons of gay sex with his disciples and reading his sermons off the autocue. And Paul would be mocking people with his sheet and annoying IanGod and then making him smile and then having gay sex with him. And Boris would be a floaty angel. The bible should be rewritten.

eta - credited to the right lj'er now
virgin sacrifice

Vague, overtired thoughts on file formats...

...while sorting out some recently acquired files and wondering about which ones I wanted to keep:

.mp3, good music files
.wva, not so bad music files, useful
.avi, tricky video files, won't play until fully downloaded
.mpeg, that's the one where the guy gets pregnant
.wma, I can burn that directly ...hey... pregnant?
- the ever quotable iibnf, from a locked post and posted here with permission.