August 23rd, 2004

agent may is unimpressed

On civil disobedience, the Project Mayhem Way

Heh. Amusingly enough, I had the following conversation yesterday:

(to a guest making a reservation at the Rihga Royal NYC)

Me: "Are you with any groups or conventions?"
Guy: "I'm with the Republican National Convention."
Me: "...Okay, the best rate I have available for you is a one bedroom suite at the rate $400/night." (while checking off "near elevator" and unchecking his preference for a quiet room)

(to a guest making a reservation at the NYC Marriott Marquis, same dates)
Me: "Are you with any groups or conventions?"
Guy: "I'm a democrat. Does that get me a discount."
Me: "Don't I just wish."

--mimesere, in the comments to one of apocalypsos' entries.
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Surreal Conversations

There must be some kind of technical term for a conversation in which something completely implausible (such as Zack's moments-ago declaration that he was going to tape all the knives in the house to himself points-outward so as to be very dangerous and thus not easily fucked with) and which is, conversationally, regarded as a perfectly logical and acceptable sentiment, and then debated as such (as in my indication that driving might be somewhat hazardous). forwrathandruin here.
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What's your superpower?

More metaquotes-inspired metaquotes.

Somedays, my sister can be pretty funny.

amandathegreat: Yes, but you're sort of denying the importance of the Viking by calling them pirates. The terminology is discriminatory, and we Vikings will not stand for it.
ladyzif: I, as one who probly has had my noble irish bloodline STAINED by those bloodthirsty norweigian pirates takes a different view.
amandathegreat: Your ancestry is better for it. Plus, your people totally wanted it. Look how they were dressed.

She still sucks at everything under the sun, including Nerts, Hearts, Liverpool, and Hand and Foot, but at least amandathegreat understands the glory of the Vikings. There's hope for her yet. :-D
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