August 22nd, 2004

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tabbyclaw on the real hazards of band camp:

Friday also gave us all the standards: the fire truck, eating dirt, and ice cream. And it's a long and complicated story, but I now have an entire freezer full of McDonald's apple pies. From October. Don't ask.
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[Contemplation] Deep silent complete
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msalicenutting's answer to a survey question:

"3. GASP! By some amazing stroke of luck, Roger Bart has suddenly moved into the apartment next to you! After hyperventilating and calling everybody to shriek about it, what's the first thing you say to him?

Well, I'd bake him a cake. Cakes are a good way to get people to like you- especially if they're chocolate. Then I'd ring his doorbell and accidentally blurt out, "OH MY GOD, I WANT TO HAVE YOUR CHILDREN." "
Starry Night
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from the pen (keyboard?) of dildogirl

So did I tell you the unorthedoxy of my business mentor meeting? It began with me finding out this Pro Dom I know, Pandora is now his childrens Nanny. She's really sweet it should be a very good fit. Then the mentor reads my tarot cards. I don't know what you think about tarot, but he agreed with my interpretation- it's a road map to use your intuition on.
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But soft, dear Livejournal! I did not blame you at all, for lo, you are a complex creature and not easily puzzled out. You are the black-nailpolish-wearing emo girl of the coffeehouse that is the World Wide Web, and though I do not comprehend your quirks, still you fascinate me.

The ever-eloquent copperbadge, here. Read the whole entry. It's a kick.
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In Brightest Day, My Precious...

"Welcome back, Hal. I think, if I had a choice betwixt the One Ring and a Green Lantern ring, I'd take the latter. Because, you know, I'd want to be a force for good. And also create a Ferrari with my ring, which, as I recall, the One Ring isn't capable of."

--kali921 on the possibility of Hal Jordan returning as Green Lantern.
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gosh, I love arundhathi


'Potter's hand slipped between their bodies to rub at the bugle in his Quidditch robes'

Bwah! I can just see it.

"Oh, Malfoy, you're so horny."

"Shut up and blow me, Potter"

Draco's orgasm was like music ringing in his ears.

and then arundhathi and swmbo start to discuss it in the comments...

swmbo: So you're saying that there's a good chance he could score?
arundhathi: Well, I guess it's possible. He doesn't like to blow his own trumpet.
swmbo: Well, that's to be expected - Harry and Draco did start their relationship off on a sour note.
arundhathi: Yeah, but they're trying to keep things uptempo now.
swmbo: And maybe one day they'll be able to live together in perfect harmony.
arundhathi: Maybe. But knowing Draco, it's unlikely that they'll be able to do it without fanfare.
swmbo: True. But hopefully he'll respond to Harry's overture.
arundhathi: Nah, I think he'll always want to make a song and dance about things.
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I swatted him away from the laundry because he is incapable of folding anything correctly. Bedlinen just ends up bunched up in a drawer in a big cloth bundle that makes the drawer stick and inevitably breaks the bloody drawer.

“It’s just a different kind of folding,” he said. “Different to yours.”

I said by ‘different’ he must have meant ‘crap’ and he puttered off and came back at me with a dictionary.

“Fold – verb. To bend or double over. It’s also a noun for a livestock pen.”

I told him to look up ‘defenestrate’, in order that he might have a better understanding of what would happen to his underpants if he carried on playing the fucking smartarse.


I had heard from pixie405 that Edvard Munch's "The Scream" has been stolen in Oslo. But just now, a coworker told me that NPR said it was done in broad daylight "in front of several shocked witnesses". Cue mental picture of several shocked witnesses.
-- rohmie, here.
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cantstopthedawn, from a friends-locked post, with permission:

If I had a nickel for everyone who claimed to be Morgan le Fay reincarnated, I'd have a sock full of nickels to hit them on the head with.
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