August 19th, 2004


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so right about there i decided to stay a virgin forever and ever. it's just not worth it to have to pass up unicorns.

but hopefully, i'll be able to "have relationships with other people (friendly or romantic) without it getting in the way of unicorns"

- wendsday, on her dream about unicorns
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From a locked post, with permission.

"I will totally never forgive you for SPOILING ME. I suppose I don't need to watch the opening ceremony now because you told me there was a flame, OMG."

- alanafish on Olympic spoilers.
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Oh, and the founder of the bookyoucrew is also a moderator of the flickyoucrew (movies), the fuckyoucrew (music), the boozeyoucrew (alcoholic beverages?!!) and of course the humpyoucrew (top twenty people you'd fuck). Obviously from the looks of things the girl is much more interested in crowing loudly over her own superior tastes in virtually EVERYTHING, not just books.

I do believe that if she were as enamored with the written word as she claims she is, if she's TRULY interested in exploring the shade and nuance of books, she wouldn't degrade one's choice of literature by dismissing it or accepting it with a cursory 'yes' or 'no' in the same tone I might use to discuss my hatred of Thai food or pink bedspreads.

azules commenting on this entry in my journal, and discussing the hilarity that is Book_Wank_Central
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"Katrina freaked and was like "kill it kill it". In my most manly voice I said "hold on dear, let me take a picture"."
--circlek on his and his wife's reactions to discovering an immense bug on the wall. 

Full story, with adorable cat photos, is here.
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ravenblack in ravenblack's own journal, today:

Apparently, bees can carry about half their weight. The mass of a bee is about half a gram. So it's implied that a bee can carry about a quarter of a gram, or, and this is the important part, that four bees correctly harnessed can carry one gram, and hence four thousand bees can carry a kilogram.

A person weighs about 60kg, which means that it only takes a quarter of a million bees acting in unison to carry a person.

Now, 80 million bees plus honey is apparently worth about $10,000, which implies that, in the worst-case scenario of the honey being worthless, a million bees costs only about $125 - that's enough bees to carry four fairly light people, or two fatties.

And yet people still buy cars.
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From the ever delightful customers_suck, onlyonechoice in a reply to nalesse's complaining about pens wandering in her workplace.

*laughs* I'm a secretary, and my pens disappeared ALL THE TIME. When I worked in a smaller office, I had a solution.

I labeled all my pens in masking tape with the word "MINE" on it. At the end of the day, I'd go around to people's desks and take them back, saying "Mine, mine...mine..." as I took them.

Soon they started getting their own pens from the supply closet :)
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OMG! Blaine is an American Exchange Student and has a Dark Secret Voldie-Related Past! And he's part unicorn! and he listens, what are the punkass kids listening to these days? anyway, he listens to shitty alt-punk-pop-rock because he's INTENSE!
--avalonauggie, on Olympians with Mary-Sue-worthy lives.
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Parenthetical RAGE!

notasecretagent is displeased by certain aspects of her job training:

"(And why do we have to work in a mainframe?! No one has been able to give me a good answer for this. If it was originally programmed to be stupid, why don't you hire some new IT guys and get them to build a better one? They can take some of our mandatory ten hours of weekly overtime to do so. I DO NOT LIKE USING F-KEYS. I LIKE TO USE THE MOUSE. I LIKE THE SCROLLY WHEEL. I AM CAPS-LOCK!JESSIE AND I AM NOT HAPPY WITH THE MAINFRAME SITUATION. YOU CAN TELL BY THE CAPS-LOCK.)"
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mr_clarinet on being accused of having 'no passion' by some twit on Book_Wank_Central

I'm sorry. I do have a special shelf full of books I've wanked into. Shall I post a list from there?

And from later in the same discussion:

Jesus fucking Christ.

One by one, all of you, read and DIGEST the following sentence. Repeat it to yourselves last thing at night and first thing in the morning. You will slowly become better, more rounded people.

Flowers in the Street
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Oddly enough, my grandpa told me the same thing...

i walk in and mr mckee is sitting in the family room. i can't say i didn't foresee something obnoxious coming, but i wouldn't have guessed in a million years that he would babble on to me for about 10 minutes how he was vigorously encouraging ralph to be friends with all the sophomore football players. because "then, if he ever has any trouble with anyone in school, he can just let them know! ahahahaha! it's all about alliances, anney. you got those guys on your side, you've got your back covered. you know they can always pound a guy or two for you. yep, football players...definitely the prime choice of friends..."
and i'm like "sir, you do know that i just came home from marching band practice..."

--_suckapunch in an entry here about her day.
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poppin' the first post cherry.

from halo4. An open letter to Olympic divers.

"Dear male Olympic divers,

Please, if you are going to make the effort to shave every inch of your body, make sure you don't forget your butt crack. This is extremely nasty. You could always pull the suit up a bit, you know.

thank you."

(the entry is here.)