August 17th, 2004

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So, I was all excited tat I'd finally found a computer tat wasn't a total piece of sit, and it turns out tat tis computer appens to be missing te H key. I can press it, if I try really ard, but if I were to actually spend as muc time pressing it as I need to every time tat I find tat I need to use te H key, I'd be ere for a very long time and it would completely defeat te purpose of te computer.
-doubtful_salmon, here
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First time quoting someone...

From the ever-quotable ginalin on the Olympics:

Best reasons to watch the Olympics. Medals, victory, unparalled althleticism, displays of comradery and sportsmanship?


Speedos and leotards.

*goes back to oogling pretty athletes*

I've decided that the Greek male synchronized diving team needs to come live with me.

Those guys had such lovely packages, I thought UPS was delivering my birthday presents early.

Must go to Greece sometime soon.....
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Mothra's revenge

Yes, you heard me a giant moth. A big, fat, fuck-off size moth. A moth with fangs and a wingspan the size of Basingstoke. A moth the size of the thing out the Godzilla movies, only a damn sight harder to catch and without a retinue of helpful Japanese technicians who know how to turn the thing off or make it go back in its box or whatever. The mother, father, sister, brother, and moustachioed evil uncle of all moths. A moth with plans to conquer the known universe, enslave mankind and star in a remake of one of those 1950's giant-insect-runs-amok movies, only one with a happier ending for the insect community and possibly a 'irradiation good, mothballs bad' subtext. And some showtunes. (I'm thinking Planet Of The MothGirls, with Helena Bonham Carter and Elizabeth Berkely trying to break into showbusiness while mysteriously sprouting antennae and developing not only a vicious rivalry over who owns the nicest pair of strap-on butterfly wings but also an aversion to citronella).


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from soniczen , here, about Hurricane Charley:

my dad watches so many movies and shit that everything he says to me sounds like totally dramatized, like as if it were from a movie...for instance, i am spending the night at jessies tonight because the storm and i live in the projects (AKA: cardboard houses) when i am leaving, my dad is like, "Son!"
"Yeah..." I say, halting in the doorway. He advances and grabs hold of my shoulders with firm hands, looking straight into my eyes with an austere expression of fatherly compassion, "Dont be a hero, you hear me?"
" really think i wo..."
"I know how it is, but if something happens, like the goat disappears, you wait until after the storm to find it."

The rest of the post is really great too; it's all about his dad's crazy political beliefs that are based on action movies.

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vespurrs, responding to my post. Because she is teh funneh!

"Me no want good English-speak! Fmeh!

Besides... after checking out the community, I think my taste for reading has been seriously depressed. I could never possibly hope to hold a candle to the impressive works I've seen listed there, so why bother? I am obviously an unwashed, unread fuckwit.

I'm going to go buy a hairshirt now.

Again, two in one.

(Both from comment threads in my journal, but I'm hoping that isn't considered a huge breach of etiquette. It's not like I'm quoting myself.)

Here, midwinter points out some issues common to all interest groups:

Well, on the Venn diagram of "SciFi/Fantasy Fan behaviors" and "Gay behaviors" there is some overlap - role-playing, costumes, THE RIGHT TO LEAD A GODDAMN PRIVATE LIFE WITHOUT EVERYONE FEELING THE NEED TO WRITE A NEWSPAPER COLUMN ABOUT IT FOR THE LOVE OF JESUS...

And here, rimrunner gets wishful:

Why can't one of the Ten Commandments be, "Thou shalt not make asses of yourselves"?

I wish, too...

calebbullen is a strange man...

He commented the following in response to another person's comment to his post here...

"I don't like clowns anyway but clowns with bleeding pasta, well that's just wrong!"

Actually, the whole post is pretty darn funny, but I felt this comment had to be shared. This is my first offering to the altar that is metaquotes, I can only dream it will be found worthy.
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[c] hark! a vagrant! - eat a dick
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A brand new journal bringing the funny!

From trentiusmaximus's userinfo:
There once was a Bear named Trent,
To Ballarat Uni he went.
He got a Live Journal,
And then spent time eternal,
writing stuff that didn't fit with the rest of the limerick about how he likes Martial arts, and Guinness, Fantasy novels, dodgy samurai movies, blowing things up and just generaly causing Havoc...
oh and my hair is unkempt.
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More fun with Customers Suck

"NO, I do not have a "problem with the Jews," and I don't want to hear about yours. I own the media, okay? Leave me alone!"


"NO, I will not get in an argument about why you think George W. Bush will save the world and how a liberal commie pinko swinedog like me is misinformed because I think you're a bit misguided since all you can give me are circular statements and I'm actually giving you solid, at least, not again." -- amadruadaboleyn in this post.

The rest of the list is funny, but these deserved to be metaquotesed.
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So, better than a week ago I asked the wonderful _redpanda_ if I could make a post in the community about my community. She gave me the go ahead, but before I could I turned my brand new laptop into a rather expensive coaster. In case anyone was wondering, tripping on the power cord and yanking the computer so hard it lands screen side down, slamming closed, and hits so hard the battery pops out and lands next to the computer...makes the computer cranky. And is, oddly enough, just a bad idea all around.

Anyway, none of that has anything to do with my little community. The community came about when I did a search for communities for fanfic quotes. Being the fanfic junkie I am I've collected more than a few quotes. When I didn't find any, I made my own. And this seemed the perfect place to go about promoting it. So I give you....


Happy quoting. =D
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It's all part of the right-wing conspiracy!

It used to seem like the most common grammatical error on the web was misuse of apostrophes. Now it seems like there are misspelled homophones everywhere: even things like "rector" and "Richter", which barely qualify. I've noticed this a lot lately.

I think this is further evidence that people simply do not read enough anymore, and in the process learn how words are supposed to look when they are used/spelled correctly. Not only that, but our soundbite-driven culture dumbs down the thinking.

Either that, or homophobia has become so prevalent in Bush's America that recognition of homophones is now considered subversive and out of line with God's plan.

samhamm, commenting on a particularly egregious homophone error on MSN
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