August 15th, 2004

Hello Kitty pumpkin-shalowater

bored people are scary...

From this entry, though you may have to go back to this one to make it make sense...

And I know this is semi-quoting myself, but it is funny...)

In regards to the last post:

Me: Three guesses as to what the Flood's power was
nematoddity: AAAAACK.
Me: Yeah. That about sums it up. Though he could form it into shapes like giant monsters . . .
nematoddity: EWWW.
Me: Starcross was the only one willing to get close enough to beat the flood. Go figure
nematoddity: Man, when I get bored, I shave off my eyebrows. When you get bored, you invent coprophilic supervillains. One of us is messed up. :-)
Me: I can't help it, the weird stuff just comes to me.
nematoddity: I understand. You're impaired.
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From wicked_wish:

So last week I was in the CVS parking lot, loading a gallon of milk and some peripherals into my car. Another woman on the way to her vehicle glanced at my Sentra's back bumper and squinted at the stickers there.* She paused, and very carefully sounded out one of the words she spotted.

"Cthulhu ..." she managed, putting the accents in all the wrong places. "Is he one of those independent candidates?"

It took me a second to scare up a reply.
"Um, yeah. He's um. Um. He's with the Green Party."

From this post.
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WTF Eagle

Because if it's not Japanese, it's craaap!

geoduck on localization

The AoD Forums are filled with stupid. There are widespread complaints about 4Kids localizing Tokyo Mew Mew. One of the complaints being that the American names for the characters are "atrocious." Yeah, the original Japanese names like "Mint", "Lettuce", and "Pudding" are almost Shavian in their brilliance.
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And continuing the largely crappy luck I've had recently, the bleeding hoover died last night. It sort of exploded a bit, and the constituent parts separated and spilled all the crap on the floor.

Which I have now picked up by hand, but which contained toenails.

I mean ew.

At least I know they are mine, but still. Ew. ew. ew.

--shiv5468, here
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But my husband thinks I'm beautiful and damn straight he ought to. I'll kick his ass if he tells me that although I am a tad large he has been able to graciously see past that and love the caring woman I am on the inside. Screw that, he can adore me for being a caring woman on the inside but when it comes down to it he better bed me because the very sight of me nekkid brings a fire to his loins.

Why I love ladyegreen is written here.
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mishalak announces a rise in the tea alert level:

The Tea Alert Level for this afternoon for Littleton is Orange Spice. There is a very high probability of both tea and things to eat. Authorities and citizens should be on the look out for suspicious activity including steeping, baking, and conversations about tea. There is also a strong possibility of soda bread.

The Teaorist spokesman, Mishalak, has made threatening comments about enjoying a lazy summer Sunday afternoon. It is belived that he is meeting with other teaorists this morning for brunch and possible consumption of tea then returning for more teaorist acts in his hideout in the Littleton area.