August 14th, 2004

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From nik_w in his post Conversations with my computer.:

Me: Will you play some music for me?
PC: No.
Me: Why won't you?
PC: You have no sound card.
Me: I think you'll find I have. Show me a list of all the hardware in the computer.
PC: Ok.. (displays a list of hardware - amongst which is my sound card).
Me: There's my sound card.
PC: Yes, I know.
Me: Why won't you play music through it?
PC: It's broken.
Me: No it's not, it's all in your mind. See if you can find some new drivers for it.
PC: Nope, no new drivers - I'm gonna stick with the ones that are there at the moment.
Me: Ok, but do they work?
PC: Oh yes, they work fine.
Me: But you're still not going to play music despite there being a sound card with a perfectly fine set of drivers?
PC: Correct.
Me: Why?
PC: There's something wrong with your sound card. Don't ask me what - it's just broken.
Me: Ok, take the sound card off your list.
PC: Ok, done. You now have no sound card.
Me: Check to see if there's any bits of hardware in the computer that you don't have on your list.
PC: Okay... A-ha! There's a sound card here! I'd best install that, hadn't I?
Me: Yes, that would be a good thing to do at this point.
PC: Where are the drivers?
Me: Same place they've always been - in fact, the same ones you were using earlier.
PC: Okay, the sound card has been installed.
Me: Ok, does it work?
PC: Should do.
Me: Now, will you play some music for me?
PC: Sure. (plays music)
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My basement is full of big fucking spiders. And I mean that literally. The spiders are big, and they are mating. Or trying to eat each other. It's sort of hard to tell which.

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New Math

codeb6 ponders a special kind of math here.

I understand why people claim abstinence is the best method of birth control. I know many who would debate the use of the word "best" here, given the context, but I understand where they're coming from at least. It's the way Christian fundamentalists view it. They say it's best because (among other things) it's the only method that's 100% effective...

Well, here's the part I'm having trouble with.

On the one hand they're telling me abstinence is 100% effective... on the other hand they're telling me Christ was born of a virgin.


I just can't seem to get the math right on this one.
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Stetsons are cool

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A fabulous one from imagined from about a week ago, because I forgot to post it since I am useless:

"I am reading 'Excel for Dummies' to increase my computer programme knowledge and feel less stupid. It is Excel 5.0, since this book was bought in 1993, but I think all the forumlae and such are the same in modern versions. The book is yellow and black. When I read it in the garden, wasps approach it and use bad chat-up lines."
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from samhain_punk

For some reason, when I woke up this morning (ok, ok, you got me, when I woke up this afternoon) I had the phrase "spanish nouns of declension" running through my brain over and over. This is either a clue that I was visited by the Linguistics fairy during my short sleep or (and more probably) that I should quit reading linguaphiles before bed.

That is all.
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goldjadeocean, in deleterius:

I try to read Lord of the Rings and it all turns into a mucky puddle in my head, resulting in something like Istari, a kind of Maia, tarried in the Avernien and Valar Moriquendi Fourth Age silmaril and Tampa Bay won in overtime, thereby causing World War One.
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