August 13th, 2004

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"That guy's yelling that he left his baby on the platform. We think he's bullshitting, but could you go check if there's a baby on the platform?"


There was definitely no baby, which was unsurprising since there'd also been no audible crying, and since forgetting your baby on the platform would be, even among human beings, a pretty exceptional feat of neglect. But on the remote chance that a baby was lying around untended ... well, no harm in checking.

(mulberry_fields experiences an ordinary day on the New York subway. Read the whole post here.)
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serabut, talking about thebookyoucrew:

Wow, book elitists. That's... cool. I mean, book elitists. Along with music elitists, probably has been around since writing has been invented.
"Oh, I absolutely love that etched collection of how Oog killed the Sacred Bull of Leeks over in that cave yonder there."
"Oh darling, that is so passé. Everyone's read that now. I personally ADORE the thumb impressions on that dried cow dung here. It's an absolute find, I must tell you."
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whymzycal muses about AvP here:

How scary are the leaping facehuggers, man? Huh? Ewww. Always the uckiest thing, I thought. And personally, I'd rather end up a trophy than an incubator.

Which is why I won't be having children, either.
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Found this in my memories:

It's an old one from ammy_world:

Reading an issue of National Geographic, I see on the back cover an advertisement.

An ad for Jeep Grand Cherokee. What a beautiful vehicule, especially when pictured on an ad right by the grand canyon.

The header said "Only 5% of your life is spent outside. Make the most of it!"

Because when like many, I love to spend time outside...while being inside a car.

Now excuse me while I'm going for a walk.....TAXI!!!!!!!

From here.
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"All I need is a working phone, preferably one with a ringtone that sounds like a telephone ringing, and not a bird chirping, or an alarm clock, or a chamber orchestra in a tin can." "My phone has now run out of charge, and I do not want to recharge it. I never want to stare at its insipid little colour display ever again. I certainly don't want to hear its range of obscene farty ringtone noises anymore. So much attention is given to putting cameras and teasmades and vibrating vaginas on high-end phones that the cheapest phones on the market today are worse than the cheapest phones from two years ago." - wheeler

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I suppose the severity of a situation kind of lies in the terminology used to describe it.

"Extramarital relations with a man" sounds rather bad.

On the other hand, "A gay affair..."

You know, that sounds... It sounds rather festive. Like there must have been balloons and party hats involved...

glenberube, on Gov. James E. McGreevey
brimstone hellcar

I just had to share this with the group.

amand_r on the hurricane situation in Flordia:

So, the hurricane has been upgraded from "Man this is gonna suck" to "You're gonna die, fool!" status. As I have never been in a hurricane, I have no idea what any of this means, but Disney is closed. DISNEY. And the busses have stopped running. Plus the crazy guy who stands on the corner with the sign that says "THE END IS NEAR"? He's gone, dudes.


tania, on the lighting of the torch:

"*amused* Is it just me, or was there something incredibly phallic about that one? They seem to have moved away from the traditional cauldron this year in favour of a giant white penis. Let's see... it's a long tubular shape that starts out pointing down. The athlete touches the tip with his torch, and the giant penis cauldron slowly starts rising.... 90 degrees, and still going... it rises, and rises... and BOOYAH! A great jet of flame shoots out the end.

And there we have it: the giant flame-spurting erection of the Olympics! Heh... Zeus would be so proud."
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And two from doqz

...[this] same dialogue keeps running through my head.

Good Doqz: "You know Legolas is the prettiest girl in the entire Fellowship."
Evil Doqz: "Don't be silly. Legolas is the only girl in the entire Fellowship."

And then of course there is very little choice but to get up and do the evil Homer dance.

Occasionally I inform the world at large in strident tones that "I AM A ZANZIBAR PIRATE PRINCESS, BITCHES!"

It's that kind of day.

So I am looking at news and this headline jumps out at me:

Presidential Elections - AP
Bush, Kerry Chase Each Other Across U.S.

All right. Surely I'm not the only one whose mind went straight to Bugs Bunny cartoons? And the chasing? With the mallets? And disturbingly frequent cross-dressing?
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The Game that Ate the World

angel_of_olore posts about Halloween costumes:

Halloween is my favorite holiday- which should be obvious, I suppose, from the fact that I'm posting about it more than two-and-a-half months in advance.

Thanks to a comment conversation with brazenbells, I have decided to be...


A Sim!

Now... I just have to decide out of what to make the giant green diamond that floats over my head. Poster board? Papier-mache? Something else?

Of course, Halloween is more than dressing in a costume for me; it's playing a character. So, the next seventy-five days or so shall be devoted to learning Simlish. I already know a few choice phrases, such as:

"Vedish neh!" - "Look at me, dumbass. I need something."

*wordless whimper* - "In approximately two seconds, I'm going to pee on myself then cry about it."

"Howela howla bur lahtay." - "I'm talking about something. It might be aliens. It might be politics. It might be the sixties. Look at the little bubble over my head and see."

"Veem, veem." - "Are you listening to me?"
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Um, hi! First post, I just wanted to share the joys of teamkhris with you all, because you all make me giggle hysterically, and so did these guys.

My favourite quotes are from this post:

There was only one way to defeat Chris: Sailor Homosexuality.
Yeah! I told you Chris likes the men! And not only does he like the men! But we like the trap!

It's got pictures too! Hope you guys enjoy xD
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I understand real pain now.

I was playing a concert with the Blue Notes tonight and we were playing "Sing, Sing, Sing". Very loud, high energy cymbal crashes in that one. I crashed my freaking boob in my cymbals. HARD. It hurt a LOT. Like, I drew blood. I freaking made my boob bleed by hitting it with a cymbal. I am a retard. Circle me.

And it hurts. Oh my gawd, it HURTS.

--saxomofo in a public service announcement that would, were I a well-endowed woman, scare me right the hell out of wanting to play cymbals.