August 12th, 2004

A friend of mine who really amuses me

WiltedLilyGirl: And they looked at it and went, "She's a brilliant liar!! No one cares about a stupid army ad and yet she analyzed it as though someone on earth cared to stare at this crap! 10,000 points!"
WiltedLilyGirl: ....10,000 points?
WiltedLilyGirl: Did Murray just become Hogwarts?
WiltedLilyGirl: I'm way too tired.

- lunamorgan on the essay she wrote for testing out of Eng 101
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From zoethe

Amy was watching X-Men 2 this evening, and shortly after it finished she and Erin engaged in their favorite sport - bickering. I can't even remember what it was about, but at some point Erin flounced into the kitchen and tossed, "You are a mutant!" over her shoulder.

"Yeah that's right, and here's my mutant power!" Amy shouted, then extended a middle finger. "I can flip you off through walls!"

I know I shouldn't laugh....

Read it here.
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freakin' duck

Like sending IMs to your cubicle-mate

gizmodo on the downsides of creating interconnected Bluetooth networks using umbrellas:
Unfortunately, since there's not a whole lot to do when creating ad-hoc networks that aren't connected to the internet, the primary application of the short range networking system is chat.

Short-range, wireless chat. Now if only we could evolve vibrating, fleshy cords in our throats and a set of communicative phonemes, maybe we could run the chat system entirely with bio-generated power over a sonic carrier.
buggy pipe

A noble steed!

from katernater:

I remember having so many crackpot ideas when I was a kid. For instance, I thought my bike was a horse. Really. I'm not talking about just nurturing a fantasy here; I'm talking about "shoving carrots into the wheel spokes" crazy.
The Goddess Kali
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Best char profile ever...

Like a ray of golden light, wise_nerdanel gifted me with the best character profile for Lúthien Tinúviel I have ever read. Some choice quotes, gacked with permission:

"Huan decided to betray Celegorm, who had been by his side since he was a puppy, for though he was essentially a dog, he had a pretty evolved sense of morality and notion of good and evil and whatnot. So he helped Lúthien escape and went along with her.

And many times Lúthien, in her loneliness, spoke with Huan, who, for plot purposes, could understand all she said. He even managed to speak with her too, to tell her of his plan to free Beren.

Meanwhile, Beren got Finrod killed by a werewolf."

And now, here it is. Remove all beverages from monitor area. Collapse )
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Melted Spork?

unearthingbone posted this in an otherwise uneventful (well, not to anyone who doesn't know her) post:

VERY IMPORTANT EDIT: so i was making my poptarts this morning when i realized that our toaster definitely has a gigantic red button that says "push to cancel." like ... as in, "push to cancel your toast," "push to cancel your electrocution by fork in toaster." WHAT?
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unfortunate events


Regarding Viggo Mortensen's speshul charms:

And he does it all without ever appearing to shave, wear shoes, or look particularly "cleaned" up. Even when the man's in a tuxedo he looks like he just shagged three farmgirls on top of a herd of buffalo.

~teabeard, here.
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From the comments on this post, in customers_suck, where squigglz's status as the community's hero/mascot/most beloved is once again proven.

gypsychilde: Sometimes, I feel like organizing SquigglzCon, where we have lots of C_S members flock to Lansdale to praise you, tip you in copious amounts, and kick the jerk customers' asses for a weekend. Fun for all!

squigglz: 0_0


Well, okay...but y'all have to dress as...squirrels. Yes. In loincloths and carrying spears.

gypsychilde:What, no bowties? ^_~

squigglz: BOWTIES.


And funny fez hats. You know, the ones the men in the tiny cars in parades wear.


" What. The. Fu--

I will not make value judgements. I will not make value judgements. I will not make value judgements. I will not make value judgements. I will not make value judgements. I will not make value judgements. I will not make value judgements!

This is a situation requiring immediate Japanese animation. Also pillows.

--gosamyr on the CSI fursuit episode [which I have yet to see, but hear ever so much about]
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